Your Sacral Response: Generators & Manifesting Generators

by | Feb 14, 2022

Understanding the sacral response for Generator and Manifesting Generators is understanding how to achieve that alignment in life.

I put together extracts from a brilliant, in my humble opinion, resource found through my research that hopefully can be very helpful to start experimenting with your Strategy to “Wait to Respond.” inspired by Leela Swann Herberts’ article “Debunking 5 Common Myths about Generators and the Sacral Center“.

Strategy & Authority

It is crucial in making any business decisions, but keep in mind that your Strategy and your Authority are not the same thing.

Generators and Manifesting Generators have two types of authority: Sacral and Emotional. For Sacral Authority making decisions in the moment, based on their sacral response, is perfect. While if you have Emotional Authority, you need to achieve emotional clarity and see if the sacral response is still positive before making a final decision. In simple terms, if it is not a “HELL YEAH” in a while (after you “sleep on it”), it is a NO.

The Sacral Center is involved in both mechanics.

Sacral Sounds

“Some people will tell you that not all Generators make sacral sounds – this is only true in Generators who are not experimenting. Once a Generator begins to experiment and operate correctly, there will be sacral sounds.

The Generator aura is open! It is taking life in moment by moment—there’s no way for a Generator to keep life out. There is a potential response to everything: the sound of a bird, the feel of a pillow, the smell of a flower, the light through the window. It’s all taking place, often without notice, which is why the sacral sounds are such a gift; we learn to pay attention to the responses of the form itself.

The sounds of the Sacral Center are mechanical. They are produced in the body through resonance between the thoracic diaphragm, located just below the lungs, and the pelvic diaphragm at the base of the pelvic bowl. The sound vibrates between these two diaphragms like a drum. Thanks to human anatomy, all Generators have the capacity to make sacral sounds that are generated by the Sacral Center. The dilemma for most of us is that we were taught at an early age to use words to communicate, and these muscles have atrophied. Like priming a pump, it takes exercise to get these muscles moving freely.”

I love how detailed Leela explains the sacral response here. Does this resonates with you and how you are experiencing yours?

Yes/no Questions As A Tactic To Make Decisions

You will often see if you continue learning about your Generator’s strategy advice to ask yourself YES/NO questions. Leela argues beautifully against simplifying this process and creating an illusion of a “response” by following this tactic. She shares that only decisions that arrive from outside the aura as a YES/NO question that involves other people, places, or projects require a decision through the Sacral Center’s response. For 50% of all Generators with Emotional Authority for decisions, the sacral sound response to the Yes/No question initiates the emotional wave; it literally begins the process of the Inner Authority.

Leela Swann-Herbert has been teaching Human Design mechanics since 2007. Trained by Ra Uru Hu, she began her experiment in 1999 and brought a wealth of experience to her understanding of Human Design. She is also an author of “Your Own Authority – A Beginners Guide to Human Design.”

My Two Cents: Sacral Response In Marketing

I want to add to this last point is that while asking yourself a yes/no question may not be the best strategy, you can still use it in your marketing copy to initiate that sacral response, which will lead to paying a little more attention to what you are saying. 

In your marketing, getting such responses to something you ask inside your long-form post or a video, or even a picture status, is how we start converting a scroller into a reader, and with our following posts (or perhaps with the content library available on our website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page or group) converting a reader into a hot lead and ultimately a client. 

Considering that almost 70% of people on our planet are Generators (including Manifesting Generators), giving them something to respond with their Sacral and for the ones with Emotional Authority starting this emotional wave to surf and then arrive at a decision while consuming more of your content is key to understanding how your content can attract Generator and Manifesting Generator clients based on these mechanics. Do you want to learn more about what Human Design means for YOUR marketing, specifically? Order your Marketing Blueprint By Design™ report today.

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