Your Human Design In Business & Visibility

with Mari Smith

In this episode, I am discussing the impact of your Human Design on your business and online visibility with the incredible Mari Smith: a Premier Facebook Marketing Expert, A Social media thought leader, a certified Living Your Design Guide and a Human Design analyst in training.
n this captivating conversation, Mari shares her experience of navigating decisions with a knowing in the moment, the power of aligning decisions with the body’s wisdom, and the importance of recognizing and deconditioning the mind.

Mari is a Sacral Generator 1/3, and we truly geek on the 1/3 profile quirks. We share how our circuitry determines how we are showing up in our content and visibility activities. It is an engaging episode packed with honest and practical insights and perspectives.

So, whether you’re interested in Facebook marketing, Human Design, or simply seeking to empower yourself in both your personal and professional life, this episode is for you. Get ready to be inspired as we unlock the secrets to success with Mari Smith on the Visibility By Design Podcast. Let’s dive in!



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