What REALLY Matters for Marketing By Human Desing

with Yvette Mayer

In this episode, I am chatting to an Intuitive Business Coach, Yvette Mayer – a Sacral Generator 5/1.  With both of our backgrounds in marketing, we are chatting about how deep does one need to emerge themselves to really get value out of applying Human Design to their business. Tune in to watch or listen!

Yvette helps women create success on their terms, growing a business that aligns with their values, passions, and unique brilliance. In her world, you get to feel lit up and liberated as you build your legacy! Yvette fuses her deep understanding of your energetic design with the strategic know-how to catapult your impact. She is a globally experienced marketer of 30+ years and a highly regarded business coach. Check out her website https://www.yvettemayer.com



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