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This is raw, honest, direct and to the point with lots of examples and sharing my discoveries and a-has of over 6 years of using Facebook to attract client for my coaching business.
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👉 How to create content based on personal experiences
👉 How to define what you need to talk about in your content
👉 A path through your funnel (content ->> to free training ->>to program)
👉 How to define who you are talking to specifically
👉 How to approach your content planning.

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Visibility That Sells Accelerator blew me away with underpromising and overdelivering value. Juliette’s diverse skill set is particularly helpful in getting hands on advice and direction. Plus, she always lovingly stays on our case to get things done and overcome our inner limitations.

Carol Dickinson-Carr

Productivity Maven

“Visibility That Sells Accelerator has been a constant support in helping me keep moving forward as I grow and shift my business.

I’ve already surpassed my personal income in the last 4 months than I made all of last year! I have some retainer clients that also provide consistent, reliable income because–after working with Juliette– I’ve really stepped into believing my worth EVEN MORE and the value of my services.”

Davina Nichols

Visual Brand Strategist

Juliette is one of THE best visibility experts there is out there, and that’s why I jumped at the chance to be a part of her, Visibility That Sells Accelerator. It’s packed with actionable support, and the atmosphere and energy that Juliette brings is second to none.

Inside Visibility That Sells Accelerator, apart from the epic trainings, you’ll find valuable pdf’s, support and accountability Nothing is too much trouble for Juliette, and Juliette and the people inside the Mastermind, feel like family, where you know they all have your back.

I would shout it from the rooftops just how much VALUE, Visibility That Sells Accelerator, brings. Come and join us, you won’t regret it.

Jane Jones

Mindshift Expert

“I would say Juliette helps me most with clarity and a pathway to the customers . I know what I want to do but you know what customers want / need me to do” 

Sinead Curren

Aligning with Automomy

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Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate