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Please only use this chat during the time you booked.
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We can only do this by appointment.

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Office hours are every Monday and Friday

Estonia/Tallinn: 5pm-7pm
Central Europe: 4pm-6pm
UK: 3pm-5pm
EST: 10am-12pm
CST: 9am-11am
PST: 8am-10am

Office Hours Chat – How It Works

Office hours are optional direct support (do not need to happen every week) – for the times when you have a specific question/idea/need more clarity and/or something that just posting in our Facebook group does not cover.

Most questions can be addressed via posting inside the Facebook group and tagging me (no question is too small or silly, please do not be shy).

This chat is the dedicated way of communication unless an emergency happens. VTS Accelerator program does not cover private support on my personal Messenger unless you are a VIP-level private member.

Outside the hours above this chat will not be attended, therefore please use our Facebook group for any questions or to share.

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