Attract clients consistently, confidently and effectively


Visibility That Sells Accelerator: 12-month Mentorship

Get 12 months of mentorship to keep you taking consistent action and fine-tune your messaging for more effective client attraction.

Delivery model: Intimate group coaching + support membership style program
VIP option includes 2 bi-weekly 60-min 1:1 coaching calls on Zoom plus everything else listed below.


Your business: Business/Wellness/Mindset/Energy Management Coach, Digital Marketing/Business Support Service Provider, Course Creator. 

Where you are at: 

You have been in business for a bit, but most of your clients come from referrals (or you have pivoted into the online space) and feel that you get so tied up in your business that you only get half of the things you need to do for your marketing and attracting new clients done (if even that). 

Or maybe you have been in a corporate job or worked as a therapist and now you want to make your program/services available online to increase your opportunities and your reach.

Or you just certified or in the process of getting certified as a coach of an established reputable program and looking to learn and take action on getting clients using Facebook as your main platform.



Your visibility: You need to have at least tried being active using Facebook, and be ok with posting about your business on your Personal profile, as we focus on organic marketing using our profiles more than our Pages inside the program. You should be ok showing up as you are ( a person behind your business) and post photos of you (selfies – we can show you how to make them look better!)

Your journey: You are eager to share some parts of your own personal journey that brought you to this point in business or life. You believe your story can inspire others.

Video: You need to have at least tried to record videos and go live in the past and don’t have a paralyzing fear of doing it (although you may be a little unclear how to be consistent with it).

Tech Skills: You have to know the basics of how to use your computer/phone and different (easy) apps and tools that you may need in your marketing. If you are a complete technophobe we might not have the time and opportunity to help you overcome the fear and teach you how to use your phone and computer- this is outside what we do inside our programs and we won’t spend time on it, which may leave you behind. Or at the very least someone in your close proximity (a family member) who can help you learn what it takes in your own time. We provide tutorials on how to use some tools, and some basic knowledge is enough but paramount.

Your Income: This mentorship service is a business expense you can write off. Building your visibility is a process, there are no quick results or schemes that can get you there fast, but we offer systems and strategies that guarantee to take you there if you are doing the work diligently. So you should not be under serious pressure to have immediate results moneywise or to sell. If you are struggling financially this program may not be a good investment for you.



Increased visibility and consistency with your content with spending 1 ½ – 2 hours a week on your marketing.

Increased positioning as an authority in your niche (a huge factor in how our leads perceive us and in their willingness to gain more access to us).

Increased level of raised hands and people enquiring about your services/products and increased number of closed sales conversations  (a very common outcome after 6 months is improved and consistent messaging).

More clarity on your path and the community and support to stay there or get back to it when you get foggy again. (A normal journey for all of us).

Figuring out your unique marketing style with elements that feel right and focus on eliminating the noise (both from the outside world and inside your own head).

Continuous accountability, support and coaching through anything that may be holding you back. Brainstorming your ideas. Bouncing off each other finding the most aligned and simplest solutions to get where you want to be. We do not believe in a one-fits-all approach in marketing and will support you to create a tailored strategy aligned with your specific needs.

Getting the handle on the tools that make it easier, faster and better – so you have a life outside serving in your business and marketing it.



This is an action-focused mentorship program. It is built around my signature V.A.L.U.E. method to Visibility That Sells

VISION – the bird’s eye vision on where you are heading and what minimum effort can get you there. Marry the process, divorce the outcomes.

AUTHORITY – people judge the “book” by its cover. Creating a credible impression and positioning

LIVESTREAMING – Real connection through observation

UNDERSTANDING YOUR AUDIENCE – who is correct, who is incorrect and whose opinion/judgement/reaction  matters 

ENGAGEMENT – increasing the interaction so more people can find you, see you, observe you and hire you

Inside the Accelerator,  we focus on posting on Facebook consistently – in video and written format. We have a continuous accountability system to help you and support you. As you get comfortable and build a habit to show up consistently, we are working on your clarity and messaging, so you can articulate your value in a way that your ideal clients are drawn to. The goal is to master the art of writing and video to get these fabulous tools to do “the heavy lifting”, positioning and preselling your offers to your perfect leads.

We also fill the necessary knowledge gaps on the following themes:

  • Content (Video/Written)
  • Audience Growth/Engagement
  • Clarity (Messaging)
  • Building Authority

THIS IS NOT A LEARNING PROGRAM LIKE YOU MAY BE USED TO. There are no hundreds of hours of trainings to watch and I will only ask you to watch relevant trainings when required. There are no modules to follow, so you will never be “behind” or have to compete with the rest in the group. Everyone has their own pace, however, as a group, we are stepping up to the next level and creating the momentum and clarity you need to consistently attract clients online. 


While I am not here to literally hold your hand, as you are an adult and nobody can take that required action for you, I am here to help you on the way to find your pace, your voice and your own marketing style – OVER TIME. This is why the program is 12-months long, so we have time and flexibility to get back on track if anything happens and work towards your vision, not stumble fall and stay facing down like most people tend to do. The ongoing structures of the program are designed to let you slide back in effortlessly and pick up where you left off. No judgement. No guilt. Just forward-thinking determination to get results while discovering your own way to get there.


The most action is happening inside our community – we use a dedicated Facebook group for all our ongoing projects, we also have email reminders of everything that is taking place, so you cannot miss a thing!

Direct Support: Bi-weekly coaching call on Zoom  (1-1.5 hrs long) with up to 10-min direct coaching hot seat time if you need support. If you cannot join us on time, you can join us during the call but not longer than 1h 15minutes since we’ve begun the call. (Admissions after 1h 15min will not be accepted). 

We will rotate the days of the call every second week of the month (Tuesday to Thursday at 9am EST/ 2pm GMT/ 4pm European Central time) so you will be able to attend at least some of them live. Replays are always available to watch inside our Facebook group.

You will also get access to

  • Essential “a-la-Carte” training via livestreams 
  • Access to membership platform and mobile app
  • Accountability structures 
  • Content Audits
  • Handraiser Squad – an engagement boosting project that keeps us creating content consistently and powerfully and adds engagement to our posts for maximum visibility and impact. 
  • Livestreaming project opportunities and support
  • Mastermind-style support between members with feedback and ideas.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for any of your questions and support.
  • An opportunity to book a private 30-min consultation session via a private chat on a designated platform. 


Bonus: Access to private 45-min sessions with me at just €97 a session, when a deep dive is required. (This is a discounted fee only available for VTSA members) 


My goal is not to overwhelm you with endless training, but to support and coach you through taking action, addressing raising questions per need to know basis. 

There will be some trainings and mini-courses, but I will only ask you to watch what I am asking you to watch, so you do not consume more than you create. THIS is where most people go so wrong and this is why this program gets results and very different from most out there.



Having to watch endless hours of modules of online content. I strongly believe that overconsumption is where the problem lies with most of the coaching programs out there. Coaching and mentoring is about tweaking and feedback, not information. My mentorship will require you to participate in systems and challenges forcing you to spend time on taking action to grow your presence and your audience consistently, however imperfect you are at the start of this journey. We will fill the knowledge gaps as they arise and also you will be able to REALLY learn and find your flow and your voice through DOING.

Hand holding (taking action is on you!) Although you will get as much support and systems as required to kick you into action. If you do not take responsibility to trust your journey and push through the times when you may have little clarity, if you cannot try focusing on daily actions and habits over expecting huge immediate shifts or external validation. If you blame the world for no results, while you truly have not given it your best, this program is NOT for you.

Expecting you to perform at the same level as everyone else in the group. Everyone has their own pace, I will be driving the group into action all the time, but you need to allow yourself your own flow, so no pressuring yourself into feeling that you are behind, or overwhelmed. DO YOU and it will still bring results. Everyone has their own speed and there is no wrong speed to get where you need to. Please understand that my job as a coach and a trainer is to cheer the group on, but you do the best that feels right for you. It is not about HOW MUCH we do, the magic is in how consistently we do it!

INSTANT RESULTS. Time is the secret to creating lasting change. It takes time to implement new habits, structures and strategies into your daily life. It also takes time to build a castle brick by brick. No will power, no shortcuts, no fast tracking. Brick after brick, detail after detail. This is how we build our visibility. Inside Visibility that Sells Accelerator we are creating solid and consistent visibility structures for you to build the solid “castle of a business” that will support you, protect you and serve you your dreams on a golden plate, but only if you spend diligent time and effort building it correctly!



WE can discuss the exact figures after we talk if this program is correct for you and your needs and if you are a correct person to be working with me and be part of my world and my tribe. But to give you a ballpark figure if this is something you can afford. We have two levels of access to my services, depending on your needs and preferred style of communication and how deeply you want my support. These figures are for 12 months:

  • Group coaching & mentoring level: very low 4 figures.
  • VIP private client level that includes private bi-weekly 1:1calls with me on top of group activities for accountability and support – mid 4 figures.



If you feel fired up and ready to start taking consistent action to master client attraction using Facebook & beyond with me as your guide, click here to connect to me on Facebook and send me a PM mentioning that you read this and want to chat about the Visibility That Sells Accelerator. We will have a quick no-obligation chat, just to feel the compatibility and ensure this indeed is a good program for you to invest in right now.

As I am extremely protective of the group culture and energy, only really well-aligned people will be invited to join. If you are a good candidate I will answer all your questions and invite you to sign up at the current price.

I will also be able to give you your first assignment right away, so you will start showing up and building your Visibility That Sells without delays.

There is no sales tactics that will be used, just a plain old chat, and I promise whatever the outcome you will be better off and excited about your future after we spoke. I hope to hear from you, click here and let’s chat today.