AN intimate online community like never before!

Join a small group of highly motivated experts and coaches who are focusing on creating consistency and discover the most aligned and joyful ways of marketing their coaching and expert businesses. 

A unique concept of mentorship in a small group environment where we focus on taking action while respecting our individual energy flows. 

Working with you has helped build structure into my posts, making me more consistent. I’m seeing results in engagement already and have been approached by WildFit headquarters with some great opportunities.

Kim Shennan

WildFit Coach

“For me the most valuable thing inside the Visibility That Sells Accelerator is the focus on individual support and the hands-on, get to work mentality. Juliette are so available for advice, support, groupwise but also individual if necessary.

Juliette always tries to understand what I mean and helps me with clarity coming from her strategic mindset. ” 

Maartje de Boer

Artist & Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this for?

This is for experts and coaches who are using Facebook as their main platform for showing up to attract clients through creating compelling content and building real relationships with people who respond to the magnetism that your content produces.

We encourage using your personal profile on Facebook as a centerstage for your marketing efforts. It makes your efforts focused, does not limit your visibility and reach (like on Business Pages) and does not hide you from potential clients and invitations (like it would if you chose to use your Facebook group as your main place of visibility. Groups feel safer, but they need to be promoted properly to even get people to join and our profiles are the only way we can grow them anyway. Plus running a group may not be aligned with your energy and your aura and drain you rather than bring any results!)

This mentorship is to help you release the “shoulds” and embrace consistent showing up aligned to your design.

What is included?

Membership includes access to our community group on Facebook, where we partake in weekly activities like:

Handraiser squad- allowing to stay on track creating content consistently (this guarantees that you create long-form content at least 3 times a week) and boosting each others visibility, engagement and reach.

Content Audits – to help you with developing your unique voice, make sure your posts read well, are clear and logical for the reader to get an emotional response (positive of course) and crave for more content and more access to you (becoming a client). We have trainings around various post types that help you get variety and nurture your readers into buyers.

Live Training and Hot Seat Coaching on Zoom – we get together every 2 weeks for re-energising from the group vibrations, share where we are at and get supported and unstuck.

Facebook group is ALWAYS open for questions and support whenever you need it. 

How Long Is This Program?

There is a minimum commitment to 6 months membership, simply because the process will take as long as it needs to take for you to discover and embody your unique visibility by design. 

If you are expecting to get results in a set period of time (for example, you are barely staying afloat with your coaching business, and  you are attracted to programs promising 10K in 90 days) you will not get those kinds of promises here because we believe that nobody can guarantee those results. Not in a solopreneur scenario when the most important factor is YOU, how YOU take action, how YOU attract people (what actually magnetises them in you).

Cookie-cutter strategies just do not work, this is why usually in those programs most clients do not get massive results, only individual clients whose design is aligned with a taught strategy can achieve results. Usually, these clients bring so much to the table that it only takes a tweak or two for reaching the next level. 

What we do here is helping you discover what strategies may be more aligned with YOU and let you explore and choose those things in your marketing that light you up, or make time slow down when you are in your element. 

This takes time. Most people stay with us for over a year, some several years. If the support you receive is the kind of support that makes you feel SEEN and RECOGNISED, you will want to stay longer. If you feel that you may need something else you are free to reach out and cancel after 6 months. 

How is this structured?

This is not a stand-alone training or coaching program, this is a MENTORSHIP that is focused on you taking ACTION above being stuck in consuming, although there are trainings and coaching available a la carte. There are no set modules to take, so there is no way you can fall behind in the group. Everyone is on their own journey here. See What’s Included? tab for the program activities.

There is no (and simply cannot be) one-fits-all solution as everyone is different by their design.

This community is designed to support you with customised suggestions according to your Human Design Type, Authority unique combination of strengths and gifts you are here to share.

Most of our members has started as private clients to dig deeper into their visibility by design – click here to see available packages that include a period of Visibility that Sells Accelerator membership

What results do you promise?

The key to success is not KNOWING what to do, it is to EXPERIMENT with what feels good and through the journey of testing, failing and experiencing various tactics developing your own unique marketing style GUARANTEED to work for YOU. 

Our goal is to support this PROCESS. 

It will include a lot of self-discovery, de-conditioning, letting go of “shoulds” and the concept that the only way to success is “hard work”. 

We want you to lean into your design and discover the empowering ways of showing up with joy, passion and be entirely LIT UP by your visibility. Which is EXACTLY what attracts clients into our businesses.

Our promise is that we will be there to support you through every step that YOU TAKE on this journey.

What Is My Commitment

What we expect from you is to SHOW UP, even if you are going through a period of hiding in your visibility. You are expected to allow to be heard and supported – NOT JUDGED and be here to allow yourself to move form the inacton stage to more inspired and empowered stage.

You are expected to be open minded to allow letting go of things and beliefs you may be holding on to that don’t serve who you are. For example, if you are a Projector you may believe you need to work hard to prove your worth, but the reality is that it is only by letting go of the need to prove it that you find the ease with your content creation and marketing. If you are a Manifestor, you might find that people resist your powerful presence and we can figure out the tone and the style of communication that overcomes it. So YOU are expected to be open minded and participate in the process. 

Financially you are expected to commit to at least 6 months in the program. There are annual and quarterly plans available. For your convenience, and to ensure you don’t make rash decisions or get a taste of the community spirit we offer a 2 weeks trial period and you can cancel any time during the two weeks. 

If you are a private coaching client, your VTSA membership is a complimentary for the period indicated in your package and you will be offered a discounted rate to continue or cancel after the private coaching period is up. Read more here.

Visibility That Sells Accelerator blew me away with underpromising and overdelivering value. Juliette’s diverse skill set is particularly helpful in getting hands on advice and direction. Plus, she always lovingly stays on our case to get things done and overcome our inner limitations.

Carol Dickinson-Carr

Productivity Maven

“Visibility That Sells Accelerator has been a constant support in helping me keep moving forward as I grow and shift my business.

I’ve already surpassed my personal income in the last 4 months than I made all of last year! I have some retainer clients that also provide consistent, reliable income because–after working with Juliette– I’ve really stepped into believing my worth EVEN MORE and the value of my services.”

Davina Nichols

Visual Brand Strategist

Juliette is one of THE best visibility experts there is out there, and that’s why I jumped at the chance to be a part of her, Visibility That Sells Accelerator. It’s packed with actionable support, and the atmosphere and energy that Juliette brings is second to none.

Inside Visibility That Sells Accelerator, apart from the epic trainings, you’ll find valuable pdf’s, support and accountability Nothing is too much trouble for Juliette, and Juliette and the people inside the Mastermind, feel like family, where you know they all have your back.

I would shout it from the rooftops just how much VALUE, Visibility That Sells Accelerator, brings. Come and join us, you won’t regret it.

Jane Jones

Mindshift Expert

“I would say Juliette helps me most with clarity and a pathway to the customers . I know what I want to do but you know what customers want / need me to do” 

Sinead Curren

Aligning with Automomy

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Juliette helps me make sense of what’s I’m saying and what’s I’m doing/displaying, then getting clarity and putting together a strategy and ways to get it done.

Nantley Verena

Mind Body Plate Go

“Juliette tries to understand what I mean and helps me with clarity coming from her strategic mindset. ” 

Jonas Goldt

Conscious Success Coach

“Juliette knows intuitively what I need to do next and then tells me. She is God-sent and always makes me fee SEEN and HEARD.” 

Charmaine Barber

Live Life Freely

“I can’t believe the value offered in the Visibility That Sells Accelerator! It is a space to get support and accountability, create connections, AND is a gold min for valuable tips, insights and trainings. Juliette is constantly underpromising and overdelivering, and it amazes me how much support (and timely feedback) she offers. She truly cares about the success of her clients! I am so grateful to be part of the Accelerator and share this space with other entrepreneurs that inspire me.” 

Geneviève Pépin

Productivity & Play Coach

“This program keeps you honest about your consistency and teaches you nitty-gritty of how to increase your visibility YOUR way. I already made my investment back 10 times since I invited Juliette’s mentorship in.” 

Susan Saint-Rossy

Relationship Mentor & Business Shrink