"Under The Hood" Of The Queen of Visibility

with Robin Winn, MFT

In this episode, I am honoured to have my favourite Human Design Coach and Trainer, Robin Winn, look into my chart as we discuss what makes me the Queen of Visibility. We never really planned to have a live reading as our topic, but it went so deep and beautiful with a lot of encouragement to other 1/3s out there – with a lot of talking about the 1/3 Human Design profile and specific energy activations that help me show up, stand out and get clients!

Spoiler – this is not just about me and my chart, there is so much wisdom shared that will benefit anyone who wants to understand how one can embody their natural gifts in their business.

Robin Winn is the Best Selling author of Understanding Your Clients through Human Design: The Breakthrough Technology; Understanding the Centers in Human Design: The Facilitator’s Guide to Transforming Pain into Possibility; and Understanding the Profiles in Human Design: The Facilitator’s Guide to Unleashing Potential.
She is a Marriage and Family Therapist turned Human Design Coach and Trainer. Robin works with therapists and coaches to help them understand how they best operate as a way to improve their results with clients.
She lives on Maui with her wife Yarrow.

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