Personal Brand With An Undefined G-Center (Human Design)? Yeah, Baby!

by | Jul 30, 2023

Recently, I was told by one client that according to what she learned from another trendy Human Design for Business coach, if the G-center in your chart is open or undefined, you should not be building a personal brand-based business.

To me, this statement is shocking, to say the least – simply because the evidence speaks otherwise.

In simple terms, the G-Center is a centre of direction and loveability. A person with a defined G-center tends to be much more stable or fixed in their path in life. They tend to have a strong sense of self, of being “somebody” – their identity.

But does this mean that a person with an undefined or completely open G-center does not know who they are? Not at all. My own life experience proves the opposite.

A sidenote and a warning. We need to be much more discerning about who we follow and listen to and be aware that personal chemistry can easily overpower the quality of their “expertise.”

Human Design is going mainstream, which means there will be many more people trying to monetize this knowledge in the coaching industry. Their understanding of the basics is often very surface-level, and their strategies (or claims of success) are at times, quite questionable.

Take it from the Queen of Visibility. How we look online and what happens in our accounting books are not always the same reality. It is incredible when they are aligned, but very often, the visibility presells an impression that is not backed up by facts, and since “money flows to status and celebrity,” impressive-looking visibility can help re-align the financial side of the business over time, but high earnings is not a given.

Even when we assume that the claims are correct, only because one person made it in their business does not give them any expertise on how to build a business as something to teach, especially under the light of Human Design, which is becoming a trend. The Human Design principle is simple: what works for one person could be grossly incorrect for the other. Hence, it is everyone’s own experiment in life and in business to figure out what will work for THEM – by trying and testing various approaches for prolonged periods to see if they are truly aligned and profitable. No one can tell them what to do and how, EVEN Human Design experts. We can only suggest some ideas to play with.

Unfortunately, too many people believe very disempowering statements without questioning them or doing even some top-level research. Please, be very discerning about who you trust (and invest with).

Personal chemistry is a powerful seller.

Let’s look at the topic again. I have an undefined G-center. While I have been running my own business since 2012, my online visibility only started attracting clients when I decided to market myself as a personal brand. Before that, I would get all my clients locally through referrals, but online the story was very different. My Facebook page and website resembled an abandoned town in an old Western film, with tumbleweeds rolling around in the dust.

When I started showing up as ME, not my company, and I openly shared about myself and what inspired me – very quickly, a very distinct brand image formed, and it has been attracting clients without fail ever since. At the start, it was heavily influenced by who I watched and aspired to be like. And it kept evolving (and it is still evolving), but it definitely brought new clients into my world, those who wanted me to guide them after reading my content around visibility and building a powerful presence online. I was walking my talk and inspiring others. Creating. Connecting. Inspiring and empowering others to do the same. That is what personal branding is all about.

So why would anyone say that openness in the Identity Centre can be a problem for building a personal brand? If there is anything I found incredibly accurate is that openness does not mean a lack in any shape or form. In fact, when I wrote about the Throat Center, I mentioned people with such influential and unique voices. For example, Matthew McConaughey, who has an undefined Throat Centre, and specifically Vince Vaughn, whose Throat Center is entirely open. Have you ever met a wittier, faster-to-respond (or speak) person? I get that there is a script, but in many movies, the impro makes the final cut a lot. The best parts, in my opinion, and superb comedy at times. The Wedding Crashers is definitely one of our family favourites. The monologue at the beginning, when he talks about dating, cracks me up every time. I simply cannot do THAT with my defined Throat.

So getting back to the undefined or an open G-Center – it has nothing to do with not knowing who you are, not being able to create a magnificent and very distinct personal brand, or not being good at messaging (on the basis that “they do not have a sense of identity”). Unlike some programs or coaches may suggest. It is about being flexible in the way you show up and express yourself. It is about the influence of your environment and how you amplify and adapt and often outgrow it, too.

In my opinion, this is some sort of distortion of the original teaching around openness in the G-Center. Personally, I never wonder about “who I am.” I always had a strong sense of direction, maybe because I am Splenic, so I am naturally intuitive, and I trust my journey – but the trajectory of that direction for me looks very different to someone with a defined G-Center. It is more of a chaotic zigzag line than a straight one – I cannot “settle” in one environment or identity for too long. I constantly evolve and change, and grow. People who knew me thirty years ago will not be dealing with the same person now.

Fifteen years ago, I even looked like a different person. I had an entirely different colour profile and personal style archetype (hair, clothes, style – an understated biker chick) than it is now.

I am also open to the idea that in 20 years, I can transform again. However, it feels like the direction within is only getting stronger as I move through these identities. But I am still the same person inside and very solid in being ME at that.

My brand undergoes constant upgrades. Like a caterpillar, I step into the new version of myself, and then, by the time the “back legs” catch up, my front ones are in the next – upgraded- version again. And it only adds to the way I can express myself, the flexibility and various roles I can play, and how I can show up and still fit into what Juliette Stapleton is.

A person with a defined G-Center perhaps does not need so many changes. They can have a more consistent presence/vibe/general branding. And those with undefined and open G-Center may be conditioned to feel they need to find that solid “final” brand or voice too. Yet our beauty is ever-evolving, not solidity.

And I love that, too. I love that we can lean into being so free to choose, literally daily, who we want to be at that moment. Before every Zoom client call and every podcast guest appearance, I would think of what I want to present myself as today, and I just adore putting on a specific “persona”. In no way does it change who I am deep down or how I communicate.

And frankly speaking, we have to admit that nothing works in isolation. We just cannot talk about one centre without the influence of other centres in our design, specifically the defined ones. I already referenced my defined Spleen here. So there are no explicit black-and-white angles here. Yet it kind of triggered me to hear that someone who enjoys massive success in my industry due to being an excellent content creator actually cuts down some beautiful “flowers” by telling them they should not focus on their “show.” Listen to me. If you have openness in your G-Center, a personal brand is where you will be most empowered.

Why? Because this means there ARE NO RULES! You are who you are, and “they” will have to take it or leave it. And we all know that if “they” want to leave it… “they” were not correct for us in the first place, so… who cares, right?

To empower you even further, here are some people with incredible personal brands that have an undefined or open G-Center:

  • David Bowie

  • Prince

  • Princess Diana

  • Kim Kardashian

  • Elon Musk

  • Steve Jobs

  • Barack Obama

  • Denzel Washington

  • Robbie Williams

I should have you convinced at mentioning David Bowie and Prince. What an extraordinary example of people with such potent personal brands. Even if their style and looks changed over the years, they were still – very distinctly – David Bowie and Prince.

Yes, many people like me still feel like they need to “define” themselves before they are ready to show up, but this is just intense conditioning at play. The gift of the undefined G-Center in no way stops us from showing up powerfully and leading with our personal brands, becoming extraordinarily successful and distinct in who we are.

Human Design is supposed to be an experiment – primarily focusing on following your Strategy and Authority, which activates all the goodness within and helps us decondition from all those shoulds and should-nots. You must play with it and take all the knowledge beyond that with curiosity, but not as a dogma to follow. If you do, you are only conditioning yourself into something else. And so, I don’t know about you, but as a person with an undefined G-center, my personal brand is as powerful as it can possibly be.

If you want more guidance the Marketing Blueprint By Design™ is a great place to start!

My Blueprint completely cleared up all of the debris from taking expensive Human Design business courses that were somewhat misleading.

I had so many a-ha!s but my biggest two were that I can sell from my undefined centers which was liberating to learn and I can have a powerful personal brand with an empty G center. Mind-blowing.

Embracing my 5/1 profile ‘above all’ really helped me to stay focused on what matters as well

Maggie Hunter

Founder & Creator Unbound Collective, Emotional Projector 5/1

“Juliette is a treasure trove of knowledge and I could tell she is so connected when she is channeling exactly what I needed to hear to get inspired in my marketing.

Jenn Morse

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Juliette Stapleton

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Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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