Transits & Tactics: Human Design Gate 45

by | Jun 10, 2024

June 7th to June 13th 2024

Sun Gate 45 Gathering Together

This transit is all about the authority and resources. In fact, money is a definite topic of many conversations and contemplations right now.

Gate 45 – Gathering Together is essentially about the natural and generally beneficial attraction of like forces. Gate 45 is located in the throat centre, so this energy is about expressing our authority, specifically around the distribution of resources, what we “have” or “don’t have”. This authority energy brings people together for financial benefits or educational purposes.

The best way to approach it is to make yourself a Ruler (King/Queen) or wear your CEO hat. Your goal under this transit is to wisely distribute your wealth (the energy/ideas/inspirations of the week). Gather your most valuable experiences, knowledge and wisdom to develop a planand then follow it. This is not the time to doubt yourself or take no action. Focus on the achievement of your large, shared goal.

If you have an Open/Undefined Throat centre, this transit may influence your stance around what you will or won’t take part in in a way that may have a slightly arrogant flavour to it. Allow yourself to step back and view the unfolding circumstances as you would a movie. What can you learn from this experience?

Beware of the possessive nature of gate 45. The negative expressions can show up as jealousy, envy, and frustration from not feeling included. This can often lead to imposing oneself on other people’s territory (business/personal space/property). Positive expression is expressed through inclusion and unity, showing tolerance and kindness to others as you focus on planning ahead towards truly worthwhile goals.

Money is a topic of thought and conversation, and there is a tendency to announce to the world,” Here is how much I made”, “Here is what I can make (use my XYZ)”, or “Here is what to do to make money” – a lot of propaganda increasing out there, so be mindful not to get yourself in debt or byt something on credit just because “you’re worth it” since spending desire is heightened right now. Try not to commit to any financial contract or obligation till the transit passes to give yourself time to assess it and the benefits it is promising. There is a risk of overpromising and underdelivering.

Earth Gate 26 The Egoist

This period could also bring melancholy in regard to your career, business results/directions and general monetization of your skills and talents. Action can make quantum leaps possible in those areas, but follow your Strategy & Authority to ensure you are entering the new correctly or exiting the old wisely. If you are overwhelmed with the build, go for a walk or visit the gym. Physical exercise/movement can help you not make impulsive decisions from the mental pressure. Gate 26 bring questioning around integrity because you are afraid or feel you cannot afford to be different/fulfil it.

Earth in Gate 26 brings, in its essence, the ability to get your message out to the larger community. This could be a perfect time to plan and organize a masterclass, a training around something that your target audience deems attractive or efficient. It can be a free event to grow your audience and your influence or paid to monetize it – you get to decide where your heart is right now.

Juliette Stapleton

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