Transits & Tactics: Human Design Gate 35

by | Jun 3, 2024

May 26th to June 1st 2024

Embracing Change with Grounded Rhythms:
Navigating the Sun in Gate 35

As the Sun transits through Gate 35, also known as the Gate of Change, we find ourselves urged to embrace newness and take action. This energy, while exciting and transformative, can also lead to feelings of boredom and restlessness if not properly aligned. For Annita and I, understanding how this transit interacts with their Human Design charts is crucial for harnessing its potential while avoiding its pitfalls.

Gate 35 brings an irresistible urge for change and new experiences. It’s a time for expressing, storytelling, and brainstorming future visions. However, it’s essential to discern whether the drive for change stems from genuine alignment or mere restlessness. When in its shadow side, Gate 35 can cause feelings of entrapment and blame towards others.

Balancing this changeable energy is the grounding influence of Gate 5, which emphasizes fixed patterns and natural rhythms. This grounding energy helps us tune into the collective rhythm and express our individuality in a more stable manner. Collaborations and masterminds during this time can be particularly beneficial for planning future timelines while staying grounded.

Slow Down to Accelerate

One of the paradoxical lessons of this transit is the need to slow down to accelerate manifestation. Constant busyness, often driven by a sense of “not enough,” can actually block progress. Instead, taking pauses, being present, and trusting the process can realign us with our truth and allow for more effortless progress.

Honouring Natural Rhythms

Tracking and honouring your unique energy cycles is key to maintaining productivity without burnout. By understanding your high and low productivity periods, you can schedule activities that align with your natural rhythms. This approach helps avoid the burnout that comes from misaligned expectations and the pressure to be constantly “on.”

Letting go of cultural narratives about how we “should” work and embracing our personal energy flows allows us to work in a state of flow rather than force. This alignment not only enhances productivity but also fosters a deeper connection with our authentic selves and our audience.

By embracing the dynamic energy of Gate 35 while grounding ourselves in the rhythms of Gate 5, we can navigate this astrological transit with greater balance and intention. Trusting the process, honouring our natural cycles, and avoiding the trap of constant busyness will enable us to connect more deeply with our audience and create lasting, meaningful change.

In your marketing and online visibility activities, beware of getting bored with what is and wanting to change. Only follow your true heart desires when taking action. You can channel this energy through content, focusing on storytelling and collaborations (why not get together and record a discussion with someone really cool in your niche/world?). Brainstorming, mentoring sessions and masterminds can also be super productive this week as you get to feel the collective rhythms to allow for your individuality to soar.

And if you do not feel productive or inspired -allow yourself a pause and “enjoy the silence”!

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