Three Secret Ways Human Design Can Help You Boost Your Business

by | May 9, 2022

Human Design is a relatively new concept, but it is gaining popularity, spreading like wildfire amongst people on the journey of self-discovery and realizing their potential.

Some refer to Human Design as a “user manual.” Some say it is “permission to be you.”

It had been an obsession for 1,5 years before I officially decided to use it in my business. Now it is a compass to help my clients build online visibility and market their business in a way that feels safe, enjoyable, and empowering in the way that is authentic to them and how they are designed to operate. That is exactly how I felt when I came across it in early 2020. It took over simply by reflecting who I was so accurately, both my struggles and insecurities and my gifts, my strengths, and my potential.

It is very easy to generate your Human Design chart. Unlike a personality test that you may take while in a very “dark” or too “elated” place and get the results reflecting the emotional state, you were in at the time of the assessment. Your Human Design is more an energetic imprint that defines certain fixed energies you are broadcasting to others and receptors where you are constantly receiving such broadcasts from others.

It is the science of energetics and how we interact through electromagnetic forces in our auras. You may call it “vibes”. Or perhaps you experienced being with someone and suddenly feel unexplainable sad or start thinking about things that are not important to you. This can happen when you have some openness picking up on other people’s energetic transmissions that you then amplify in the form of emotions, thoughts, fears, and beliefs that do not belong to you.

Human Design traditionally divides humanity into four types: Projectors (20%), Generators (70% including Manifesting Generators), Manifestors (9%), and Reflectors (1%) of the population.
Before continuing, I just want to mention that Human Design is an incredibly accurate system because it doesn’t put anyone in a box. We are using these labels to identify specific energetics and traits. However, everyone is unique because there are so many other elements at play – just like in DNA, creating an extraordinary and unique energetic imprint that shows what themes are consistent for you and where there is room for expansion and gathering wisdom.

You can get a surface level free chart here.  Or I can generate a professional advanced one for you (if you fancy doing some more research on all the smaller things). You can order yours here.
Personal development and business have always been intrinsically connected, so here is how you can boost your business by experimenting with your design.

Know Your Business Energetics:

Each type has a specific aura and how it feels to others when they interact. In this article, I will expand a little more in this section. It will give you an indication of whether what you are reading is drawing you in or repels you, if latter, please do not waste any more time. Still, if you are amazed at what I describe, this may change how you show up in business and in life forever.

Generators and Manifesting Generators
Generators have an open and enveloping aura. I always feel like I am being hugged. It is an aura focused on groups, contribution, collaborations, togetherness. It is a perfect aura to have for building communities. When it comes to taking action, Generators are designed to respond to what life presents them. It does not make them in any way less powerful. In fact, it is like a beautiful dance they have with the Universe as their partner, sending them signs, nods, and nudges along the way. When a Generator only takes action in response to that little cue- they become a magnet for perfectly aligned opportunities and people appearing in their lives as if by sheer luck. Synchronicities are a huge sign of living in alignment for a Generator.

Projector’s aura can be described as the light of a cinema projector. It shines a strong beam on the other; it penetrates it and allows the Projector to “see” deep into the other, making Projectors such brilliant guides. They are also gifted with a great sense of systematizing and organizing things and people to achieve better efficiency.

As a Projector, I have developed so many efficient shortcuts that save me hours of work and something that would take me 2 hours, I can now create in 15 minutes using a system I developed.
Projectors are not focused on groups. They focus on one individual at a time. But the energy of a Projector’s aura is very, very focused.

Suppose the recipient does not actually see and recognize this beautiful energy in a Projector. In that case, it can create all sorts of friction, from resistance to accept advice to completely not acknowledging Projector’s gifts and contribution. Therefore the strategy for Projector is only to give guidance when invited. They need to wait for the invitation from those who see and recognize the Projector as a guide. That does not affect our visibility. This only affects one on one situations and also opportunities.

While waiting for those invitations, Projectors must focus on mastering their area of expertise and build their visibility to be seen, and recognized and set the stage for the invitations to come. Getting into the zone creating or studying something of true interest to me produces fabulous strong energy. That energy attracts invitations, even when what I am studying is not directly related to my business. It is that losing yourself in the zone as time slows down” kind of magic.

Reflectors literally reflect those around them. They have no ‘broadcasting” definition, and they constantly sample and reflect the energies of others. But to protect them, their aura is quite resistant, so just like a mirror, the energies are reflected. Still, Projectors do not connect to others deep, like Projectors or Generators.

Reflectors need to be very careful who they allow in their world because they will always be affected by the definition and conditioning of those around them.
Reflectors’ brand identity and voice may and will change over time, and embracing this fluidity is perfect. But they are affected by cosmic influences more than any other type. To achieve clarity and make any important decisions, they need to wait out (often a full Lunar Cycle) to see if it still feels correct.

Manifestors have a closed and repelling aura, the opposite of Generators. They are not here to be with others. They are here to ignite others into action, they are very independent, and their aura resists penetration. In fact, when approaching a Manifestor, your aura will contract. That can cause a sense of suspicion. This is why their aura is called ‘repelling,” – but in reality, I have the most magical experiences with Manifestors I guide and know.

It is all about that energy that leads to Manifestor’s purpose to understand their impact on others. This is where their wisdom comes into place.

Manifestors are extremely independent and designed to initiate action without waiting on anyone. Their strategy is to inform those directly involved about what will happen. It is not about asking for permission. They do not need anyone to follow what they are doing. Still, by informing others, Manifestors can avoid the unpleasant confusions, and resentment others may feel when they do not expect Manifestor’s move.

Your Decision Making Authority

The next area where human design helps in business is making decisions. What strategy to use, who to listen to, to launch or not to launch, what email sequence would convert more readers, all those questions and more require deciding on. Yet, with Human Design Authority, you can ensure that your decisions are correct for you. They are not made out of lack or fear of missing out, or simply because you think you should do something because that is “the way” they do it.

There are seven types of authorities. It is fascinating actually to explore and experience yours.
This is one area that will allow you the most alignment not just in your business but in life in general. The correct decisions are never made from the mind. If the body was a vehicle, the mind would not be driving it. It is a passenger, very talkative, and distracting at times. Still, your energetics, your Authority, is truly in control. Unless you allow your Authority to “drive” your vehicle, you will always face making misaligned decisions and regretting them later.

When you discover, practice and then intimately know how your body responds when you make a decision, it will give you freedom and security. It will guide you on what content to create, who to engage with, whose programs to invest in, and whom you allow into your own business is very empowering.

Suppose you want to learn more about Human Design. In that case, I recommend the most comprehensive and easy to consume and comprehend course, called The Design Key Foundations. Click here to find out more. 

Your Brand Identity

Finally, I find many practical applications when it comes to marketing by looking at a Human Design profile. You can embrace it and lean into your natural gifts for specific types of content or angles you can take when expressing yourself.

It shows how you are designed when you are being yourself. At the same time, it shows how others see and perceive you. It may not be so apparent to you until you become aware of it. You can then make that frequency even more magnetic to draw in the right people.

What does it tell you? It will give you permission to be an introverted loner if that is where you are at your happiest. Or it will remove the need of creating a “me me me” show and focus your energy entirely on building your network. No self-shaming.

It will help you identify your specific type of wisdom. Is it about the long-term visions? Is it about practical solutions at hand? Is it about the deep understanding of the core that offers security? Is it allowing others to feel safe when they make mistakes? Or is it just about you getting lost in your own creative process?

When you know what your profile identifies, you can build your offers, content, and marketing strategies around the magnetism of that specific energy. You can use specific words that identify it in your copy, define your unique selling point and so much more.

The conviction this gives your brand voice is incredible because you are not trying to be something that is not natural to YOU. You embody your authenticity, and that pulls in the right people as if by magic. To find out more about your own design – check out Marketing Blueprint By Design™ here.

Juliette Stapleton

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Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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