The WHY Behind Your Business Is NOT What You May Think (Vlog)

by | Oct 27, 2023

(The blog post below and the video are not the same content!)

Recently I have ‘taken a holiday from my business”. It was not something I deliberately did. It was just a way my personal life decided that it was time to focus on some major shifts and expansion, and it completely took over my whole existence for about two months. The hyperfixation on my personal life, very typical for a “Neurospicy” brain like mine, made it almost impossible to create anything new and potent in my business. I just had neither the mental resources nor the inspiration to create anything spectacular. The ideas for new projects did come, but I had no energy to implement them.

The way I have built my business over the years is so it can serve and survive these periods of stillness, and the system has been put to its ultimate test at the start of 2023 when my second husband, Les, relapsed with Lymphoma of the brain and central nervous system cancer. I describe this painful goodbye in my book, “On Marketing & Human Design.”

It took three months for him to decline and pass away, and more time for me to grieve and pull myself together after this incredible ordeal. With Action as my Human Design sense, I do move faster than the average person, so taking action is something I find healing and necessary. But before the action-taking phase can come, there is a period of complete inaction and stillness. Everything I had created prior to that horrible time kept working for me during the 3 months when the most I could do was serve my existing clients. And yet, the orders for my Marketing Blueprint By Design™ reports kept flooding in, and my business was somehow actually growing, while at the time, I was taking a natural back seat in my marketing and business promotion.

So, in the last few weeks, another moment of stillness occurred (in terms of marketing and creating something potent content-wise). Frankly, this was about my personal life and opening up to new relationships. Life kept throwing men in any shape or form at me ever from mid-summer, and I couldn’t ignore the message. It was time to open up my heart and find out what it was all about. So, I joined Tinder.

Instantly, I knew something big was shifting because it brought a couple of key people, and I believe karmic experiences to help me unlock and move forward from the past relationship that was now in a state of complete finality. I literally did the “till death do us part” thing.

As a person with a Split Definition in my Human Design, I am here to experience a connection with the other. It is the conditioning that is brought about by the split. (By the way, it is, of course, gate 11, my favourite number! It had to be!)

Plus, my RAX of Consciousness is indeed in the third Quarter of Duality – which means my lifetime here is to understand how people bond and connect. And the only way to understand this is to experience it firsthand. I do it in marketing and business, but this is only a small part of how we connect. A part that is intrinsically tied in with how we connect to others romantically.

It is very similar, and for the expert/coaching industry, really getting how relationships are born and how we create deeper connections with each other is key. Questions like who are your people and who are not your people. The deeper we understand this, the easier it is to focus on them, and the more ease it allows when we say NO to those who are not correct for us. 

And the reason I am sharing this with you now, below the video I just recorded is that while I did actually find a new relationship worth exploring and I am looking into what it will bring, it was the kind of situation that made is oh too obvious that I suddenly stopped focusing on the most important element of this age (and my whole life) and started giving away the power, resulting in complete loss of inspiration and anxiety of contact wait mode and anticipation of connecting with my new gentleman, who came with a truckload of “his own baggage” and is not available to me 24/7. 

My biggest a-ha and a huge shift in my view of this situation (fuelled by eclipses that always reveal what we need to see clearly), was a simple thing. I was not focusing on MYSELF. The WHY that keeps me going, not just in my romantic and personal life, the WHY that is the drive behind my online business as a mentor and an online visibility strategist since 2017. 

And this is why I recorded the video behind. Every marketing/branding/messaging coaching program out there will ask you, “what is your WHY” – but the answer is often not what we think we should – here is that word should again – give ourselves.

Why do we want this business to work? What are we prepared to do to make sure that WHY is strong, that it helps us through the moments of stillness and motivates us when there is no motivation on the outside of US?  

If you want help in finding out, check out the Marketing Blueprint By Design™ offer below. Either way, I hope this video delivers what you had to hear today! 

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