The Projection Field In Human Design (Line 5 & 2)

by | Aug 22, 2022

Today I feel very intrigued by the expression “living in the Projection Field” commonly used in Human Design, especially talking about the 5th line in Human Design Profiles.

Line 5 around me

One of the reasons for my fascination is that (as I often mention) all people in my family- both the one I grew up in and my current marriage are 3/5s, and I am the only 1/3. It tells me something about my life’s mission – to truly understand the essence of line 3 (my unconscious line, too) and particularly line 5, which is more obvious to me as it is the second line of almost everyone in my family.

An interesting fact is also that my brother-in-law is a 5/1, and I am catching myself projecting a lot of resentment towards him – perhaps because he is of a different world, and I always feel that he just does not “recognize” me, and he – in a true “Heretic’s style” – let me know about it, unintentionally making quite shocking comments, especially about my coaching business.

Then there is my husband, who I feel I project on daily, and it is mind-blowing how I realize that my projections can switch – there are days when I am completely in adoration of him and his contribution to our family, and those where I only see that stupid annoying stuff. I sometimes joke that “Human Design saves our marriage,” but it is really not a joke. Understanding this dynamic and being able to start seeing and gaining awareness about this projection field that line 5 lives in because a high factor in me accepting people around me and learning to be fair to them (on those “bad” days).

I suspect I am also projecting on to my 3/5 Mental Projector daughter, who is the only person I have never felt disappointed with or annoyed at, but I have to ask myself, is it because I have been only projecting positive expectations? Or maybe it is the mother thing? I tend to think it is the projection, and maybe because I have always intuitively given her a lot of space without attaching expectations- allowing her to learn as she bumps into life and lives through a very vast range of experiences…
As I am currently working on a Marketing Blueprint By Design for a 2/5 profile – it is one of the rarest profiles in Human Design and combines the two lines for which the Projection Field is a key element when we try to analyze and understand it.

Projected Line

Even if your type is not a Projector, the 2nd represents a ‘Projected’ line. It is like Line 2 loves being alone, focused on something their love doing and something that is natural to them, and the rest of us look at it and say, “This is so cool! Can you show us more? Can you share more with us?” And here is the balance of in everyone’s Human Design is – it is always “called out” of the retreat by those around it. It does not need to go find it’s people, they come and find fine line 2 when the time is right.

For 2/4, it will be the social network – that is a crucial puzzle piece for people with this profile.

For 2/5, it is the seductive and magnetic energy of line 5 that magnetizes and attracts people from the outside.

And when called out, line 2 gets to share what they have learned and mastered, that natural gift of theirs, with the rest of us, which means that it never needs to be pushing and getting attention, forcing themselves to show up.

People come TO line 2. And if that “call out” feels good – it means that this is the right call and the right timing!

What is Projection Field anyway?

I had a problem understanding the Projection Field. I mean, I get what it is when someone projects. I do that all the time, as I described at the start of this article, but I felt I needed to really spill it out for me to get to the bottom line of understanding 5 line experience and how it shows in Human Design profiles 2/5, 3/5, 5/1, and 5/2.

Projections can indeed be positive. It is almost as if we become actively fascinated with the person. We hang on their every word. They literally are like the sunshine that shines its light on what we are seeking. Line 5 can absolutely enjoy those positive projections – IF they are surrounded by people who see their brilliance and value.

The danger here is that what ACTUALLY happens is that these people do not see the REAL PERSON in front of them. Rather they see someone with solutions to their problems. And so they project very high expectations, often exceeding what the line 5 person is capable of delivering on. This is why setting boundaries and clarity is so vital for the 5th line.

And then, the other side of the coin. In fact, the term projections in psychology mostly refer to negative stuff. It is almost a self-defence mechanism, and it comes from a form of low self-esteem, to keep the discomfort about ourselves at bay and outside our awareness. Line 5 is like a “karmic mirror” to others. We come in and start seeing or what I feel is more accurate – experiencing our own weaknesses, insecurities, and inadequacies.

The “Switch”

I had a very good 5/1 online friend, a coach who we collaborated with and even took each other’s trainings. I showed patience when she started coaching MY clients on MY coaching calls, but one day during my launch, I realized that because she was part of the pre-launch event and had that magnetic line 5 “savior” energy, she was attracting and converting my leads, and I felt awful…

That was the end of my communication with that person. I did not confront her or say anything. I did not unfriend or block her on Facebook. I just unfollowed her content and did not engage in chats or comments in any meaningful way.

The “switch” happened.

The truth is that perhaps the people who chose to sign up for her program (which was not competing with mine) were not good leads for me in the first place. And maybe if she was not a 5/1 but a 2/4, for example, I would have seen this straight away, but what I experienced was how badly my money insecurity was triggered and how territorial I immediately became about my “leads”…

And here is an interesting observation, the “switch” in my projections is still very strong after two years, and even seeing and analyzing the situation like I just did does not let me go back to that fascinating admiration I felt for this person for years. This is the power of projections, and this is what people with line 5 are constantly dealing with.

As I am working with Marketing Blueprints for people with line 5 in their profiles, the words TIMING and FIX come to mind all the time. Yes, they are brilliant at solutions, and they are driven by helping humanity to evolve, to be better…

But if they try to “fix” others or situations without an invitation or at the wrong timing, that switch can happen to them instantly with terrible consequences because living in the Projection Field is very tricky.

Yet, I believe that not a single element in Human Design is “pulling a short straw.” All straws in this bunch are perfectly wonderful, but in order to experience the gifts, we ought to experience the shadows, so we can lovingly raise the vibrations, step around the obstacles of conditioning or false motivations and learn how when we are aligned with the pure nature of our design, when we understand our strategy, when we relax into trusting the right timing and the right circumstances – miracles happen, and tremendous opportunities open up to truly serve the humanity.

And this is why I wrote this article today, to help you understand this complex Projection Field that line 5 needs to master in order to experience this life in the most wonderful and aligned form. I don’t know about you, but this possibility really excites me.

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