The Human Design Sacral Secrets - How To Use Your Sacral Energy Flow

with Alannah Hillstrom

The crucial part of living your Human Design is understanding how the mechanics work and what can be more mechanical than a Sacral Response? Today, I am talking to a Human Design Analyst, Alannah Hillstrom, Emotional Manifesting Generator 1/3, about the specifics of the Sacral and how to master recognising your responses as a Generator. It is a must-listen conversation for sure!

Alannah Hillstrom is a dedicated Human Design Guide and Coach who is passionate about empowering individuals on their journey of personal transformation. Human Design, in particular, has been a transformative force in Alannah’s life. Through this system, she was able to gain clarity about her own design, enhance her parenting skills, improve all her relationships, and embrace a purposeful life.



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