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Visibility that Sells Accelerator Successes:

With me as your mentor, you get access to over 2 decades of experience building online visibility for businesses and brands plus just the right amount of Human Design elements that can help you express yourself in the most magnetic way– so, in time, you can start attracting your perfect clients with joy and ease, not feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and burning yourself out all the time.

I only use very top level of Human Design to direct you, so there will be no overwhelm and overload of information that is in my opinion can only distract you even more from taking necessary action.

And through using my own Human Design emergetics – here is what I bring to the table: 

My defined Spleen is the energy you can tap into when I become your mentor, and it is what will help you trust your journey over time even if you have an undefined spleen, or perhaps it is defined but needs deconditioning.

My defined Head and Ajna will help you get inspired and create your systems and focus on the right things. My Conscious Mercury in Gate 18.3 will spot the misalignment and will help me intuitively bring you back to your own path.

With my open Heart Center I will be able to free you of the pressure to prove yourself and teach you to de-commit from promises and projects that do not serve you. With my open Emotional Center I will be able to tune into what you are feeling, so we can work towards emotional clarity that is needed to take action and make decisions.

With my undefined G-center I will hold the space for you to be yourself – without overpowering you with one set direction, yet I can also show you how to embrace the multiverse of identities and directions available and encourage you to trust that you are loved and accepted, starting with your self-acceptance and self-love (this is what online visibility really helps you with if you let it!). With my Undefined Root center I will encourage you to do things at your pace and deal with the pressure of getting it DONE – in the most natural to you way!

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate