Social Media By Design Masterclass

Your Business Energetics & Marketing Archetype by Design

Are you finding yourself struggling to market your business on Social media?

Do you often feel stuck and confused what to post?

Do you want to be more focused, so you can create content in less time, without overthinking and feeling lit up with confidence as you write your posts or go love?

Have you tried different strategies but they just felt off and did not bring you expected results?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I might have a simple explanation to WHY your social media marketing is not working for you… just yet.  

It is NOT your fault things have not been working out!

Why do some coaches and experts just blend in with all the others? Because they don’t know how to stand out in a noisy market, and what makes THEM different – unique and special – from everyone else.

When you don’t know how to show who YOU are and what YOU stand for, it’s easy to get sucked into everyone else’s advice and forget what you wanted to do in the first place!

What if you stopped looking for YOURSELF in all the wrong places, and instead took some time to get to know yourself better? Haven’t you spent enough time chasing people and struggling to “find your voice” so new,
highly aligned clients can come to YOU?

Enough struggling! You are in the right place and we can start changing it TODAY!

Let’s re-align your Marketing Magnet!

Human Design is KEY to your success

Human Design is a relatively new concept, created to provide each one of us with our own unique ‘user manual” for realising our full POTENTIAL, using our gifts and strength, and ultimately achieving success, satisfaction, and inner peace in our lives. It is not created to assign labels or put you in a box, as many other personality profiling systems do.

It is simply that permission to be you, that you may have been conditioned or simply resisted to give yourself.

Now is the time for self-empowerment to enter your business and your life and with that, you will discover your unique magnetism and the conviction you need to market your business. Human Design can become that “compass to success” for you, even if you never go too deep into the journey of self-discovery and learn every single detail…

Inside this Masterclass:

The purpose of this Masterclass is to help you show up feeling safe and confident in your ability to attract clients without overwhelm.

✔ We will look at your Human Design chart to identify your business energetics and your natural magnetism and how they help you attract clients, with instant tips and ideas on how you can apply this knowledge in your content and your decisions about how to show up.

✔ This masterclass is for you if you are a coach or an expert who creates educational and mindset-shifting content. It is not for you if your knowledge of Human Design for Business is already quite profound, however, if you never looked into business applications of your Human Design Type and Profile – you will also get great value from this training.

✔ It’s a 75-minute class that will teach you how to approach social media marketing in a completely different way – YOUR way. All you need is to have your birth information at hand, a pen and a piece of paper, and an open mind!

If you’ve been struggling with client attraction for longer than you expected, check out this Masterclass!

You may think, “Am I “ready” to use Human Design in Marketing?”

You may feel that you do not know enough about Human Design to apply it to your business. Perhaps first you need to dig deeper? Not at all!

Human Design is not a beginner-friendly concept, so why choose the long learning curve? Let’s get right to the core of what you need to transform your business! You do not need to know anything about this system to start getting massive results from just what I am about to show you inside this masterclass. All you need is to know your Human Design Type & Profile. If you do not know these details – do not worry! You will have an option to generate your free chart as you access the masterclass.

But first, click play so you can listen to this 6-minute video presentation to discover if this training is for you.

As someone new to Human Design, I want to thank Juliette for this masterclass. She breaks down some of the concepts in a way that makes it much easier to understand AND she throws in some practical tips that I know I can use right away!

Kim Shennan

WildFit Coach

Juliette’s Social Media by Design Masterclass was enlightening and informative. It has provided me greater focus on where my strengths are and how I can better serve my audience. I can stop wasting time on what I don’t need to do and use my time effectively on what I am great at! Can’t wait to get my Marketing Blueprint by Design to learn more!!

Liz M Redmond

Business Strategist

I love how Juliette breaks down how we can market and create content based on our design and how we operate in the world. Listening to Juliette speak about my type I understood why so much of what I was trying to do in the past hasn’t really worked for me. I’m looking forward to using her actionable tips!

Michele Martin

Life Coach


“I’m on a mission to help you show up and stand out in a way that feels safe and oozing confidence!” ~ Juliette Stapleton

About Your Host:

Featured in Forbes, Juliette is an internationally recognised visibility strategist, speaker and writer.

She is known for her direct, non-traditional methods for coaches and experts who want to align their marketing strategies with Human Design and unlock their true personal magnetism for client attraction. With over two decade of experience building brand for small businesses,

Juliette understands exactly the struggles and the advantage of using your personal brand for showing up as the face of your business online.

Visibility is not a sprint… please wait a bit