How To Save Time & Stay Consistent On Social Media With SocialBee

by | Sep 5, 2022

How To Save Time & Stay Consistent On Social Media With SocialBee

by | Sep 5, 2022

Today I want to introduce you to my absolute go-to social media scheduling tool: SocialBee.

You may ask, “Juliette, there are hundreds of scheduling tools available. What makes this one so perfect for you?” 

Well… let me be frank. In my career as a visibility strategist, I have reviewed and promoted several scheduling tools and even had been granted lifetime access to some of them, and yet, here I am singing praise to SocialBee (that comes at $19 per month for their lower pricing level – actually this level that is absolutely sufficient for any coach or expert).

Please read the article first, as I carefully created it to make sure you understand all valuable points before watching a 57-min video walkthrough (because when I talk, things are not as controlled as when I write!) Enjoy!

Now that this is out in the open, let me tell you that this tool alone has played a great role in helping me position myself as an expert in the eyes of my always changing and growing audience consistently, helped me through most, if not all, of my collaborations promotions and launch periods since 2018.

The main difference with this software is that it was not designed with scheduling one-off posts in mind at first. 

I mean that it CAN do that, there is functionality, but it was not the primary goal when the creators released it. This software allows us to do the work once, set it in motion and literally “forget it”. At the same time, it helps to reuse our evergreen content 

  • client testimonials, 
  • nurturing and mind-shifting posts, 
  • invitations to work with us, 
  • invitations to grab our freebies, 
  • past podcast interviews 
  • our own podcast episodes
  • valuable evergreen livestreams we did
  • guest articles we have published
  • and whatever it is you fancy on top of that – even your puppy pics!

All the stuff that we KNOW we should be showing to the world more than once, but… forget!!!

And then we feel disheartened that our social media “efforts” do not bring results and feel exhausted that we are still not at that magic 10K month mark. And we drop everything in search of yet another magic strategy, another funnel, another solution without actually giving any due effort and time.

And the reality is that we are just inconsistent, not just in showing up, but showing what people need to see in order to PERCEIVE us as experts in the first place. 


When you are consistently visible, you automatically gain a status of a microcelebrity amongst people who follow you, read your posts and watch your videos. It is like a reality tv show, we do not need someone to be in any way special to partake, and we get glued to watching pretty ordinary people become something very familiar—a CELEBRITY.

This is the first and a very positive advantage of creating consistent content: you are in people’s Newsfeed all the time, and those who pay attention see more and more of YOU in their world (whether they engage or not, most good clients are lurkers).

STATUS is when people perceive you as an expert and “someone”. And trust me, we are likelier to invest more money in “expert fees” than our neighbour’s help, even if the neighbour is a natural-born genius at solving the problem we have. That is a fact. 

MONEY FLOW TO STATUS AND CELEBRITY. I do not remember who said it, it could have been Dan Kennedy, but ever since I heard this statement, everything made sense. “How to build your visibility” MADE SENSE.

Build your status as a microcelebrity in the eyes of your audience. Build up your expert content arsenal and use your credibility markers to position you as a go-to name in your niche. 



Set It and Forget It!

“Automate your social media posting with our SocialBee, so you can focus on what truly matters”, says the team and I agree they allow time and space for what matters.

Your life. 

Honouring your energy

Serving yourself and your clients.

This is what for me as a Projector (my Human Design type is non-energy which means I do not have a consistent drive to be always on, I have days and weeks of needing to recharge after huge spurs of creativity and creating amazing things in my business and my life).

Content Categories

Essentially SocialBee becomes the host of your evergreen authority-building content. It helps to organise your posts into categories (sort of like buckets), and then each category can be set up to schedule posts it contains one by one on a set time every week. 

So you can create a carefully balanced mixture of posts that help build your expert status on autopilot.  

Is it too repetitive? No problem, you can create several variations of each post, simply duplicating and changing the image or the opening line if you want to (a Top Gun repurposing level stuff – right here). There are so many tools out there, for example, the WordTune app, that can help you rephrase your copy a bit. 


Create Your Authority-Building Schedule

Once you have a few posts in a category, you can set a weekly schedule to post them on selected profiles/platforms one at a time. For example, you can create a category called “Testimonials”, where you add images or screenshots of your clients raving about you, your services, or your products. Add a caption referring to the specific offer they are mentioning (or if the comment is more general, you can point to your offer or another location you want readers to visit. Read about if you should or shouldn’t add links to your posts here). Then create a schedule where these are posted on to your profile, for example, twice a week. 

Now you have these client testimonials posted regularly, so YOU do not have to remember or even think about it. 

If you are doing a launch, you can create a separate category for the testimonials from the offer you are promoting, and set only those testimonials to be posted, say every day, amongst other posts you are creating about the launch. 

And this is how you are saving yourself a lot of time and effort while still creating super consistent visibility with the right content that builds that status of authority and micro-celebrity I spoke about above. 

And this is where SocialBee is such a winner compared to most social media scheduling tools. In fact, I would even put it in that category, although, as I mentioned, you can also schedule one-off posts.


Scheduling One-Off Posts The Smart Way

There are a couple of advantages to using SocialBee for scheduling one-off posts. 

One of them is the ability to expire posts after a certain date. 

For example, you are running a time-sensitive promo, but you do not want anyone to find your posts or videos after the sale is over. You can expire a post after a certain date, or if you are also adding it to a specific category, you can set it to expire after being posted X amount of times. Expiring post will simply remove it from the timeline. (Here is an article on how to do that.)

As I mentioned, you can add a new post into an existing category at the time of posting. You can then select from an option to add it to the top or the bottom of the queue. This refers to the posts you already have in the category; I prefer adding the new one to the bottom of the queue, so it only gets reposted again in a while. If you add the post to the top of the queue, it will be posted the next time again according to how this category’s schedule is set up.

Do you see how many options and possibilities there are? And again, all are saving more and more of your time in the long run. And at any stage, you can block some time to come to some of these categories and revisit the wording (copy) and see if anything needs to be adjusted to your current offers and direction. Some categories, for example, those with nurturing posts, may require that every 2-3 months to check that Call To Action or any references are up to date. And that only takes me about 20 minutes. 

I use (or have successfully used in the past) SocialBee Categories for: 

  • my podcast promotions
  • guest appearances on video or podcast interviews, 
  • my guest articles on larger online publications, (I use another tool to post promotions of my blog, but I could easily have a category for my own blog posts that keep reposting and driving traffic to my offers.
  • a collection of my own branded quotes that I created in Canva (I actually once saw one of my quotes printed out and pinned to the wall behind a client or another one shared that they added those to their “Juliette’s folder… and I had NO idea these quotes are this powerful) 
  • nurturing posts (valuable tips, mindset-shifting
  • client testimonials
  • ongoing freebie promotions
  • invitations to work with me
  • invitations to join my mailing list (E-Club)
  • reposting links to valuable lives and free trainings (if your original video is posted on your business page, then you can also use the views of the video for creating an audience for your Facebook ads, yet you can be traffic to that video from any platform that allows clickable links (so do not bother with the Instagram schedule for these). The original live may have been done on your profile and in your group, but you can download that video and upload it to your business page to collect views for advertising – ONLY if ads are currently your strategy. 


WARNING! Do not waste money on ads unless you have a proven way of attracting clients to a specific offer with your organic content. If that proven path/funnel exists, and if it includes some sort of free video training, then you could host the training on your business page on Facebook and use the hack I shared. Create a retargeting audience, and then create an ad running to that audience with openly inviting them to sign up to the offer or buy the product you are promoting in that training – this way, the ad will be only shown to those who have seen your training and are hot leads to convert. 

Posting on Personal Profile On Facebook (Mobile App Notifications)

Sometime in 2018, the amazing ability to schedule posts to our personal profiles using third-party tools has been taken away from us by Facebook. 

But some innovators, like SocialBee, found the workaround that allows us to schedule posts and use mobile app reminders to notify us that time has come to post. Then it takes a couple of clicks literally to copy the caption and paste it into your profile (SocialBee transfers the image automatically). Just keep in mind that text statuses do not work this way successfully, so try using an image with your posts. 

Here are a couple of extra ideas that I personally used for my profile schedules (outside the content types I listed earlier):

Random Question of the Day (create a bunch of random questions on images and post once a week to build some simple human interaction). Try avoiding these questions to be around your business or the area of your expertise. These are just connection building fun posts that are easy to engage with. Inside my Ultimate Visibility Kit, I have 855 random questions you can choose from and use to play with—no overthinking.

Memes. If you love humour as much as I do, you will have lots of memes saved to your phone. Use them to create engagement by scheduling one once a week. If you add 30 to the category called “Memes”, that means that they will only repeat 30 weeks.

Quotes. I highly recommend creating your own set of quotes. Those little phrases that you may repeat to clients often, or just statements that you feel strongly about. Add your website address on the bottom (this is what we call a branded quote). You can add your photo so that an instant connection between your message and you is built. 

Avoid overused generic motivational quotes – I find people just scroll by them these days.


Last Thoughts

SocialBee saves me so much time because, as a Projector, my personal energy is quite inconsistent. (If you are into Human Design, you may know how important it is to honour your energy flows, and each type has its own needs to rest. Mine is quite significant as I already mentioned.

I have spurs of inspiration and creativity, but they always follow by complete “hibernation” where I simply need to recharge, and I feel like I have “nothing to give”.

SocialBee has made these periods invisible for my audience while letting me time to be with myself and recharge before the next hit of inspiration arrives.


Unless you are a social media management agency, you do not really need any more than the first Bootstrap subscription level at $19 per month.

Well worth spending on something that takes away the pain of inconsistent visibility and nurtures your audience on autopilot. If it was a VA, this would cost you many times more… To me, it is a no-brainer.

The Bootstrap subscription level allows connecting to 5 social accounts at a time, which is plenty.

Personally, I am connected to 3 places on Facebook (my profile, business page and my Facebook group for clients – I currently don’t have a free group), LinkedIn and Twitter. The last two I am not even active on and literally keep up visibility for anyone checking me out – it is often required to submit your LinkedIn and Twitter URLs when pitching articles to online publications, other than that, I stick to my guns and use just one platform for my visibility – Facebook (where most of my activities are happening on my personal profile). I use my business page as a brochure for authority building posts and hosting some videos, but not as my main place to build connections with my audience).

You can try the app for two weeks, and if this is something you do not see yourself using and you prefer a manual approach, you can simply cancel. If not, and you decide to help you build your visibility and consistency, I want to thank you – I appreciate you using my affiliate link, and it will mean you are buying me a small cup of coffee each month, just to appreciate me right back! 

Watch the 1 hour walkthrough I did for my Visibility That Sells Accelerator group recently and click the button below to claim your free trial now. 

Juliette Stapleton

Splenic Projector 1/3

Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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