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1:1 Private Intensive


If you are failing to stay consistent with your content – THIS IS AN INVITATION TO WORK WITH ME 1:1 to create a content plan around your offer and weekly/daily implementation tasks to fill your offer with clients consistently and confidently.

Do AnY Of These Sound Familiar?

☑️ You fail to stay on track with content creation
☑️ Not really natural at planning or seeing a big picture
☑️ Get lots of ideas on the go and then a blank mind when having a spare minute to post something
☑️ You often need a structured approach to creating posts as it feels easier to follow directions than coming up with the motivation to create something every day
☑️ you feel that to stay consistent you need to have a weekly/daily plan to feel that there is some sort of progress and “this is done” box is ticked, so you can relax


This is for you if any of the points below apply:

👉 You are a coach and you take your clients through a structured program that you developed (or certified it) that you know brings results.
👉 Facebook is where you want to attract more clients
👉 You do not have any issue posting content around what your potential clients experience and searching for in order to let them know you are available to support them
👉 You have no problem posting about these things right on your profile (where you are more likely to be seen by most people)
👉 You are willing to write long posts and do videos, the problem is you are not sure what to say that works!
👉 You understand that even the most perfect system needs time to create the results you need and you are willing to trust your process

What you are lacking is clarity on how to set the wheels in motion and you need a plan of action with simple guidelines to follow every week and every day.

You want to have more time for serving your clients and enjoying your life and less time spent overthinking what to post in order to get those clients in the first place.

If this is you, my 1:1 Content To Leads VIP Content Planning Intensive could be exactly what you are looking for.



We will meet for about 30-45 min to talk about your program/offer and I will teach you a content planning system you can start working on right away.


we will book a longer meeting (usually at least 2 hours long) where we look at what you put together and dive deeper into developing the themes around your offer that focus entirely on painting your audience a very clear picture about what you do, how it can transform their lives or businesses.
You will also receive a very clear weekly planning system to make sure that your content is created consistently and you are seen by your followers frequently enough to get noticed and paid attention to.
I will also supply you with a start-up pack of guides for creating specific types of posts that are proven to help attract buyers, not just satisfy the curiosity of readers.
And this is what you want – more CLIENTS, right?
These guides couple be used literally weekly to create an endless amount of posts around the themes we define in your offer.


You will get to work, but I will be still available to support you and answer any of your questions for the next 30 days via Messenger.
There is also an optional offer upsell of auditing 3 posts per week during these 4 weeks.


This 4-weeks intensive 1:1 program is currently priced several times lower than it should cost, as a limited time offer – jump on the opportunity as this is my zone of genius and you get to experience it and walk away with a framework and hopefully inspired and determined to create amazing results for just $997.

Clarity is everything and we will get you a clear action plan for implementing. Plus 4-weeks of continuous support (with optional longer-term mentorship inside my other group programs.)

Using my system you will be able to get your return on investment and multiply it within the first 2-3 months easily since you have the offer to sell and this will give you that level of visibility that you need to be ACTUALLY attracting clients with your content.

Ready to proceed?

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me on Messenger – click here to see my Facebook profile and connect.