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Using Human Design to build magnetic visibility For Coaches & Experts

Visibility By Design Marketing Strategy & Consulting


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Want to learn how to use Human Design in your marketing?

You do not need to know much (just the basics) about Human Design to start using it in your business. I have created a super value packed 60-minutes mini-training explaining EXACTLY how just a couple of things about your Design can completely transform the way you show up, and more importantly how you FEEL about promoting your business. (Spoiler alert: you may fall completely in love with it!)

Why use Human Design for Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing is the aura of your business. The energetics that attract your best clients, that communicate your uniqueness, your value, your brilliance and your gifts.

You are a coach, a teacher, an expert who started a business because you wanted to facilitate transformations, help people get where they want to be and make money so you can also create the life of your dreams. Maybe, like me, you just wanted the freedom of calling your shots, being location-independent and flexible in your schedule, so you can enjoy your family and other beauties of life a bit more.

You turn to the online world hoping to attract more clients. But as you try various marketing strategies, that seem so successful for your coaches and mentors, somehow they fail to work for you. WHY?

Because they were created for people who are different to you and applying those perfect strategies for their personalities and gifts into your visibility is like fitting a square peg into the round hole. Your business is wearing a wrong AURA, it’s energy is not authentic, and as energy creatures people subconsciously feel when the energy is out of alignment. And stay away.

Human Design is what allows your to determine the authentic aura for your business. It makes showing up and creating the business you want so empowered and aligned. It offers you a strategy that is already YOUR strategy, fitting with YOUR operating system, YOUR strengths, YOUR personal magnetism and YOUR energy cycles.

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Just knowing about your Human Design does not magically make your business work…


Marketing Blueprint By Design™

Your shortcut to deep understanding of your Human design energetics and how to apply them in your business and marketing

My Marketing Blueprint By Design and especially time with Juliette was pure magic! I reached out to better understand my profile (lines 5/2) but got a whole lot more than I ever bargained for how best to market and to sell, how to align my approach with my design; why things I’ve tried that others recommended didn’t work for me – and why that’s not only ok but actually good.

I highly recommend that any small business owner not only get the Blueprint but also the Zoom call option to deepen their learning. I know this session is about to pay back big dividends! (Oh, and Juliette is just a pleasure to connect with, too).

LeeAnn Malorie

Women's Embodied Leadership Coach, Emotional Generator 5/2

What a profoundly supportive experience it was to read through my Marketing Blueprint By Design report. I will be referring back to it often as I course correct and lean into the way that feels most aligned energetically for me in marketing and engaging with those I am here to serve. For much too long, I have followed the guidance and mentoring from professionals who were of a different mindset than what I am wired with – this feels like permission and freedom to be me!

P.S.: I appreciate how kind, supportive and wise you are in an area which has felt so mysterious and overwhelming for much too long in my business, thank you!!!

Moira Hutchison

Intuitive Coach, Meditation Teacher & Tarot Card Reader, Splenic Projector 5/1

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I was so drained & exhausted running my business as a completely different energy type. Marketing Blueprint By Design validated that I need to shift my client attraction strategy immediately and do more of what I already absolutely love to turn on that magnetism!

Jocelyn Chong

Business Consultant, Splenic Projector 3/5

“Marketing Blueprint By Design™ report has been incredibly helpful in distinguishing what is in my nature (things that are natural to me, things I can lean into) and what I can “fix” because they come from my nurturing and are not always aligned with who I am, so I can simply let go of them.

Christina Styers

Goal Success and Professional Life Coach, Splenic Projector 1/3

“I am a private client and it was the best decision I’ve made with marketing coaches. Whenever I am working with Juliette, I feel I get to really “own my stuff,” and I’m always blown away by her clarity and “seeing” me as a 5/1.

Annita Keane

Prosperity Coach & Human Design Specialist, Emotional Projector 5/1

“I started with no idea how to promote my WildFit coaching business online. Juliette’s mentorship helped build structure into my posts, making me more consistent.  After just 12 months, my visibility has been noted by WildFit headquarters, and I was offered an excellent opportunity to work as their Master Coach. There have been great developments for me ever since, and my business continues to move in the right direction! Thanks for all your help and support!

Kim Shennan

WildFit Master Coach, Emotional Manifesting Generator 6/2

“We have been working with Juliette on our online presence since 2013. We have built a solid Social media presence that not only drives traffic to our website, it drives sales both online and over the phone. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most boutiques were forced to close, our live video strategy kept building relationships with our clients on Facebook, reaching over 1million views weekly and bringing consistent sales into our business, with our normal phone/online sales increasing exponentially and generated over €1.5M in revenue over just 6 months since the lockdown in March 2020. We have now acquired a manufacturing factory and created our own label as our online sales and visibility transformed the whole nature of the business. “

Marian McKenna

Founder & CEO, La Creme Boutique, Ireland, Emotional Manifesting Generator 1/3

Love working with Juliette. I now have the confidence to show up and be seen as a coach without holding back. I’m getting three times the number of clients now compared to 18 months ago.

Sue Ellar

WildFit Wellness & Nutrition Coach, Emotional Manifesting Generator 1/3

“For so long I felt like a Rockstar holding myself back all the time, failing to stay on track. You showed me the way to be consistent and feel like it is natural to me. Yes, AND how to have fun with it too! “

Genevieve Pepin

Productivity Coach

A few months back I met with Juliette, my namesake, an expert in a completely different field. I was immediately intrigued by her enthusiasm and ease in which she speaks about what she is passionate about. During our session, not only did we have massive fun and created sisterhood, but the stress of “doing social media” disappeared. Juliette is devoted to teaching you a way to take the stress out of what to post and how to be visible.

Juliette Karaman-van Schaardenburg

Founder of the Embodied Leadership Academy, Sacral Manifesting Generator 6/2

Visibility is not a sprint…
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