Human Design education

Design keys Foundations

By Luciano Armani & Fabrice Boulenger

Course Review

If you are fascinated with Human Design, you may have found that learning about it can be very confusing, the language is often too philosophical and sometimes even slightly disempowering. And this is exactly why I highly recommend not to use the “official” sources but take this brilliant course that gives you all-important foundations for a deep connection to your human design and understanding that of your clients/friends/family members.

The creators of this course, Luciano Armani and Fabrice Boulenger resonated with me so deeply as I was taking this course, because they go through each aspect not just from a conceptual point of view but discussing what it means to have this or that aspect of your design in a way that empowers, not takes away our confidence (as often seen in the Human Design language and interpretations).

The course is delivered in a way that you can choose separate aspects, based on your own chart if you wish, or learn it all in a linear way for your overall Human Design education.

It covers in the most comprehensive way:

  • The 5 Human Design Types demystified and explained in a way that helps feel more aligned and empowered.
  • The 9 Centers, grouped into Energy, Direction and Awareness categories. These lessons include separate videos for defined and undefined, as well as explaining all the gates that are related to each of the centres. This was a mind-blowing experience for me.
  • 7 Decision-making Authorities. A great guide to helping you make decisions based on the wisdom of your body and not the overwhelming noise of your mind. As I watched Luciano describe his Authority (who is a Splenic Projector 1/3 – just like me), I couldn’t believe how accurately he illustrated EXACTLY what I feel in my body when things are correct or incorrect for me.
  • The 6 Lines in your profile. In this short but powerful section, Fabrice Boulenger helps acquire a deeper understanding of the lines in your Human Design profile and what each line brings in your life in areas of your Life’s Work / Marketing / Health / Relationships.

Are you excited to be able to understand Human design without overwhelm? If it is a YES, click the button below to enroll today.

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