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(This report is designed to be PRINTED, it is not intended for you to be worked with online – so you consume it correctly – by manually highlighting what stands out – so you know where to focus first.)

On this page, you can download your report, and while you are booking your session, watch the welcome video to introduce you to your report.

I recommend you book a session right away, you do not need to have the report “processed” before we speak, the session is not about the reading but actually brainstorming about your marketing direction. Please note that if you do not avail of the Zoom call within three months of receiving the report, I will consider this service delivered and you lose the call, even if you paid for it. So just book it now.

Thank you for your trust in me as a guide. I would love you to join my client’s Facebook group to stay connected.


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Marketing Blueprint By Design™ explained :

“Broadcasting Frequencies” and “Selling By Design” sections

“Setting The Stage”: Environment, Motivation, Determination Cognition.

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Feel free to check these out! Please wait till after our call before signing up so we can ensure we have a good mutual vibe, and we can discuss which of these is an aligned next step for you.

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By all means, join my Client-only Facebook group! This is not a typical group where I nurture leads. It is a place that is exclusive to my clients and students, and the only place where there are group parties for connection and your questions can be answered in the post. My goal is not to provide education about Human Design there, but address some blocks and offer hands on insights as a way to appreciate you in my world.

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If you loved our Zoom call and would like to occasionally book a one-off brainstorming session with me, this can indeed be arranged any time!

Content Booster 30-day Private Intensive

A great place to continue working on your visibility with a solid content plan aligned with your energetics and a pool of handraising prompts to make sure your perfect people stop scrolling and start paying real attention. You cannot sell what you cannot articulate - so we can focus on how you can use the knowledge of your client's problems in a way that stops the scroll when the right person comes across your posts

This is perfect if you want to focus on a specific offer and how to create content around that offer to drive your hot leads (I do not like that word, but here we are) into your DMs or funnels.

This suits someone with a clearly defined audience and existing offer.

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Visibility That Sells Accelerator

One thing is to know, and the other thing is to bring it to life! Let's implement what your discovered in your Marketing Blueprint by Design! This is a really fantastic way to get my 24+ years of marketing experience and my Human Design insights.  This is a private mentorship container - tailored just for you around building your online visibility - not learning more about Human Design. You already know all you need to take action, but without action, there will be no progress, and you can be stuck in learning forever.

We will work on your visibility, brainstorm your messaging and funnels and reconnect with your energetics by Design. You will generally have access to my guidance, literally in your pocket!

I also audit some of your written content pieces and sales pages/funnels to help you articulate yourself more clearly.

If you want to find out more, click here.

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I truly try to walk my talk and I know that this is a transformational journey that starts from within, but it re-aligns everything on the outside over time, and it is powerful!
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Visibility is not a sprint…
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