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What’s NEXT: STEP 1

For me to generate the blueprint, I need to know a couple of details to generate your chart (completely confidentially).
Please fill out the form before leaving this page. You can give me some detail about your business – so I have a general idea what you do and who it is for, but do not overthink it, the most important part is that I create a chart and start compiling the Blueprint of your energy map and the marketing advice based on its particulars:


STEP 2: Check your Inbox

Within about 20 minutes, you should receive an email confirming your order. Please check your Promotions and Spam folder.  Meanwhile, here is a little more to help you have healthy expectations about what this report will deliver.

Each document is created manually by me with an intention to recommend the most aligned with your chart strategies and give you some tips and pointers.

The report is based on your Human Design chart and not on your actual business specifics, please keep that in mind, as without looking much deeper into what you do in business, what you have done in your marketing, and your current understanding/mindset/views and expectations about what should work and how – no respectful strategist can (or should) give you any specific suggestions. There is no “magic solution” or a secret to figuring out YOUR way- this is all part of your journey of re-aligning with your true self.

However, this report will cover how to approach your future marketing strategies and tweak your current ones in a way that is aligned with your design. Sometimes it takes a little while to actually experiment with your design as most of us as so used to operating from our Non-self, and it does require a mindset lift and letting go of many limiting beliefs to allow yourself to follow your Human Design strategy and make decisions based on your Authority, the mechanics of which I will add to this report as this is what activates everything else in your chart.  The report will also explain certain angles from which you can share and create your content as they would be more aligned with your personal energetics (and, therefore, your Brand personality) and then can create more results when practiced and experimented with.

If you ordered a walk-through session on Zoom, a link to book your call will be sent to you as soon as the Blueprint is ready, and you will be able to book a call within the following 7 to 14 days.

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I am so excited to be guiding you to more aligned visibility that may require hard work (what dream doesn’t?) but feels good, creates beautiful magnetic energy for your audience, leads and clients, helps more work with your natural energy levels for efficiently, and is easily sustainable long term! Looking forward to connecting soon,

Your Visibility Guide,

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