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Are you tired of ineffective marketing strategies that don’t bring results for your coaching business?


Unlock Your Visibility Potential with Marketing Blueprint By Design

Tired of feeling lost in your marketing efforts? Marketing Blueprint By Design™ is your solution. This 45+ page personalized guide will help you align your marketing style, copywriting, messaging, and niching to your true self.

Discover how your type and profile are perceived by your audience and use that knowledge to create captivating content. Lean into your strategy and authority when making decisions on offers and content. Give yourself permission to niche or not based on your natural energy. Use your aura to determine the best marketing strategies for your business.

Understand your ideal clients, your brand personality, and your selling superpowers. With Marketing Blueprint By Design™, you’ll gain the understanding and confidence to take your marketing to the next level. Get your copy today!

My Marketing Blueprint By Design confirmed EVERYTHING about the direction I’m headed with my business. I’ve been holding myself back because I wasn’t “sure” but it’s literally written in my Human Design chart and the way Juliette explained it, made so much sense and gave me actions to start taking immediately.

I feel much more confident – I highly recommend the Zoom session with Juliette!)

Jen Vertanen

Life Design Coach, Emotional Manifesting Generator 6/2

My Blueprint completely cleared up all of the debris from taking expensive Human Design business courses that were somewhat misleading.

I had so many a-ha!s but my biggest two were that I can sell from my undefined centers which was liberating to learn and I can have a powerful personal brand with an empty G center. Mind-blowing.

Embracing my 5/1 profile ‘above all’ really helped me to stay focused on what matters as well

Maggie Hunter

Founder & Creator Unbound Collective, Emotional Projector 5/1

Your Personal
Marketing Blueprint
By Design!

Marketing Blueprint By Design™ is your go-to compass for re-aligning your marketing style, copywriting, messaging, niching up or down, the style of your showing up to who YOU essentially are.

Underneath all the noise you may have consumed and failed attempts at implementing the advice that you got, there is THE TRUTH. The strategies which may have worked perfectly for your coach, left you feeling depleted, unsure, and without results, because they were not aligned with YOUR DESIGN: the most natural way for you to show up, the way to share your gifts and effortlessly attract the correct people to you! 

No more doubting yourself, overthinking, or resisting because what you think you “should” be doing feels off.  With this report and our Zoom conversation, you can set your future visibility on the journey of embracing and leaning into your design in a way that is magnetic to others and perfectly natural and empowering for you!

Juliette has provided me with clarity and confidence in following the inner direction I feel toward marketing my services. With so little expertise of my own, I’ve tried to follow what seems like various best practices but have yet to find my groove in that. I feel I now have sound advice, a few key pointers to follow, and a direction for my natural expression.

Sandra Lyne

Executive Leadership Coach, Self-Projected Projector 5/1

This Blueprint validated my recently found inner truth, and Juliette’s personality loaded it with kinetic energy. Grateful for the push! And the overall opportunity to experience marketing with integrity.

Tiina Nuum

Content Writer & Strategist, Manifesting Generator 1/3

Juliette is a magician. She helped me understand my profile in ways no one had been able to in the last four years I’ve been researching. I printed off her report and read it regularly. Her video walkthrough is so incredibly spot-on, it’s unreal! I also referred my clients to her. I can’t imagine being in life and business without a clear understanding of who we are, how others relate to us, and how we thrive. I can’t recommend her enough!

Adriana Monique Alvarez

USA Today Bestselling Author & Founder of AMA Publishing, Emotional Manifesting Generator 5/1

In this report, you will get personalised recommendations on how you can:

– decide on a comfortable for you marketing style (consistency, strategy), so you can honor your energy levels and don’t feel overwhelmed and experience massive burnout as you lean more and more in the rhythms of your personal pace.

– what tone and angle can make your content (social media posts, blog articles, podcast episodes, and video appearances) MAGNETIC to your audience without you trying to be something you are not

should you host a Facebook group (or other community) or not

-how to set your stage to create a balanced environment for working and learning – internally and externally

what clients feel when they work with you (based on your Human Design), what is your Life’s work and strengths by design, and how you can weave this into your messaging

– your unique magnetic selling points

and so much more. These are just to give you freedom from confusion and the “shoulds” that hold so many of us back and that your Marketing Blueprint By Design can solve for you.

This report is a combination of highly curated extracts from trusted and reputable Human Design sources and Juliette’s interpretation of how this could be applied in your marketing, content, niching, working environment, and networking. 

What a profoundly supportive experience it was to read through my Marketing Blueprint By Design report. I will be referring back to it often as I course correct and lean into the way that feels most aligned energetically for me in marketing and engaging with those I am here to serve. For much too long, I have followed the guidance and mentoring from professionals who were of a different mindset than what I am wired with – this feels like permission and freedom to be me!

P.S.: I appreciate how kind, supportive and wise you are in an area which has felt so mysterious and overwhelming for much too long in my business, thank you!!!

Moira Hutchison

Intuitive Coach, Meditation Teacher & Tarot Card Reader, Splenic Projector 5/1

“Juliette is a treasure trove of knowledge and I could tell she is so connected when she is channeling exactly what I needed to hear to get inspired in my marketing.

Jenn Morse

Holistic Business Coach + 3rd Generation Healer, Emotional Manifesting Generator 5/1

Juliette’s Marketing Blueprint presents key human design details in such a powerful and cohesive way that I now have a much more solid understanding of my design and how to leverage it effectively.  Juliette herself is a warm and knowledgeable guide; talking through the details with her provided some additional a-ha moments beyond the written report.

Maki Mussavi

Transformational Coach | Speaker | Writer, Pure Generator 1/3

Juliette was thorough, so knowledgeable, and encouraging. She gave me a lot of clarity and marketing strategies I can try out that are aligned with my Human Design, and feel more “me”.

Emily de Armas

Copywriting Mentor, Sacral Manifesting Generator 4/6

Get ready to transform the way you market your business! Marketing Blueprint By Design™ is the ultimate compass for discovering and showcasing the real YOU in your marketing.

Say goodbye to generic, cookie-cutter approaches and hello to a personalized strategy that aligns with your unique style, messaging, copywriting, and niching. Get ready to step up, stand out, and attract your ideal clients like never before!

A personalised guide to help you

  • Discover how your type and profile are perceived by your audience and how you can use this awareness to create magnetic content in your marketing
  • Embrace your expertise and take control of your offerings! With Marketing Blueprint By Design™, you’ll learn how to confidently lean into your strategy and authority, making informed decisions on creating impactful offers and content that showcase your strengths. 
  • Give yourself full permission to niche (or not) based on your natural energy
  • Maximize your productivity and unleash your creativity with ease! Marketing Blueprint By Design™ provides the guidance you need to set up your work environment for optimal flow and maximum results.
  • Maximize the impact of your distinct Brand Personality! Marketing Blueprint By Design™ teaches you how to harness your brand voice and use it to attract your ideal clients like a magnet. Get ready to stand out, make an impact, and build a brand that truly represents who you are and what you have to offer!
  • Unlock the key to consistent success with Marketing Blueprint By Design™ and learn to master your unique consistency patterns.
  • Unleash Your Selling Superpowers and unlock secret insights into your magnetic messaging keys with Marketing Blueprint By Design™! Discover your unique strengths, attract your ideal clients, and close more sales effortlessly.
  • And more… the reports vary from 30 to 50 pages of dense text, depending on the amount of channels and gates we need to cover, based on your chart specifics.
  • Get ready to take your marketing game to the next level!
Who is this for?

This is for experts and coaches or pretty much any business owner who is the face of their business. If you want to have a clear path for showing up to attract clients by dialling the natural magnetism in you marketing activities and content, this report is perfect for you!

Do I need to know much about Human Design?

No, all you need to be is open-minded to see the other perspective to what all traditional marketing experts are saying. If their strategies worked for you, perhaps you would not be reading this, right?

We are NOT going too deep into Human Design, which has no” shallow end” and can be very overwhelming at the start. This is where I come in. So this report is not a Human Design Reading – it is a Blueprint to suggest some marketing and content strategies that may feel more aligned and natural as they are determined by your Design.

My mission is to introduce you only to what you need to know and implement in your life and business in order to start realigning everything you have learned and discovered to date with who you really are and letting go of the rest, knowing it is simply NOT for you.

How liberating?

And here is what the creator of Human Design said himself about how deep we should be going right away…

“And you see, in the beginning when people come to Design, they think they have to teach the other person Design. Now obviously there is truth in that in a way. But you see the greatest teacher is your aura. It’s the greatest teacher. It’s the greatest teacher. 

Let your aura speak for you and then you get to see that the experiment works. It really works. And of course, that’s the moment that you have them on your terms. See, everybody goes around and moans about the compromises and the terms that they get in this life. Now, you only get to set your terms when you live out your Type. 

There is no other way. If you’re a Generator and somebody comes to you, you can set the terms. If you’re a Projector and somebody invites you, you can set the terms. If you’re a Manifestor, you can remove the resistance. It’s your way of setting the terms. You can eliminate those things and you get what is right for you and you don’t have to demand it. You have to live it. It’s the only way. 

Day-by-day each new experience, enter into it according to your Type so that you get to see what the reward is for that. And then you get to realize you’ve got a great driver, beautiful car, and then you can have a hell of a ride.”

~ Ra Uru Hu

How biG is the Marketing Blueprint By Design™ PDF?

The report varies from 25 to 35 pages, depending on your chart specifics. It is mostly text, not many pictures, except for your chart (unlike other so-called reports that give you unnecessary illustrations and only top-level info, without tactical suggestions.) The writing is quite dense.

It is NOT a Human Design Business Reading, so it will not go into the energy of each gate and other more minor nuances. I will include an introduction to any areas that affect our marketing choices assuming you do not know much about Human Design, and then dive into marketing recommendations.

My goal with this report is to talk about marketing and content. These are pretty broad areas (because the suggestions are based on your energetics reflected on the chart, and we are not analyzing specifics of your current or dream business in the scope of this report). 

Yet these suggestions can liberate you from a lot of overthinking and “marketing paralysis” and point you towards embracing YOUR unique way to become successful. I want you to align with finding clarity – one step at a time.

Marketing Blueprint By Design™ focuses on what is relevant to your business, marketing, content, working relationships, and environment. It is up to you to dive into other aspects of your design in your own time and other sources, if you wish, but this report may be absolutely ENOUGH to transform your business and, in fact, your life. The magic is always in nailing the basics.

The PDF should be printed out and can be slowly digested and revisited over time. There is no firehose of information. Some things may be repeated in different words, as in our design, the themes seem to penetrate throughout, but that is good because, as humans by nature, we are learning and mastering new things the best through repetition.

Is This Report Like A Human design Reading?

This report is not a Human Design reading.

It will not be connecting the dots between individualized design specifics. You will need a professional reading from a certified Human Design analyst to get that level of detail.

In this report, I pick only the areas that may matter for your marketing and that you can start practicing immediately in your business (and in your life too).

This report contains highly curated extracts from multiple sources – including the original creator and some highly respected Human Design experts. And I am adding my own recommendations from my experience as a marketing specialist to the expert advice of HD professionals.

How to work with Marketing Blueprint By Design™ PDF?

PRINT IT! It is designed to offer a tactile and grounding experience. You can highlight what stands out and only work on those things – this is how your soul speaks to you, so you can trust it. When comfortable with these, you can come back and reread the report -highlighting what stands out then – and that is how you can work on it. 

After you go over the report for the first time, make a list of any questions that arise while you are reading. Then send me the questions so I can record a video walkthrough for you, or discuss on your Zoom call with me (depending on the option you choose while ordering).

Keep in mind, we are talking about your energetics and how they can affect or boost the way you show up in your marketing and run your business… but it is not specifically telling you what to do in your business, you need to work with a marketing expert much more closely in order to specifically advise you based on the intimate details of your business, there is no way anyone can OR SHOULD consult you without knowing all the details about it. 

Is there a deadline for my Zoom call or email questions?

YES! You have three months from the date the PDF report is delivered to get on your Zoom call with me (if that is the option you go for) or to send me your follow-up questions by email.

After the 3 months, I consider this service delivered, and if you did not book your call or send me questions, you are waiving the right for it, even if you paid for it. No refunds will be issued, as I think it is a reasonable time to wrap up this one-off service. 

You do not have to fully understand the report or process it to get the “full value” from the call. In fact, the call is not a reading, and we will be brainstorming more practical marketing ideas based on your design, so anything you do not understand will probably be cleared, or we will establish what you need to focus on in your Human Design experiment on more than trying to consume the knowledge available. Things are much simpler than our Mind always suggests! 

What if I do not know my exact time of birth?

The exact time of birth is when you were “imprinted” with cosmic particles and this becomes your personalized design. So it is very important. However, for visibility/marketing purposes, you need to know your Type, Authority, Profile and it can change some days drastically depending on the time of birth.

Here is a link to a service to rectify your time of birth with a specialized astrologer

You can also click here to generate a free chart, intuitively focusing with your soul and inputting the time that may come up to you. Save the picture. Then edit the chart by changing the time every 2 hours on that date. Save all images and see what changes. Google the Type/Authority and Profile idf they are very different and see what resonates more.

I find this less effective, though, because we tend to self-identify with what we “want to hear” and sometimes it is completely not what we really are, we are just conditioned to believe these things about ourselves. 

I go deep into the design in the section on Selling – for that purpose the exact time of birth is really important.

What if I do not resonate with suggestions for my design?

Your Human Design is a map of how the energy flows in your body. But it is not something we are brought up being aware of, so we tend to be very conditioned by our family, society, occupation, and whatnot by the time we reach our adulthood. Often people even abandon their Human Design exploration due to overwhelm. Still, more than often enough, at some later point, they come back with a new understanding, and then, as one of my Blueprint clients put it – “there is suddenly a door where all I saw was a wall, even when they told me the door is there.”

If you do not know anything at all about Human Design and are not sure if the area of energetics and spirituality is your “jam,” do not order this Blueprint. But if you are open to exploring, then you are so absolutely welcome. 
If you read your report when it is ready, and something feels off – just email me back and ask – often, we get confused and overwhelmed, and it triggers resistance and even anger… but a chat with me can definitely clarify most if not all your doubts. This is why a Zoom session option is so much more valuable. 

Another question is about your understanding of the nuances of marketing. Sometimes the resistance is caused by a specific suggestion that you may simply misunderstand due to not being savvy enough with various marketing terminology, and also the strategy to implement the advice can be tailored to you in a very specific way, but this report is only based on your energetics, so any suggestions should be discussed further in the light of your specific business needs, and in no way I will claim this is what the Blueprint does – this would be out of integrity. (Please run fast from anyone who tries to advise you without knowing  A LOT about you and your business about what you “should” be doing”). 

So at the end of the day, I do not bite, and we can discuss and come up with ways that most of the advice in the report will feel lighter and more exciting, and even empowering – and this is what my mission is all about- bringing more empowerment and harmony into how you see your marketing and visibility and how you shine your light in this world!

“My experience with Juliette was powerful! I ordered a version with zoom call, and I came out of it energized and empowered!

The Blueprint is super-thorough, and Juliette’s energy is contagious! What I love the most is Juliette’s honest & no-B.S. approach combined with her undoubted expertise!

I honestly got more from one session with her than from months with other coaches. Looking forward to working again with her!”
Giulia Porro

Business & Life Coach For Professional Women, Emotional Manifesting Generator 2/5

I was so drained & exhausted running my business as a completely different energy type. Marketing Blueprint By Design validated that I need to shift my client attraction strategy immediately and do more of what I already absolutely love to turn on that magnetism!

Jocelyn Chong

Business Consultant, Splenic Projector 3/5

“My Marketing Blueprint By Design™ helped shift a few important beliefs around my visibility and I got especially inspired after our session on Zoom, with so much clarity and direction for the next steps forward.

Marina Kronkvist

Intimacy Guide & Founder at, Pure Generator 3/5

This marketing blueprint has literally blown my mind and helped me make many much-needed, positive changes in areas that hadn’t even occurred to me. My work environment, my messaging, and how to show up as the value, rather than work hard to deliver the value. Juliette has a unique skill of translating human design into no-nonsense, practical, and powerful step-by-step guidance. I’m looking forward to deepening into working with her

Desiree Marie Leedo

Holistic Heartbreak Recovery & Lifestyle Design Coach, Splenic Projector 2/5

“After getting familiar with my Marketing Blueprint By Design™  report, I did a launch, and it was a game-changer! The Blueprint was my guide, and it was by far the most successful launch to that date. All-in-all, though that one-month launch, I collapsed my usual yearly income into six months; how about that? The Blueprint Immersion was vital to my subtle mental and energy support during the process.”


Therapist, Pure Generator 3/5

Ready to order your Marketing By Design Blueprint™ ?

The report will take up to 14 days to develop and deliver. You will have access to your personal password-protected page on this website, where you can download your report in a PDF format to print, all recommended links and a link to book a call if you opt for a private call option.
This product is non-refundable.

This Blueprint has been so helpful to start my journey to get to know myself better and begin to trust my abilities and intuition when creating content and becoming more visible. I decided to work with Juliette as my visibility mentor immediately.”

Christine Szinner

Certified WildFit Coach, Splenic Manifestor 6/2

After reading my report and talking with Juliette, I feel so relieved to know that I can market in a way that I’m excited about. Gone are the headaches from thinking I need to be posting consistently on social media. Self-expression is my key. Thanks, Juliette!

Becca Haydon

Health & Wellness Coach, Emotional Generator 5/1

I am so happy I stumbled upon an article of Juliette’s – it was in a major publication, and that I ordered this report immediately!

Learning about the aspects of my Design nailed one big realization: all the things I’ve done that match my Design, how well they worked for me, and how all of the things that have backfired were nowhere in my Design (unaligned).

Juliette’s authenticity reverberates throughout the report and her personal walkthrough! I highly recommend this Blueprint as a roadmap for finding alignment in your visibility.

Mariya Graestone

Love & Relationship Coach, Emotional Generator 2/4

“The information inside the Blueprint is so accurate it’s creepy!

So good to know and be aware of not just how I am “built”, but also how others perceive me. This makes me feel like it’s totally OK to be me.

And Juliette translates this into very practical advice for my marketing and visibility. Loved the Zoom meeting as well, so worth it – talking about this, sharing examples really helps to let it all sink in.”

Maartje de Boer

Mosaic Artist, Educator, Blogger, Emotional Manifesting Generator 2/4

I get why people rave about the report. It provides so many ideas and food for thought. Like at a buffet, you can pick the ones that “click” (known as producing a “Yes” in your belly) and leave the rest.

Although Juliette doesn’t have a 6th line in her profile, she is a role model for focusing and being consequent in her messaging.

AND – perhaps even more important – to be honest not to be a Human Design analyst and work with this tool like an art anyway.


Life Navigation Coach, Pure Manifesting Generator 4/6

My Marketing Blueprint By Design and especially time with Juliette was pure magic! I reached out to better understand my profile (lines 5/2) but got a whole lot more than I ever bargained for how best to market and to sell, how to align my approach with my design; why things I’ve tried that others recommended didn’t work for me – and why that’s not only ok but actually good.

I highly recommend that any small business owner not only get the Blueprint but also the Zoom call option to deepen their learning. I know this session is about to pay back big dividends! (Oh, and Juliette is just a pleasure to connect with, too).

LeeAnn Malorie

Women's Embodied Leadership Coach, Emotional Generator 5/2

Reading my report and talking it through with Juliette has been like a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.  I now understand why some things I’ve been trying to do have felt so ‘clunky’ and haven’t moved me forward, combine that with Juliette’s energy and enthusiasm for the topic and I’m feeling way more optimistic than I have in a very long time. Thank you, Juliette, I am looking forward to working together.

Rachel Franke

WildFit Coach, Emotional Generator 2/4

I was very impressed by the depth of wisdom uncovered in my Blueprint. It helped me to really embrace my authenticity 100%. I’m so appreciative of the content ideas that were sparked throughout the report.  There were so many insights into how I operate that made so much sense to me. I was particularly surprised by my motivation strategy and I resonated so much with how this has shaped my life already. Now I can actually embrace it and not look at it as a bad thing.

When I met Juliette on the Zoom call, she was so helpful.  She answered all of my questions and helped me to understand myself and how I can market my skills by understanding my blueprint. Juliette is so professional and easy to talk with. She has so much wisdom to share with respect to Human Design and Marketing strategies. I’m so glad I had this call. I’d highly recommend it to others.

Nancy Rose

Ultimate U Mindset Solutions, Emotional Manifesting Generator 5/1

I was introduced to Juliette through my coach. I quickly went to her site and ordered the Blueprint. When I received it I was pleasantly surprised at the depth she goes into on each area. And then I had a phone call with her… cherry on the top! 

All this to say, I have been struggling with all things marketing and even in my niche in my fledgling business. When I read the report, I could see myself and how I operated in my previous sucessful career, and how I’ve found myself “misaligned” in this new business adventure. She was able to help me understand what makes me tick and how to use this in my business, ideas on the direction to go that feels more natural and in line with who I am.

Thank you Juliette for your important work in this world. When we are all in alignment with who we truly are, then life flows and the stressors become a little bit less bothersome. I am looking forward to the results of our incredible call and insights into what makes my world tick!

Laura Price

Mindset & Transformation Coach, Emotional Generator 4/6

I am so energized (and relieved!) by what Juliette’s unique report and discussion enabled me to both discover and do – not only did her fresh perspective validate information about myself and what I’m destined to create, it got me over the major mental blocks I’ve been experiencing forever in launching my business, and I just confidently took a significant step!

She helped me understand how to better align to my purpose and style in the practical and meaningful way that I’ve been yearning for; it made so much sense and feels incredible. Given authenticity is part of my personal brand, this was absolutely perfect.

Juliette is so authentically fun and inspiring to work with!

Amy Hooper Hanna

CEO, AhHA! Enlightening Communications & Coaching, Emotional Manifesting Generator 1/3

This report has been incredibly helpful to distinguish what is in my nature (things that are natural to me, things I can lean into) and what I can “fix” because they come from my nurturing and are not always aligned with who I am, so I can simply let go of them.

Christina Styers

Goal Success and Professional Life Coach, Splenic Projector 1/3

It’s amazing how much I can see that I have been in alignment. Loving that it shares the best marketing tools for me.

Liz M Raymond

Professional Business Organizer, Emotional Generator 5/1

“I am loving the report, Juliette! I already had two readings about my design done, and in this report, I am still learning new stuff!

Marleen Bontekoe

Breathing & Yoga Coach, Splenic Projector 1/3

Juliette’s amazing energy and clarity helped me in many ways to decide which marketing strategy is for ME. Thank you so much.

Esther Ebner

Female Potential Coach & Yoga Teacher, Emotional Generator 5/1

“Juliette is the perfect projector guide for my generator sacral energy.  

Before speaking with Juliette, I felt very scattered, thinking about things that were unimportant and going round and round in circles in my mind. 

Juliette uses her experience to gently guide, without telling, and I now have a sense of clarity and direction about how best I can take my business forward.  Her insight and experience are invaluable and I will definitely continue working with Juliette in the future.

Sarah Hennigan

Financial Planning Advisor, Emotional Generator 4/6

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate