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Are you tired of constant guesswork when it comes to marketing your coaching business online?

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Marketing Blueprint By Design™ is your go-to compass for re-aligning your marketing style, copywriting, messaging, niching up or down, the style of your showing up to who YOU essentially are.

Underneath all the noise you may have consumed and failed attempts at implementing the advice that you got, there is THE TRUTH. The strategies which may have worked perfectly for your coach, left you feeling depleted, unsure, and without results, because they were not aligned with YOUR DESIGN: the most natural way for you t show up, the way to share your gifts and effortlessly attract the correct people to you! 

No more doubting yourself, overthinking, or resisting because what you think you “should” be doing feels off.  With this report and our Zoom conversation, you can set your future visibility on the journey of embracing and leaning into your design in a way that is magnetic to others and perfectly natural and empowering for you!

“Juliette is the perfect projector guide for my generator sacral energy.  

Before speaking with Juliette, I felt very scattered, thinking about things that were unimportant and going round and round in circles in my mind. 

Juliette uses her experience to gently guide, without telling, and I now have a sense of clarity and direction about how best I can take my business forward.  Her insight and experience are invaluable and I will definitely continue working with Juliette in the future.

Sarah Hennigan

Financial Planning Advisor

In this report, you will get personalised recommendations on how you can:

– decide on a comfortable for you marketing style (consistency, strategy) so you can honour your energy levels and don’t feel overwhelm and experience massive burnout as you lean more and more in the rhythms of your personal pace.

– what tone and angle can make your content (social media posts, blog articles, podcast episodes and video appearances) MAGNETIC to your audience without you trying to be something you are not.

should you host a Facebook group (or other community) or not

– should your title and tagline be specific or not (niching)

what clients feel when they work with you (based on your Human Design), what is your Life’s work and strengths by design and how you can weave this into your messaging

and so much more, these are just to give you freedom from confusion and the “shoulds” what hold so many of us back, and that your Marketing Blueprint By Design can solve for you.

This report is a combination of highly curated extracts from trusted and reputable Human Design sourced and Juliette’s interpretation how this could be applied in your marketing, content, niching, working environment and networking. 


Who is this for?

This is for experts and coaches or pretty much any business owner who is the face of their business. If you want to have a clear path for showing up to attract clients by dialling the natural magnetism in you marketing activities and content, this report is perfect for you!

Do I need to know much about Human Design?

No, all you need to be is open-minded to see the other perspective to what all traditional marketing experts are saying. If their strategies worked for you, perhaps you would not be reading this, right?

We are NOT going too deep into Human Design, which has no” shallow end” and can be very overwhelming at the start. This is where I come in.

My mission is to introduce you only to what you need to know and implement in your life and business in order to start realigning everything you have learned and discovered to date with who you really are and letting go of the rest, knowing it is simply NOT for you.

How liberating?

How bid is the Marketing Blueprint By Design™ PDF?

The report varies form 20 to 25 pages, depending on your chart specifics. The writing is quite dense, it is mostly text, not many pictures, except for your chart (unlike some other so-called reports that give you unnecessary illustrations and only top-level info, without tactical suggestions.)

It is NOT a Human Design reading, so it will not go into the energy of each gate and other smaller nuisances. That is where the overwhelm comes in and I want you to align with finding clarity – one step at a time.

It is focusing only on what is relevant to your business, marketing, content, working relationships, and environment. Some things may be repeated in different words as in our design the themes seem to penetrate throughout but that is good because through repetition we are actually learning and mastering new things the best. The PDF can be printed out and can be slowly digested. There is no firehose of information.

How to work with Marketing Blueprint By Design™ PDF?

You can highlight what stands out and only work on those things – this is how your soul speaks to you, so you can trust it. When comfortable with these, you can come back and reread the report -highlighting what stands out then – and that is how you can work on it. 

After you go over the report for the first time, try making a list of any questions that arise while you are reading. Then book your call with me (or watch the Walkthrough).

If you order a Zoom Session option, we will go over these questions on our call. Keep in mind, we will talk about marketing, not so much Human Design as I will repeat, this is not a human design reading as such… but it is so much better for your business – and your future!

I am so happy I stumbled upon an article of Juliette’s – it was in a major publication, and that I ordered this report immediately!

Learning about the aspects of my Design nailed one big realization: all the things I’ve done that match my Design, how well they worked for me, and how all of the things that have backfired were nowhere in my Design (unaligned).

Juliette’s authenticity reverberates throughout the report and her personal walkthrough! I highly recommend this Blueprint as a roadmap for finding alignment in your visibility.

Mariya Graestone

Love & Relationship Coach

This report has been incredibly helpful to distinguish what is in my nature (things that are natural to me, things I can lean into) and what I can “fix” because they come from my nurturing and are not always aligned with who I am, so I can simply let go of them.

Christina Styers

Goal Success and Professional Life Coach, Coach Candid

Ready to order your Marketing By Design Blueprint™ ?

The report will take up to 14 days to develop and deliver, it will require at least 4-5 hours to compile the final pdf, and if you opt for a Zoom session for an in-person walkthrough I will send you a link to book the call when the report is ready. 

Please note, I am based in Estonia (GMT+3), so if you are in a location with a massive time difference (10 hours or more),  Zoom session may be only available late at night, or very early in the morning your time. (For example, the latest time for a Zoom session available in PST is 8am). If that is not suitable, I suggest opting for a prerecorded video option.

“The information inside the Blueprint is so accurate it’s creepy!

So good to know and be aware of not just how I am “built”, but also how others perceive me. This makes me feel like it’s totally OK to be me.

And Juliette translates this into very practical advice for my marketing and visibility. Loved the Zoom meeting as well, so worth it – talking about this, sharing examples really helps to let it all sink in.”

Maartje de Boer

Mosaic Artist, Educator, Blogger

I am so energized (and relieved!) by what Juliette’s unique report and discussion enabled me to both discover and do – not only did her fresh perspective validate information about myself and what I’m destined to create, it got me over the major mental blocks I’ve been experiencing forever in launching my business, and I just confidently took a significant step!

She helped me understand how to better align to my purpose and style in the practical and meaningful way that I’ve been yearning for; it made so much sense and feels incredible. Given authenticity is part of my personal brand, this was absolutely perfect.

Juliette is so authentically fun and inspiring to work with!

Amy Hooper Hanna

CEO, AhHA! Enlightening Communications & Coaching

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