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A purchase receipt as well as my Welcome email is on it’s way to your inbox. Please check promotions/updates/spam folders if you don’t see it and then drag it into your primary folder so you don’t miss the challenge emails. It is your responsibility to keep an eye for the emails to stay on track.

I expect that for the duration of the challenge you commit to taking action daily – no excuses. It only requires about 20 minutes in total, including watching my instructional video and to go live, and your responsibility is to make time for the challenge every day! No one else cannot do that for you.

Starting the date of the round you just enrolled, you will be receiving a daily email with a link to the short video, where I will give you a topic to talk about on your live video and some extra guidance to help you build confidence or inspire you with ideas.

Days 1-5 of the challenge:  you will go live inside our private Challenge group. Followed by a break on the weekend where you have an optional topic to go live with in the group OR publically on your own platform (profile or page) – this is for those who feel on the ball and do not want a break.

Days 6-7 of the challenge: You will go live on your personal profile or a business page and later share it into the group for feedback.

BONUS DAY: You get access & A Hot Seat to One Of my live Zoom Coaching & Q&A CallS. The exact details will be announced during the challenge

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STEP 1: Fill the form

STEP 2: Ask to join the group

For Best Results Invite A Friend To Join This Challenge And Be Your Accountability Buddy!

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