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gain confidence on camera and start attracting more clients to your coaching business

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Right now you may be:

  • Shy or introverted
  • Never share any personal stuff online
  • Not sure how to use Facebook to promote your coaching business
  • Maybe even (but not necessarily) doubting if anyone will even listen to YOU…

But what you would REALLY LOVE is this:

  • Showing up online consistently with ease
  • Sharing strategic stories to connect with your audience and attract more clients(while completely guarding your own privacy)
  • be at ease speaking on your livestreams without EVER worrying if you will forget something or have any unplanned hiccups
  • come across magnetically confident and inspire people

Is that you?

If YES, Great News –
This program is THE PERFECT place to start showing up powerfully and creating visibility that sells

(so you don’t have to)

Real Success stories:

Who is this Program for:

Established coaches and consultants, who want to leverage the power of Facebook Live, but have been shying away from doing more video in their marketing or are used to relying on referrals and want to increase their reach, connect more with their audience and attract clients who are a pleasure to work with. 

Results and benefits:

Immediate results during the challenge:

  • Increased confidence and competence 
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Overcoming the fear of being seen (and possible caring a little less abut being judged)
  • Creating consistency with Livestreaming

Long Term Benefits:

  • Better connection to your audience – more people to “get you”
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased lead generating results
  • Better quality clients and many more of them
  • More sales opportunities with one-to-many livestreaming events

What is included in the Program:

(Please note this is an individual challenge and you will begin from the following Monday from your registration.)

Day 1 to 5: You will be given daily topics and you will go live inside our safe Facebook group to gain confidence with going live and talking on camera.

Days 6 & 7: We will be stepping out of your comfort zone and going live outside the private group (I recommend your personal profile for best reach and engagement).

BONUS DAY: You get access & a Hot Seat opportunity on one of my bi-weekly live Zoom Coaching & Q&A Calls!

Daily videos with challenge topics

Every day I’ll pop up in your Messenger to give you a link to the video with a topic and a Juliette’s gentle nudge to take the next step towards livestreaming without fear. You will also receive a topic to copy and paste as a description for your video!

(optional) confident livestream 101 training

Sometimes it is not just fear of being on camera, but not knowing what to say and how! Grab the special one-time offer of over 30 video trainings and scripts to help you move forward for just €39 (and save a massive €158!!!)

Guidance & Support in a private group

The support between members in every one of these challenges is extraordinary, creating an amazing energy to create more videos fearlessly! You will be empowered to start doing the challenge videos on your own profile or a page, before we even finish!

Real Success stories:

“Having met Juliette has been a true Blessing in my life. Before I met her I did not know how to expose myself as my own Brand. Once I joined the FB Live Video Challenge I have become aware of how extremely important it is to be Visible especially in my line of work! If I’m out of sight I’m out of mind! I can’t thank Juliette enough for giving us this amazing opportunity to experience becoming more visible and outgoing. I used to be very camera shy and now I have a sense of Confidence that is priceless. The group ambience she creates is also Amazing! We all felt in a secure place like a family helping each other and encouraging each other. The experience of having Juliette’s guidance and expertise does not compare to any other. She is the Best!“

Maggie Nieves

Realtor, Orlando, Florida, USA

Meet Miha Matlievski, an amazing sales coach, he is particularly gifted in helping business owners see past their mistakes and failures – these days he is known as the Fail Coach.

In 2017 Miha had about 160 friends on Facebook, he was keeping a very low profile, relying only on people he knew in real life to become his clients. In November 2017, Miha took part in my live video challenge and it opened the world of new opportunities for him, he was able to grow his online presence massively, started livestreaming from his business page regularly, in fact he is one of the very first people in the world who got access to LinkedIn Live!!!
Below is a screenshot from a chat we had a week before 2020, as we reconnected and he revealed how massively transformational this live video challenge has been for him and his, now 7+ figure business!

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Specially designed for action-driven coaches & experts

Rock Your Facebook Lives

With this essential live video checklist:

  • How to make sure your viewers know who you are and what you are about
  • How to 10x comments on your videos
  • How to start, deliver the goods and end your videos
  • Helpful tips about your equipment

Visibility is not a sprint…
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