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by | Aug 29, 2022

Often people with line 5 as their personality line (first line in their profile, 5/1, 5/2 ) struggle to articulate what they do clearly. This is partially because the 5th and the 6th lines are sitting above the rest and have access to an “overview” of the rest of us below. Line 5 is focused on seeing the “mess,” lack of order. It clearly sees what can be fixed, and its talent is – the talent of the Mind- coming up with great solutions, rather practical, often quick fixes. (Line 6th is much more about the bigger vision looking into the future.) But they find themselves too “deep” in this knowledge, fully engrossed in it, and it makes explaining clearly what they offer clients slightly (or massively) complicated

In the words of one of my 5/1 human design profile clients, “I am in XYZ, but my audience is still in ABC,” and this is truly the key to approaching your messaging. Focusing on the ABCs. Yes, you see the solutions, but you have to be aware that this is indeed your gift to see deeper into the problems. So step back and look at the cause of this problem, the ABCs, and what people are dealing with RIGHT NOW (before they get to a solution you have).

Because if one has not yet experienced the solution, they are UNFAMILIAR with it. If one has not experienced the methods, they may have little faith and trust in them. The audience cannot relate when you go deeper into the details and mindset shifts that come with exploring this solution.

But they WILL resonate if you are focusing on the symptoms they experience day to day that, ultimately, your solution will help relieve.

Line 5 – Journal your “fixes”

Before you write your content, take some time to journal and identify WHAT you fix for people (and also HOW you do it, your methods, and your modalities). This will give you clarity on where to look for the individual stories/scenarios around the symptoms your potential clients are experiencing – this can become the collection of your content hooks/prompts.

I highly recommend you write your thoughts down. In fact, get yourself an “ideas dumping journal” because when you put things on paper, you also engage the visual stimulation, and things can become much clearer for you than trying to figure it all out in your mind.

Yes, your talent is indeed the talent of the MIND: ideas, solutions, knowing how you can lead others to a better order, better way of being. But it is also an extremely loud, noisy, busy space, and when you need clarity, journalling can become your best tool to get things out of that noise and onto paper.

And outlining HOW you get them there, what are your tools, your methods, what are the modalities you tap into will help remove the fear of the unknown, reduce wrong assumptions (this is the curse of line 5 who live all their lives in the Projection Field), and make it very comfortable to raise hands, enroll with you or buy your products and your potential clients know what to expect, now they just want access to you so you can lead them through this process.

If you need more help figuring it out (after you worked with journalling, of course, as nobody can “read your mind”,) take a look at my Content-To -Leads intensive here.

Your Positioning

When you have your collection of prompts to create content around, you can really focus on explaining the connection between the symptoms they experience and the cause of their struggles – educating them and moving your audience from ABCs that they experience NOW to LMNs where they feel there is hope, a solution and they get clarity on what you can assist with and particularly with what methods. Then they feel more confident to consider working with you as you are removing the “sale barriers” and any type of “guessing” what is going to happen when they invest with you. You are also putting really healthy boundaries in place, which are so crucial for line 5. If you engage with people who have incorrect expectations and you fail to deliver on those expectations – your reputation can be damaged. 

Remember that of all lines, it is line 5 that gets the disappointment of others actively and loudly projected at it if they fail to deliver on their natural “savior” energy. 

As a marketing specialist, I think it would benefit anyone with line 5 to create some content around the “responsibility for the results’ topic addressing the projections that someone will come and “fix” the issues, assertively positioning yourself as a GUIDE rather than a “fixer.” 

Removing the pressure to IMPRESS

What I love about consistently creating content is that not every piece needs to be transformational. People almost never buy a course or invest in a product the moment they find it. Those who do are less than 1% of the audience, and they have already been actively seeking this solution.

But the rest of your audience needs time, and it is such an important mindset to assume. With our content, we move people from awareness to wanting our help all the time, and since most of our followers need more than one piece of content to even start considering investing in our products and programs, there are two huge advantages. 

One is that the pressure for each post, each article, each video, or a podcast appearance to convert strangers into buyers is instantly lifted. You know they need more than one piece. In fact, in advertising, some sources state that we need to see/encounter an ad 27 times in order to even consider purchasing. Apparently, when seeing the same ad three times, our brain only registers it once. So to start paying attention, a person needs to register the ad in their Mind on average nine times. This is 27 ad impressions before ANY INTEREST IS EVOKED. 

Of course, these stats are generic, and they only talk about average generic ads, like McDonald’s ads on bus stops. However, in my experience with social media, and I have been specializing in organic Facebook marketing since 2009, a similar thing happens. And it is because we see all content in the newsfeed, which essentially is an endless scroll of content. There is only as much as our brain can take at one time, so it tends to go into what I call “a zombie mode” or a state of digital distraction.

This means that no matter how brilliant my post, maybe if you are scrolling in that zombie mode, EVEN if I have the most emotionally triggering hook, chances are you might scroll past it just because your brain is distracted. And hopefully, next time you open the app, my post shows up again (depending on the engagement), and then maybe it will be the time that you will actually stop to read the opening of my post, which will determine if you read it further. (The same applies to the title and the opening line in the description of your video if it is a video post.) 

While I wrote this, I took a break and recorded a video for my mentoring program, Visibility That Sells Accelerator, explaining this in more detail. After you are done reading this article, have a look at it at the bottom of this post – I feel like giving you a sneaky peek at what we do there.

Overcoming Objections

We established that every single post could not be approached as ground-breaking in our content marketing strategy. The second benefit is that we can also use this long journey from reader to buyer to add education and mindset shifting about topics that often come up as blocks in our sales conversations.

This could be content around literally every comment or question that people you wanted to enrol had and that stopped them from enrolling. I also believe that some of such people are simply not for you, so there is no need to be desperate with trying to convince them otherwise. The best clients I have, those who get most results and reap most rewards are ready, trust their decision and do the work. I rarely hear from them – apart from their wins.

On the polar opposite side of the scale, people that hesitate to take a leap also tend to slack, avoid taking action and stay stuck in their ways. They also can be more needy when it comes to your access and support. And usually after the course of working together there is little to show for.  It can be quite damaging to you as it affects your sense of value. So let’s just have that good mindset that “you are not for everyone, and not everyone is for you.” When we talk about the ease in your business – this largely depends on who you allow into it in the first place.  

Back to sales blocks though. Every time someone has even a small hesitation, this is your chance to add this topic to your content plan and create social posts, articles and videos coaching your readers through the block, helping them become ready to “do the work” and trust you as a guide. 

When you talk about your methods and modalities, you tap into to help take your clients from ABSs to the feeling of “problem being solved” – as you are removing the fear of the unknown. I see so many coaches never explaining what happens when their clients enrol in their programs in their content. And then, they complain about low conversions or lack of leads generated from their efforts.  But the truth is that they never address the details in their content or even sales pages and explain it clearly with step by step breakdowns. For line 5 it is a crucial skill to master.

The fear of the unknown

I do not know about you, but my fear of the unknown is very, VERY strong. I suspect it comes to form my line 1 that needs to feel secure, needs to know the bottom line. I actually hold off doing very important things if I need to go somewhere or do something I have never experienced. No matter how independent I am as a person, this first time experiencing anything is super stressful for me. I need to know every little detail. I had to ask my sister to take me (almost by the hand) and go to the doctor with me, so I know the process of – come into the building, leave your coat in the wardrobe, go to the reception with your id card, pay for the visit, go to the floor/cabinet door of the doctor you are visiting, wait to be called our OR take a ticket if the ticketing system in place. 

You would think at 46. Can I figure these things out on my own? HA! 

So my point is that many people will not let their interest in your offers known, even if they ARE interested, if they do not have enough detail about what happens inside, clearly laid out with mention of tools and modalities involved. The tools are very important. No matter how you believe and have evidence that they work, as a line 5 person, it is paramount that you make it clear to people before they start working with you. For example, I was working with a very talented energy worker, also a 5/1, and it was very effective, but I felt slightly puzzled when she gave me a tapping exercise as homework. You see, tapping is just not “my thing.” I do not feel any pull towards it, although I know – in my Mind – it is highly effective. But my body also knows that this is not the method that works for me.

The knowledge of the body is subconscious. Hence I always forgot to do that homework. It was like my body resisted it massively. And you know what? The body always knows what’s best for you, and this is why our Human Design Authorities are rooted in the body. Even those that are not body-based, like self-projected, ego-projected, or mental authority, need to find a “feeling” within as their guidance. I think, in spite of the fact that our work was effective, if tapping was “my thing,” I would make so much more progress and faster. It could have been a real transformation for me, while my assessment of the work would be just effective. I clearly was not the best-suited person because the tools were not best suited to me. And this is the key for line 5- making sure the expectations of “saving” someone from their pain are aligned with the practical stuff like – will they even be “into” the methods that you offer?

I have not felt disappointed after my experience, but that also has to do with my personal fondness for that coach and the very deep connection we have outside that work. But a person who is less connected could easily be turned misalignment with or misunderstanding of the tools she uses into negative projections and assumptions that “none of this works” altogether. That projection field is so dodgy.

And I think that explaining what tools will be involved is paramount for this reason, and I hope I explained it well here.  And now a sneaky peek behind the scenes of my mentorship program – the Visibility That Sells Accelerator:

Mentioned in the video:



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