Lighthouse Projector series – Human Design Conversations For All

Welcome to the Lighthouse Projector Series, where hosts Annita Keane and Juliette Stapleton are on a mission to demystify, debunk, and destroy limiting perceptions surrounding the terminology of Human Design and manifestation. Through candid conversations, personal stories, and expert insights, Annita and Juliette guide listeners in how to apply Human Design principles to navigate marketing and business successfully. Join us as we illuminate the path to clarity, action, and intentional living and BEING.

“I had a great time on Juliette’s show, she asked great questions and it felt like an effortless conversation. Time just flew by and we created great content together!”

Fabrice Boulenger

Human Design & Gene Keys Guide

I really loved being a guest for Juliette’s podcast channel. It was such a pleasure to bring forth one of my biggest passions talking about Hunan Design and business connection charts with her audience. I just loved giving real-life examples from our personal experiences to her audience to dive into and contemplate for their own personal growth. The conversation was so fun and enriching – we could have easily talked for hours! This was one of my favourite interviews that I did. I also super appreciate the level of effort to get this content out into her audience, repurpose it & ensure that we quite literally, get visible! 👏🏼👏🏼

Kehla Guimond

Spiritual Mindset Coach

Visibility is not a sprint…
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