Invitations For Projectors in Human Design

with Annita Keane & Juliette Stapleton

In this episode of the Lighthouse Projector Series, we are empowering projectors with some powerful Invitation strategies for success in life, business and relationships.

In this conversation, we explore the concept of waiting for INVITATIONS for Projectors in Human Design as we unravel the essence of invitations, personal empowerment, and the transformative journey of self-recognition.

We dive deep into the intricacies of projector strategy, emphasizing the importance of waiting for aligned invitations and understanding our individual power and control in decision-making. From discussing the intuitive energy of projectors to exploring the parallel behavior of cats, you will discover valuable insights into embracing your’s unique design and attracting invitations that are correct.

Projector Strategy – “We are here to guide. We’re here to shine our light.”: “You have to see that you’re awesome before anyone else can see that you’re awesome.”

— Juliette Stapleton

Projector Leadership – Become the BOSS OF YOU: “It’s just an amazing empowerment as a projector to understand that once you become the boss of you by taking responsibility for that recognition, for that acknowledgement, and doing what you do, not worrying about what will I do? How will I say it? How will I play with it? Play with it. It’s so much more fun to play with the invitation process.”

— Annita Keane

Unleashing Your Inner Boldness As a 2/4 Human Design Profile Entrepreneur| Visibility By Design Podcast

Unleashing Your Inner Boldness As a 2/4 Human Design Profile Entrepreneur| Visibility By Design Podcast

Julie Ciardi, a former vice president of marketing at IBM who made the bold decision to leave her corporate career and pursue her passion for coaching. She went on to create a successful 7-figure business coaching venture, but she was still missing something that could fully unleash her inner magnetism and she turned to my Marketing Blueprint By Design report which gave her a breakthrough she was looking for!

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate