My REAL Human Design Story – with Kathy Bochonko

by | Jul 11, 2024

Guest feature!

I was honoured to be a guest speaker on a recent “Human Design Stories” podcast hosted by a wonderful Intuitive Human Design Mentor, Kathy Bochonko, where I delved into my transformative journey with Human Design.

During our chat, we dived deep into the idea of slowing down to speed up and how trusting in the universe’s timing can be such a game-changer.

We talked about how Human Design helps us break free from societal conditioning and truly own our uniqueness. And let me tell you, embracing your true self? It’s a wild ride of courage and making those tough calls, but oh-so worth it in the end.

Sharing my personal journey and insights on the podcast was like opening a treasure chest of wisdom for those seeking empowerment and self-acceptance. We laughed, we learned, and we delved into how human design can be this incredible tool for self-discovery and growth.

I’m beyond grateful for the chance to connect with fellow seekers on this podcast adventure. Speaking from the heart and sharing the kind of wisdom that lights a spark in others’ souls felt simply incredible.

Tune into our conversation below.

Show Summary

✦Human Design helps differentiate between conditioning and true selves
  • Understanding and trusting ourselves leads to deeper relationships and unlocking true gifts
  • The guest, Juliett Stapleton, shares her personal human design story and its impact on her life
✦Realization of uniqueness through Human Design
  • Human Design brought awareness and permission to be oneself, leading to a life-changing experience.
  • Transition from previous go-getter mindset to understanding and embracing personal uniqueness and power.
✦Empowerment through personal meaning and self-acceptance
  • Assigning personal meaning to belongings as a magician archetype
  • Realizing comfort in being a loner and embracing individuality
✦Embracing your true self takes courage and hard decisions.
  • Recognizing yourself in things society deems not okay allows for embracing and expressing your true self.
  • Start recognizing yourself first and then help others, similar to putting on your oxygen mask first on an airplane.
✦Living by Human Design as an Experiment
  • Realization that following Human Design is an ongoing experiment building awareness.
  • Struggles with aligning decisions with spleen and acknowledging the constant conditioning from external factors.
✦Trust in divine timing and slow down to accelerate
  • Spleenic projectors are conditioned to trust their intuition and aligned path in human design
  • Notable synchronicities and advice on paying attention to divine timing and intuition
✦Slowing Down to Accelerate is empowering
  • She promotes coming within to find grounding and power
  • Her message of ‘slow down to accelerate’ is life-changing, leading to clarity and inspired action
✦Slowing down to see the big picture and focus on the right details.
  • Transit energy gives a feeling of energy that can be used, but it’s not reliable for decision-making.
  • Gate N energy focuses on the right details for the big picture of life.
✦Using channel 4416 talent to connect with aligned people online.
  • Started online visibility journey in 2017 after getting tired of working with transactional mentality.
  • Received encouragement from a mastermind group member to leverage the X Factor in communicating with people and inspiring them.
✦Discovering and sharing the power of human design
  • Initially hesitant to talk about human design despite belief in its power
  • Realized the impact of opening doors for others through sharing beliefs
✦Writing a tribute to a mentor and overcoming imposter syndrome
  • Decided to revisit writing a book about a mentor’s guidance and mentorship.
  • Faced imposter syndrome due to lack of certification but decided to own the queen archetype and proceed with writing.
✦Overcoming imposter syndrome and embracing unique perspectives in marketing and human design
  • Juliette Stapleton initially faced imposter syndrome when writing her book, struggling with gaps and self-doubt.
  • She realized that her strength lay in her unique perspectives and visions, leading her to embrace her opinions and overcome imposter syndrome.
✦Mari Smith wrote a forward for the book, contributing to its success
  • Mari Smith, a one three sacral generator, wrote a forward that set a good tone for the book
  • The book became number one in the US market on Amazon, without setting any targets or expectations
✦Importance of aligning business practices with personal energy
  • Discussion on avoiding traditional Discovery calls to better align with personal needs and values
  • Reflection on restructuring business practices to be in alignment with self-discovery and personal growth
✦Importance of investing in coaching for personal growth
  • Coaching helps in actively seeking solutions and personal transformation
  • Recognizing the value of mentorship and connection for personal success
✦Outsource non-genius tasks to focus on your zone of genius
  • Many fail to utilize their zone of genius by doing everything themselves
  • Working with people who don’t recognize your true gifts can hold you back
✦Focus on quality over quantity in content creation.
  • Consistency for the sake of it is irrelevant, prioritize producing meaningful content.
  • Avoid adding noise to the platform, share when personally inspired and aligned.
✦ “Selfish marketing” is about creating everything around yourself.
  • It’s not about being egotistic or selfish, but about building your business in a way that empowers you.
  • Empower yourself to do things your way, not following conventional norms that may not align with your true self.
✦ Creating a “filter” to attract the right clients
  • Implementing strategies to deter wrong clients from approaching
  • Embracing self-focus and trusting instincts for business success
✦Importance of radical self-trust
  • Trusting your instincts even if it goes against traditional strategies
  • Recognizing and managing negative thinking patterns for better self-awareness

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