Human Design For Client Attraction

How Human Design Can Help Show Up Authentically and make your business work for YOU

Marketing Blueprint By Design™

Your shortcut to deep understanding of your Human design energetics and how to apply them in your business and marketing.

Special offer for your eyes only!

This marketing blueprint has literally blown my mind. Juliette has a unique skill of translating human design into no-nonsense, practical, and powerful step-by-step guidance.

Desiree Marie Leedo

Holistic Heartbreak Recovery & Lifestyle Design Coach, Splenic Projector 2/5

Juliette was thorough, so knowledgeable, and encouraging. She gave me a lot of clarity and marketing strategies I can try out that are aligned with my Human Design, and feel more “me”.

Emily de Armas

Copywriting Mentor, Sacral Manifesting Generator 4/6

 Marketing Blueprint By Design™ is your go-to compass for re-aligning your marketing style, copywriting, messaging, niching up or down, the style of your showing up to who YOU essentially are.

A 28+ page personalised guide to help you

  • Fully understand how your type and profile are perceived by your audience and how you can use this awareness to create magnetic content in your marketing
  • Understand how to lean into your strategy and authority when making decisions on creating your offers and content around them
  • Give yourself full permission to niche (or not) based on your natural energy
  • Use your type’s aura to determine best marketing strategies for your business
  • Understand your ideal clients by design, what you bring into their lives and who they are as people.
  • Understand your Brand personality and how it magnetises ideal clients through your Brand Voice.
  • Understand your consistency patterns by Design. 
  • Understand your selling superpowers.
  • plus optional 45 minutes private call with me on Zoom to discuss the questions and implementation ideas!


“I’m on a mission to help you show up and stand out in a way that feels safe and oozing confidence!” ~ Juliette Stapleton

About Your Host:

Featured in Forbes, Juliette is an internationally recognised visibility strategist, speaker and writer.

She is known for her direct, non-traditional methods for coaches and experts who want to align their marketing strategies with Human Design and unlock their true personal magnetism for client attraction. With over two decade of experience building brand for small businesses,

Juliette understands exactly the struggles and the advantage of using your personal brand for showing up as the face of your business online.

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate