Human Design Definition Types, life as 1/3 profile

& more with Jackie Johnstone
Jackie is an awesome Sacral Manifesting Generator 1/3 and this episode is PACKED with various aspects both of us are 1/3 so we went down the rabbit hole of discussing so many interesting aspects of this profile and so much more (true to the multi-passionate energy of a Manifesting generator – which is also my Business energetics too. So hold on to your seats and let the ride begin!

Jackie Johnstone is a Human Design for business expert, marketing consultant, breathwork, and subconscious transformation facilitator.

Jackie is obsessed with transformation and devoted to growth. She works with established entrepreneurs to realize their team’s potential, align their marketing with their unique energy so it feels easy and fun — and straight-up trust themselves more. She’s a weirdo at the intersection of “woo” and science. Of magic and practicality. Of intuition and strategy. And loving every minute of it.⁠

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