Human Design Profile 3/5 in Marketing & Business

by | Oct 3, 2022

I love talking about profiles in marketing, and the 3/5 is in the top three I am so keen on writing about because we are dealing with very mixed energies here – but they are perfect in their alchemy.

I know this energy so well because everyone around me is 3/5s: my birth family and my married family. I am the only 1/3 among them, and I suspect my mission is to get a deep insight into this profile. So I have seen it in cases of its full glory and cases where its potential was not realized completely -all in the members of my immediate family. I believe this makes me an expert through observation of these energetics throughout almost half a century of my life. So let’s dive in.

Lines in your profile

On one side, there is line 3, the Pathfinder (called Martyr in classic Human Design). By nature, this is an ongoing experiment, a journey of not getting it right from the first time (or often even after the 20th time), learning through mistakes, bumps on the road, and progress through imperfection.

On the other hand, line 5, The Solutionist (Heretic) attracts people who project their expectations of perfection. Line 5 has that seductive magnetic energy of a “savior” – someone with THE SOLUTION, someone who has all the answers. It is in the aura, and there is nothing that 3/5 can do to change that, especially since line 5 is on the Design (unconscious) side. (Read more about line 5 and projection field here.)

The only thing a person with the 3/5 profile can do is gain awareness about the mechanics of their second line. It will help manage their expectations and feelings in relationships with people; it will be crucial in dealing with negative projections, so there is a way to cope with the feeling of being misunderstood and even victimized.

In my experience working with charts and creating Marketing Blueprint By Design™ reports, I see that it is vital to work with your first line to really understand its themes, gifts, and shadows, and I have really in-depth information inside the report to help you gain that knowledge. (Click here to order yours today.)

But in this short article, I want to also talk about the gifts of each line in this profile that you can use in adjusting your business and marketing strategies to get the most out of this potential and try and avoid “incorrect” mistakes. You can always ensure you are entering correct life lessons by following your Human Design Strategy & Authority.

Before I continue, just one quick note about the whole profile. Your profile is absolutely perfect for your purpose and your journey through this lifetime. You have the success alchemy within you: an incredible resilience to keep trying until a breakthrough and a powerful leadership potential. You are here to find a better way and then show the way to others.

Learning through “Living it”

Line 3’s gift is seeing what’s not working, but the mechanics here is that it is not through the thinking process. This “seeing” is all about living through the experience.” (As line 3 is my unconscious line in my 1/3 profile, this is familiar to me. I can go researching something for months, but it is only when I try doing it/acquire it/live with it a little – only then do I actually know that it does not work, or occasionally does… but mostly doesn’t). This is how we get that expertise on what is not working, and this is good news. Because as we discover what is not working, we get the opportunity to narrow it down to what eventually will not only work but work in a way that can bring us a lot of success (including material success – Ra called Line 3 the Money Line for that reason.

There is a difference between our thoughts (hopes, expectations, intentions) and the mechanics of our design. And because line 3 has to try something (even if it is not an intentional “Let’s try” decision, even if the mind believes this is “the way” and so we dive into something) because of this constant learning through life lessons, we develop a “nose” on what is not working. We can be the first ones who sense the BS or misdirection. Line 3 is a powerful “tester,” but it does not mean we have to be stuck in what is not working, so the moment we sense it, we need to stop. It is like going through a wall. Do you know how many people are trying to walk through a hypothetical wall when all they need to do is change the direction? Line 3 is the first one that will say, hang on a minute. This is NOT working. We need to make a better move here. Line 3 is an incredible innovator. This is someone who can think of ways to make something better, easier, cheaper, and more efficient.

But here is a thing. Not everyone is ready to receive what we have learned about something that is not working. It is essential to follow your Strategy and Authority when sharing this information with others. It is also important not to “diss” systems that did not work for you. There are so many different ways to achieve one thing, and just because it does not work for you does not mean that it does not work for anyone. This is why sharing, even in your marketing content, be aware that you can come across as too polarising and even a bit “bitchy” – always add a little humor to soften the blow and talk about yourself- why it did not work for YOU. The cookie cutter strategies do not work for you, but by dissing them as a whole, you are creating a cookie cutter statement yourself. Share through your personal prism, as this will make you more relatable.

Falling from grace

Another area is the notion of “making mistakes.” You see, our society is not tailored to line 3 mechanics. Making mistakes is not celebrated. In fact, they are branded as “failures.” Our education system is rooted in the pass/fail duality. But life itself does not work this way. Evolution is simply a series of many mistakes, and the most beautiful things in our world are often created accidentally.

In business, in science – we see it all the time. People start to develop something only to create or discover something completely different along the way. Line 3 is a pure frequency of “Play” – it needs to be flexible and free, so try not to cling to one set way in your marketing and business. It is ok to be constantly changing and evolving and even pivoting. That is how you can find success.

And with this process, you can lead others, too, because you are backed with the power of line 5- the only line in the hexagram that is here to impact the other with its leadership directly. You can tell them “what to do” because you have lived and experienced and discovered that “it” is working.

I would love to give you a much deeper understanding of both married with your energetics and other Human Design factors inside your own personalized Marketing Blueprint By Design™ – click here to order your report today.

I was so drained & exhausted running my business as a completely different energy type. Marketing Blueprint By Design validated that I need to shift my client attraction strategy immediately and do more of what I already absolutely love to turn on that magnetism!

Jocelyn Chong

Business Consultant, Splenic Projector 3/5

“Wow! The Marketing Blueprint By Design™ report is so comprehensive, and it gave me a thorough understanding of my energetics and my profile, especially line 3 – which felt so heavy before, I feel inspired to use my “failures” to turn them into my beacon of light and show the way from now on!

Roberta Mangi

Life Coach, Pure Generator 3/5

Juliette Stapleton

Splenic Projector 1/3

Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

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She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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