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by | Aug 2, 2023

There are a lot of conversations around the topic of “the old way of marketing is dying.” And what it refers to is PAIN POINT MARKETING.

I get it. People, especially those who are soul-led, do not identify with this awful-sounding terminology, and they reject the mere idea that this is how they can get clients in their businesses.

But (just like Prince) I am here to tell you, there is something else…

Yes, there is a horrible style of marketing that is being practiced out there – the style that emphasizes pain points in a way that makes people feel so much worse about themselves and the situation, scared and shamed into buying a product…
But this is just not what “pain point marketing” is at its core… it is simply out-of-integrity marketing.

Let’s look at the definition of the Pain Point Marketing without any emotional involvement for a minute:

Pain point marketing refers to a marketing strategy that focuses on identifying and addressing the specific problems, challenges, or pain points that potential customers are facing, and offering solutions to help them overcome those issues.


The idea behind pain point marketing is to understand the pain points of a specific target audience, and then create messaging and content that speaks directly to those pain points. This can involve identifying the most common challenges or frustrations that people in that audience face, and then positioning a product or service as the solution to those problems.


By using pain point marketing, businesses can more effectively communicate the value of their products or services, as well as differentiate themselves from competitors who may not be addressing the specific pain points of their target audience. This approach can also help to build trust with potential customers, as they will see that the business understands their needs and is offering solutions that are tailored to their specific challenges.

Some societies, more than others, accepted that type of marketing as a norm, but truly people will always only invest in what helps them remove their pain or take them closer to their hopes. That is in human nature. It will not change.

Let me reword it for you, so you can stop and digest it.

People will ONLY invest when they reach a point where they feel that they cannot tolerate their challenge any longer without help. It can be a pain or something they are missing or want to be taken away. It can just as powerfully be something they want. BADLY.

Only then we “reach out for the wallet.”

If money is not an issue, the threshold might be lower for the investment decision. (But not if the price is high-ticket coaching or service – since I am usually talking to coaches/experts who want to attract clients in my content.)

Amongst the spiritual community and soul-led people – where some are very out there and some are like me (I am only “half woo-woo”) – there is a lot of instant rejection of even a mention of the need to understand and speak to the pain points in our marketing. The common assumption is that if we speak to our “higher self,” we will sell with integrity is so much more seductive…

WRONG. The truth is completely the opposite…

And it is backed with what any spiritual practice, including my beloved Human Design, preaches. Here it is.
The higher self is a state of complete contentment, acceptance, and peace. Your Higher self does not desire change. It is already “there.” It is the state of being. There is nothing that needs to be changed, improved, or removed. It is PERFECT.

Therefore, it is plain and obvious that there is no need to buy anything when you are in full alignment. There are no desires, hopes, discomfort, or pain. You can speak to the highest self as much as you want, but this is not the kind of direction that will bring you sales.

Before you get triggered, I want to offer a perspective. Pain Point Marketing is just a horrible way to describe something that does not need to be horrible in its essence.


The simple fact that we are living and experiencing this life in human form means we are NOT living or even meant to live in our higher-selves state during this journey. We can only build awareness between the light and the darkness and align more towards the light, but this is exactly what all spiritual concepts are about. To completely remove the darkness during your human life form is never going to happen. We live and experience a material plain. It is not going away anywhere.

No matter how aware one becomes of their Human Design, they are never living in the pure design. Even if they achieve complete isolation from conditioning by other people’s auras – there are cosmic transits that nobody can hide from. So you will be activated and “conditioned” by them day by day.

Our human life is a journey of learning valuable soul lessons. The experiment and the awareness of our unique energy blueprint help us make easier decisions and navigate this journey in a more aligned way, but we will not be reaching the higher-self state in this human form. We will have our pains, our needs, and our desires. Our conditioning will make us think we need to get this, that, and the other to get better, be more, and find harmony and peace.

Therefore, it brings me to my next point:


Ra Uru Hu, the original Human Design Teacher, led a whole course on the selling to not-self because, as a realist, he accepted that we live on the material pain and our higher self does not have a “need to change.” By the way, this was in his later years, and he was reluctant to apply Human Design to Marketing BECAUSE it would be all around pain point marketing.

Pain Point Marketing is an artform with an unfortunate name. But it will always work because it speaks to where it hurts or bothers.
As a marketing professional, I agree that low-level guilt-inducing shaming into buying marketing is dying off. People are just becoming too savvy.  And it will no longer work because too many people are waking up and demand to be treated with integrity.

Now, the real skill is to talk about the pain points, leaving the audience empowered with a chance to make a change and hope for a better future. That is the skill to master!

This is why I dedicate a whole section on selling from your own magnetic conditioning inside my Marketing Blueprint By Design™ reports: with specific suggestions for your messaging and content topics that do not use scare tactics or any other inauthentic approaches. You can craft your marketing speaking directly to where your ideal clients experience the discomfort of wanting to change what is NOW into what they DESIRE. (Have you ever been in real pain? Note that taking away that pain is always going to be a stronger desire than “improving” something. So what is causing pain, even when the goal is to find one’s purpose? 

How can you talk about that pain without resorting to shaming and guilting them into a purchase? Easily! 

First of all, let’s stop generalizing – pain point marketing does not refer exclusively to “scarcity marketing” – it is tarnished “thanks” to a small number of horrible marketing & sales professionals and organizations who have completely disgraced the idea of speaking to the pain points people experience. 

Secondly, you have to get over the connotation the word “pain” brings to what we are trying to do. If you know much about Human Design, you will agree that often the terminology could be much better. For example, I completely do not identify with a Martyr for my 3rd line (I am a 1/3 profile) – but it does not change the mechanics of how this line shows up in my design. It is only an unfortunate terminology. Get over its skin-deep ugliness and learn what it actually means.

Speaking to the pain point can be inspiring. I am trying to inspire you right this moment by talking directly to your pain point of not wanting to be doing anything out of integrity and coming across like those horrible salespeople in your marketing. It is a solid pain point that you may have – if you are still reading this. 

It causes you discomfort even to think about it.

If I wanted to “shame” you into working with me I would be now talking about how moronic this belief it and how by “buying into” it you are being nothing but a prime fool, with a call to action to work with me so you do not look like an idiot any more and restore your reputation in the eyes of your peers and whatnot. (Another pain point for many people by the way – their perceived status…)

But I am not going to.. Because my mission is to “remove” this pain and empower you to show up in your full glory! I want to empower you to share your own vision/perspectives/solutions, and this is what unlocks the magnetism – to choose YOU to be the guide that helps remove those pains your clients’ experience. And when they feel empowered, you are marketing through addressing the pain points (because it is still Pain Point Marketing), but you are bringing them hope as a result of reading/listening to/watching you shine your light.

Where to start? Order your Marketing Blueprint By Design™ today – click here to find out more.


“Juliette is the perfect projector guide for my generator sacral energy.  

Before speaking with Juliette, I felt very scattered, thinking about things that were unimportant and going round and round in circles in my mind. 

Juliette uses her experience to gently guide, without telling, and I now have a sense of clarity and direction about how best I can take my business forward.  Her insight and experience are invaluable and I will definitely continue working with Juliette in the future.

Sarah Hennigan

Financial Planning Advisor, Emotional Generator 4/6

I was very impressed by the depth of wisdom uncovered in my Blueprint. It helped me to really embrace my authenticity 100%. I’m so appreciative of the content ideas that were sparked throughout the report.  There were so many insights into how I operate that made so much sense to me. I was particularly surprised by my motivation strategy and I resonated so much with how this has shaped my life already. Now I can actually embrace it and not look at it as a bad thing.

When I met Juliette on the Zoom call, she was so helpful.  She answered all of my questions and helped me to understand myself and how I can market my skills by understanding my blueprint. Juliette is so professional and easy to talk with. She has so much wisdom to share with respect to Human Design and Marketing strategies. I’m so glad I had this call. I’d highly recommend it to others.

Nancy Rose

Ultimate U Mindset Solutions, Emotional Manifesting Generator 5/1

Juliette Stapleton

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