If you are looking to align your marketing with your Human Design, but you do not know your type – I can create an advanced Bodygraph chart for you, I am using professional software that gives you much more in depth details than any of the free chart generators you may find online. I will send it to you within 24 hours.

The advantage of ordering this professional Bodygraph chart is that you will have all the variables and complete available data on the chart, so whether you will find yourself looking for my trainings and services or want to jump into the rabbit hole of research yourself, this will give you A LOT of fine detail to look into, going way beyond what free human design charts generators offer.

Make sure you enter the information in the format required. Double check your email address!

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Do you really want just a chart
or do a detailed explanation of how it all applies to your most aligned marketing strategy?
Without all the Googling?

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