Embody your Human Design

Personlaised Human Design Audio Affirmations for Daily Alignment & Deconditioning

Empower yourself daily to live and run your business by your Human Design -with the help of personalized audio affirmations!

Staying consistent and in the flow in your business is NOT easy! But with a little help from the D.N.A Alignment Audio Affirmations, you can make running your business more harmonious, abundant, healthy, peaceful, successful, and love-filled – as you align your energy with your natural frequencies every day.

Every D.N.A. Alignment Audio is 100% unique, even if you generate it again with the same personal details, there will be new variations of the affirmations and in different orders.

30-Minute Track Lengths

D.N.A. Alignment Audio tracks are about 30 minutes long. Creating more space between the affirmations gives you extra time to reflect and absorb the meaning of each statement, as it percolates your subconscious mind.

Choose Your Background Music

Choose from multiple background music (or just silence!) to give you more variation and align with your personal preferences. These relaxing music tracks are professionally produced by Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D, from his “Enlightened Audio” collection of songs. 

Choose Between Female & Male Voices

You can now choose between two female voices, Katie & Kimberly, and a male voice, Gabriel, depending on which one you resonate most with. More voices will be added over time, for even more choice.

Sample Human Design Audio Affirmation

by Divine Nature Affirmations | This is part of Juliette's personal audio to give you an example (Splenic Projector 1/3)

Daily Benefits Of Using D.N.A. Alignment Audios


  • Affirmations coded to your unique Human Design chart helps you to focus your mind on aspects of your energetic being and personality that are consistent, so you can trust your long term vision and your journey to success.

  • Makes it easier to make correct for YOU choices in your daily business activities, while developing trust in figuring out YOUR unique way to success without burnout.


  • Supports you to let go of past conditioning and limiting beliefs that open up new perspectives and opportunities in your business and your life.


  • Embody your innate strengths and unique gifts that you can tap into to unleash your genius & tune into your life purpose and connect to your big WHYs (paramount for staying disciplined and consistent in your business)


What is available:

Affirmations for Your Human Design Type

Whether you’re a Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor, or Reflector, there are unique affirmations that are crafted for each type to help you embody the energetic archetype that you were born with. Your Type has to do with your body, genetics, and your aura and determines the way in which you operate naturally in the world.

Affirmations for Your Strategy

Your strategy is the way of being in the world without resistance. Each of the four primary Types have a specific way of successfully interacting with others through their aura. These affirmations help you to align and honor your Strategy so you can experience satisfaction, success, peace, or surprise, and avoid resistance in the form of frustration, bitterness, anger, or disappointment.

Affirmations for Your Authority

Your authority is your unique authentic truth that should always be trusted when making decisions in your life. You will have one of the seven types of authority, so when you bypass your mind and stay true to your authority, you’ll find things naturally fall into place in your life. These affirmations remind you of your authority, so you can remember to trust it when making important decisions in your life.

Affirmations for Your Human Design Profile

Your profile is like a costume of your life purpose. It is the role that you’re here in this life to live out authentically. There are 12 basic Profiles, and by listening to the affirmations, you’ll be able to align yourself to your unique Profile, and gradually feel more and more comfortable with your role.

Affirmations for Your Undefined Centers

There are total of 9 centers in your Human Design chart. Your undefined centers are areas in your being where you don’t have access to a consistent energy and therefore are easily influenced and conditioned by your environment through absorbing frequencies from others. This causes your mind to get confused, which cloud our judgements and often lead us astray to live our life from the “not-self”. These affirmations will help your mind to focus on your true self and avoid not-self mental chatter that cause doubts and confusion.

Affirmations for Your Defined Centers

Your defined centers are areas in your being where you have access to a consistent energy and therefore project a reliable energy through your aura that is unique and recognisable. These affirmations will help you to align to the gifts of each defined center and get to know and trust their energy in your life.

How Are These AUDIOs Created?

I have partnered with Alignment Audios studios – a company that will be creating your personalised audio from the details you will enter on their website where you will be taken when you click any of the Create Your Audios buttons on this page (same details as required for your Human Design Chart). The audios are compiled by an advanced AI technology to include a unique combination of affirmations based on your Chart.

For example, a Complete audio package includes 110 affirmations in one audio that you can use daily for re-alining yourself, deconditioning, and embodying your gifts and strengths.

110 x Affirmations Included

  • 5 x Type
  • 5 x Strategy
  • 5 x Authority
  • 5 x Profile
  • 90 x Centers

It takes up to 20 minutes to receive your audio file, but in most cases, it only takes a few minutes to receive when there is less demand.


The best time to listen to affirmations is the first thing in the morning when you wake up or right before you drift off to sleep. This is when your brainwaves slow down into the Alpha and Theta brainwave states, which increase your subconscious mind’s receptivity to suggestions. You can also drift off to sleep with the audio track on loop, if you want your subconscious mind to listen to it while you sleep.


You can listen to your audio track as often as you wish, but for maximum effectiveness, it would be beneficial to listen to it every day, or even once in the morning, and once in the evening.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Your transactions will be handled by the company that generates audios. Unfortunately, no refunds are possible, because it’s a digital product, but if you accidentally entered your information incorrectly and want to generate a correct version of your alignment audio, you can email their support team and they can get this rectified.

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