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handraiser squad alerts

Handraiser Squad is an engagement booster project that we encourage everyone to take part consistently.
How it works:
  • Every Monday/Wednesday/Friday you will see a Handraiser Squad post published in the morning in our Facebook group
  • In the comments of the post paste a link to the post you want to boost and in short tell us what you would like us to reply with (only expect that we will engage with something very short on your post).
  • Within 24 hour get back to the post and engage with all links on the thread (and others will engage with yours) It is A MUST to engage with everyone and you can reply to your own comment and tag someone whose post you engaged with but they have not engaged within 24 hour
This will help you in two major ways:
  1. More people in your audience will be able to see your post
  2. You will feel more on track with consistent posting
Some more rules:
Handraiser Squad’s purpose is to bump your post up to the top of newsfeed and give an impression of getting positive engagement on your post
It is however NOT designed for other members to take time reading your posts or watching your videos, so you must be clear about what your preferred reply should be when you are adding your link on the Handraiser Squad post.
The idea is that we swiftly go through the posts in the thread, leaving a quick comment to boost your visibility and get on with our own lives and this is what you should be doing too. So always make sure you leave no room for guessing and you respect how busy everyone is, so we can help each other without this project becoming a chore.

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