How To Use Your Voice To Become Magnetic – Your Throat Center

by | Jun 5, 2022

Marketing is a lifeline of your business.

There is little or no chance of being “discovered” in the noisy online world without showing up and talking about your products and services. And this is why most coaches fail to establish their businesses and give up in the first couple of years.

So HOW can you show up and talk about your value, expertise, and offers in a way that cuts through the noise and attracts the correct people? And how can you do it in a way that FEELS like you are seen, heard & recognized for your excellence as a coach or an expert? (Or just as a great person that you are?)

People are not just born with incredible public speaking skills. These skills can be learned, practiced, and mastered over time by anyone ready to dedicate some effort. 

In my Human Design, I have a channel 16-48, The Waves of Manifestation, often called the Channel of Talent. But this talent, if we look at talking about what I know with enthusiasm, will only attract the right people if I master my niche and honestly know what I am talking about. My Talents are all learned through practice and repetition that are driven by becoming better at whatever it is I am mastering… And that is great news! 

This means that becoming good or great – in the case of this topic, a magnetic speaker – is something ANYONE can achieve. You can work on the tone of your voice, take powerful pauses, and use the speed of talking to create more impact and emotional connection when you tell your stories. And becoming an engaging speaker opens doors to more beautiful invitations and opportunities to establish yourself as an authority – claiming your right to be listened to and followed, creating a status of “microcelebrity” in your niche. 

Remember, “money flows to status and celebrity.”

When you are using the online space for marketing, mastering your voice opens up invitations to feature on podcasts, livestreams, and summits, exponentially expanding your reach to new audiences. A KEY to attracting clients consistently!

Unfortunately, in reality, grabbing attention and evoking interest in what you are saying is not always as easy. Often you may feel unheard, unseen, and your ideas not acknowledged or misinterpreted…

WHY does this happen?

One of the reasons is, of course, that you are preaching to the wrong audience. It can be changed easily by being intentional about who you are connected to on Social Media or Optimising your online content, like blog articles and video titles, to be found by those who search for the topic you cover in the search engines.

More persistently, this may happen because deep down, you are AFRAID to be unheard. And surprisingly, the more you try to attract attention, the less you usually get it. 

In reverse, the less you care about the outcome of a specific talk, an interview, or training you give – the more positive comeback it brings!

I was recently invited to speak at a small online private event. It was a Saturday Breakfast Club kind of thing aimed at empowering members with inspirational stories. I was not asked to speak on Marketing or Human Design topics but to share how, throughout my whole life, I seem to make my craziest dreams my reality. Naturally, as I told my story, I mentioned discovering Human Design and how aligning my business and marketing with my energetics made a lot of very aligned shifts possible. 

I certainly had zero expectations to attract clients – and yet within two weeks of the talk, my ROI on the time I spent with those ladies reached around €5000 as the majority of them joined my programs immediately. There were ONLY SIX PEOPLE on that call (and no replays.) 

This is such a great example of how detaching yourself from the outcomes of your actions can fuel your visibility activities beyond what you can imagine.

The first rule of Visibility That Sells (and expressing yourself in a way that attracts clients) is to DETACH YOURSELF FROM EXPECTING INSTANT VALIDATION AND RESULTS.


Magnetic Voice by Human Design

The center responsible for our self-expression and social integration of all the energy in our Design is the Throat Center. All energy wants to move towards the Throat so it can be expressed and manifest itself through our voice.

You may have a defined or an undefined Throat center in your Design. Before you jump to any conclusions, having a definition in the Throat does not give you an advantage, in fact, it is not a blessing. Let’s have a look at both scenarios and what you can do based on if you have that center defined or not. (You can find a link to a free Human Design chart inside a free mini-training on how we apply this in business here.)


If you have a Defined Throat Center

People with defined Throat centers are broadcasting specific set themes through their Voices. Like with any defined Center, the themes exist in duality, which means they are really “black or white” by nature. When aligned and defined, Throat has the gift of magnetism when speaking. When heavily conditioned, it actively feeds into the limiting belief that nobody can hear or understand you. 

However, if your Throat center is defined, you will generally be less likely to suffer from the fear of speaking. Does this mean that you do not need to work on your skills and master storytelling? Absolutely not! 

In fact, the more you work on your speaking skills, the more opportunities that definition attracts in all areas of your life. Here are some ideas on what you could focus on:

  • Take trainings and courses around the art of public speaking and storytelling
  • Try to plan your speeches
  • Work consistently on developing your unique speaking style and stick to it.
  • Do live video challenges or create set topics/schedules for your video content marketing.

You have consistent access to your voice (a specific, consistent quality to your voice), and this ensures a level of confidence when you are speaking.

Your Throat center connects to most other centers compared to any other center. Depending on which defined centers it is connected to by channels, you express a particular frequency of that center and the channel that connects two defined centers.

  • Ajna – you are here to speak your mind (insights, opinions, ideas)
  • Identity Center (G-center) – you are here to speak authentically from your heart. (share experiences, make creative contributions, step into leadership and influence as the voice of others, and speak your truth)
  • Will (heart Center)- you are here to take leadership (take charge and work independently)
  • Emotional Center (Solar plexus) – you are here to express feelings (manifest through desires, articulate emotions)
  • Sacral – you are here to manifest your actions through your words (you are here to inspire and empower others to live their own truth)
  • Spleen – you’re speaking your intuition (your survival wisdom, inspire others to show up and be seen without fear)

If none of the channels lead to the throat, you must wait for an invitation before speaking up.

What if you have an UNDEFINED Throat Center?

Does this mean you should give up on the dream of speaking confidently in front of an audience? Absolutely NOT!

One of my favorite voices that I always feel most impacted by is the voice of actor Matthew McConaughey. When I looked up his Human Design, I was astonished that he has an Undefined Throat Center! 

And when this man speaks, people shut up and listen (and enjoy themselves. Try his “Greenlights” in the audiobook version for a few hours of indulging in the pleasure of his sound and the accent and being inspired by the beautiful way he has to look at the world!) 

An important observation, McCaunaghey does not ramble. He chooses what to say and how to say it, and – most importantly – WHEN to say it so brilliantly. Just take his infamous “Alright, alright, alright” line from Dazed and Confused. That one line made his whole career as an actor (which was not his intention at the time, and this role was an entirely accidental casting for a character who was not even supposed to speak) and became a viral catchphrase making its mark on the modern pop culture.

And that power leaves me (a defined Throat center person) SPEECHLESS.

The openness of any center brings challenges. This is why people with undefined Throat centers are more vulnerable to feeling unheard and having difficulty expressing themselves. And with self-expression, the Throat center, when undefined, fuels the energy of self-doubt, feeling less confident and not able to make up your Mind how to talk and what to say sometimes.

If your Throat center is undefined, you can still become an impactful, masterful, and captivating speaker, but you will need extra effort. So what can you do to be heard when you speak and recognized for your ideas and expertise?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Face your fears, do not deny or ignore them.
  • Speak when you are invited into the conversation, and you KNOW your opinion will be appreciated and considered.
  • Try only talking about subjects/topics/ideas you feel solid in your knowledge of or passionate about.
  • Master the art of expressing your point in fewer words. Do not allow yourself to ramble.
  • Do not plan your speeches too rigidly. Allow space for improvisation & spontaneity.

You have a gift for adapting your voice to whoever you are talking to, energetically connecting to others with your voice. You draw people in like a magnet, making them feel seen and heard and wanting to hear what you have to say as a way of hearing what they have to say through you. You have a gift of powerfully impacting others when the timing is right.

Grounding your voice – the best advice I have come across was by Robin Winn (Understanding Human Design Centers)

Look at your hanging gates (the colored Gates coming from your undefined Throat center):

  • Gate 62 Details – ground your voice on DETAILS. This gives you a practical voice, a voice of reason.
  • Gate 23 Assimilation of Splitting Apart – ground in your own KNOWING. You need to carefully select the right timing when you share your knowledge.
  • Gate 56 The Storyteller -Ground your voice in storytelling. Powerful storyteller when chooses the right timing.
  • Gate 25, the Progress or Change – speak from experience and only engage in worthwhile adventures.
  • Gate 12 Caution – your voice is meant to be used when “in the mood.” You have a capacity to articulate the depth of despair and the highs of elation, but you should share about it only when you are “turned on.”
  • Gate 45 King or Queen – The voice of the teacher speaking to the Tribe. Ground it in leadership and choose the right timing to speak to be heard
  • Gate 33 Privacy and Retreat -Ground in reflecting on what has happened in the past with the hope of improvement in the future. Share when the timing is right.
  • Gate 8 Contribution -support others in their creative contributions. Ground yourself in authenticity.
  • Gate 31 Democratic Leadership and Influence – speak as the voice of people, not from your ego. Requires waiting for the right time on your end and the right call.
  • Gate 20 In The Now, the Collaborator -most powerful when you speak from the present moment. You have the gift of knowing when to manifest power. You are here to inspire others and connect people and resources.
  • Gate 16 Enthusiasm – ground in mastery through repetition over time. You have a great capacity to “wing it,” but people will only fall for your enthusiastic charms when you know what you are talking about. Then when you speak- they listen! 

The above requires consistent practice and implementation, so be kind to yourself and do not expect an immediate result. The key is to learn your TIMING and read the room to ensure the people in your audience are open to your ideas. Less is more, and the quality of what comes out of your mouth over its quantity is crucial.

But here is the main thing. In reality, you naturally require so much less attention than those with a defined Throat center. And often, you are “trying to be heard” too hard because you are simply tricked into thinking that you need to grab that attention by your Mind. 

It is forcing you into saying much more than you intend. When you fully let go of trying to “grab attention” and honor the timing and the quality of what you want to say, you will naturally become incredibly engaging, impactful, and magnetic to your audience.

So How does this show in creating content for your marketing?

Remember that the audience piece is critical – no matter what your Human design is. 

When you address a highly targeted audience – more people listen and show interest in your offers. When you speak to “the universe,” which means you are just talking at a bunch of people who are not targeted and often ill-fit to your message, you are likely to get crickets in return, the bit in terms of engagement and attracting clients even if you are the best speaker in the world! 

So make sure you work on the quality of your audience and your public speaking skills -both equally important. Specifically, be intentional with who you connect to on social media or who you are collaborating as a speaker with. 

In your chart, have a look at your Throat center – are there any channels leading to it? Lean into the energy of the channel. And if you don’t have the channels (which makes waiting for the right timing to speak very important for you), you can look at the active gates around your throat center. There is so much goodness in the hanging gates, and this is what I dive deep inside the Marketing Blueprint By Design™ reports for my clients (check out the offer here). 

It is not about using specific exact words like I see some Human Design coaches suggest (as wording yourself with some of these could be very weird and even more confusing), but it is about understanding the selling power of each key-hanging gate in your chart and taking this as the primary angles in your social media posts, nurturing emails as well as throughout your sales pages copy.

For example, I have Gate 35 – some Human design sources suggest I use the expression “I experience.” It is a very strange way of starting a sentence, right? But I talk about my experiences a lot, and through that, I channel the energy of this gate – that in order to progress on our journey, we must allow ourselves a range of experiences and lessons – so we can find what works for us.

When you are creating the actual content, quality is paramount, but here is where you should always follow your Human Design Type’s Strategy & Authority:

Projectors create content when in the zone, around things you are really into.

Generators and Manifesting Generators – create content when you respond to something on the outside, and it truly lights you up.  PRO secret – it does not have to be about your business all the time. People work with people, and when you are lit up by something, that passion attracts the right people into your business through your personal magnetism.

Manifestors – create when you feel that creative spark and do not think about what you should or should not be doing or whether you have the means to follow through with the idea all the way. Talk about ideas and inspirations that come to you so that you can ignite the rest of us into action.

Reflectorswork with daily transits to follow the strategy to the type that the transit allows you to tap in, depending on the planetary alignments, and then follow the advice above according to that type.

For more guidance, check out my Marketing Blueprint By Design™ report below.

Juliette Stapleton

Splenic Projector 1/3

Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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