How To Handle Line 5 Marketing Challenges

with Annita Keane

Annita Keane is a Prosperity Coach. She helps female entrepreneurs/coaches /healers tap into their inner game of business so they successfully make money from their gifts and get their greatest work out into the world with ease and grace.

In this episode, Annita is sharing her life, gifts, and struggles as someone with line 5 in their profile and as a 5/1 Emotional Projector. We are discussing what it is like to live in projections of others and how – if you have line 5 in your Human Design profile – you can get to know y own marketing formula, so you will never worry about running out of information.

It helps you anchor a biz model that suits your energy and keeps your prosperity path open, 

And helps you commit to what you are here to do rather than doubt yourself.

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