How To Gain Recognition In Human Design – Beyond Projectors

by | Sep 13, 2022

Recognition. It’s such a big topic in Human Design. Warning, you may need to ensure you have 15 minutes and a cup of (my choice is coffee or sparkling water) to consume this piece, but it may be well worth it! 

Below is a deep dive into all sorts of scenarios for various energies in our charts, with some personal examples and insights to help you gain a very healthy and empowered approach to the topic of Recognition, I hope.

So many energies in us require Recognition to be perceived correctly by others. To make an impact that we are inspired to make.  Even sometimes, we express ourselves without consciously thinking about the impact we make. If you are a 1/3 like me, for example, your impact happens through your introspective research and discoveries, and it is not that you do it to impact others. You do it to have a breakthrough and gain a solid understanding of the foundation of things. But by sharing what you find, it is impacting others.

I am a Projector, and Recognition is a big part of my Design strategy. The whole notion of “projected energy” is fascinating to me. Projector as a type needs to wait for correct invitations, but those invitations can only happen when others recognize you. And not just recognize you for whatever they think you are brilliant at. They need to really see and recognize you for a specific contribution, a specific gift you share with them as a guide. Only then will you feel successful (your alignment signature). And often, Projectors misunderstand this, and they drown in their bitterness and complain about how hard it is for them to be recognized. This is one reason I do not hang around in Human Design groups for Projectors. It is like a huge “Bitter-Fest” where everyone is missing the elephant in the room.

Every Projector has a specific gift they are here to be recognized for – and this gives us an amazing way to determine who are correct people in our lives and who are not. Especially clients. Does each individual client or prospect see you for what you want to be recognized? Or is it some other thing they see that does not matter to you that much, so you do not actually feel fully SEEN by them (here is exactly the reason to get bitter and resentful for a Projector.) If you are a Projector, it is very important to get clear on exactly what you feel SEEN for, and then when you meet people that don’t give you that specific Recognition, it is easy to say NO to them. So easy, and there is no trauma, resentment, or bitterness in that.

If I can direct people, especially with marketing and messaging, and if I can empower them, I want people in my world to actually recognize that I’ve empowered them, so NOW they’re taking action, and NOW they have a huge breakthrough. NOW they have become so clear within themselves in their content and in the way they attract clients.

It’s not about even how many clients they get. That doesn’t bother me at all. I know they will, and I do not need to add “get X number of clients every week” into my messaging. This is not what I specifically guide through, and I do not want clients to expect this specific outcome from working with me.

What matters to me is that they are empowered, expanding their reach, creating this shiny cover for their visibility, and then growing into it. And they become “THAT BIGGER VERSION” -because that is the story of my life, too. Creating a bigger version, putting it online, and then growing into it at my own pace. This is what I’m guiding others. It’s important for me that people recognize me for that kind of impact, not something else.

Another example of Recognition for me would be people who come to me and say, “I need marketing strategies. Tell me how to make money, OH JUST TELL ME HOW TO!”

And they’re overlooking the fact that how I specifically work is I look at their energetics and work with their messaging, more like empowering them to lean into their energetics, empowering them to let go of shoulds and generic marketing guru-taught structures and try and find their own “mold.”
Which is always there anyway…

It’s just that they’re looking for something else so hard. They forget that there’s a voice inside each of us that can be expressed, and that’s what I really want.

So when people recognize me for this, this is the right Recognition for me when clients just say to me, “I love that you’re my coach,” but I don’t see that they recognize me for what I want to be recognized – they simply like having me in their world, but that is not why I do what I do as a business. I am not interested in hanging out. Even if, on a personal level, they are lovely. They are not correct people for my business. They do not contribute to my feeling of success. In fact, they contribute to my self-doubt if I am really bringing the value I want to bring. But this is a whole another huge topic on wrong clients in our businesses…

This is how I see Recognition, so how do you ensure that it happens, especially with your marketing?

The Waiting

Even if you are not a Projector, you can still have some Projected energy in your chart that needs to wait for the right timing and the right environment (people) before being expressed.

As I am working on Marketing Blueprint By Design™ reports for clients, I see even deeper into it. It is in some of the lines in our Profiles, and sometimes even in more minor variables, like your Motivation. And it is all about how you can be recognized if you are expressing yourself in the wrong environment in front of incorrect people or at the incorrect timing. There will be repercussions.

I wanted to talk about what are the right conditions for the recognition. What can you do? What can you be in charge of to be indeed seen and recognized BEFORE you can act, speak, help, or offer guidance?

For example, if you have a line 5 in your profile (5/1s and 5/2s are the worst affected), it can damage your reputation if you’re saying something at the wrong timing, and people misunderstand what you’re saying and straightaway project their anger or other negative emotions onto you. So you need to be discerning and wait for the right timing to speak or do something.

Or I was working with 1/8, The Channel of Inspiration. G-Center to the Throat. It is so interesting because this energy kicks in when you get an idea, a divine inspiration. And sometimes your idea will defy any logic – and we’re living in a world that is defined by logic. When you get this idea,  you can only express it in front of people who recognize you for a particular talent you have, for a particular gift you have, for a particular quality you have. Only then it will be heard and perceived correctly.

It’s not that they see you as an expert in something, and there are also ten other experts in the same area – so they just see you just as one of the experts. You are the same as the other to them. (A horrid place to be if they are choosing who to work with and the decision is based on how low your fees are or how much you have packed your offers that it feels you have 24/7 availability and no boundaries at all. All wrong basis for hiring an expert, yet so common in traditional businesses. -and this often causes us to hate our businesses, our clients, and ultimately ourselves in business too. A horrid place.)

It is about you being on purpose, embodying that specific energy you seek to be recognized for. That clear specific recognition that makes you feel your alignment feeling of success if you are a Projector, or satisfaction for Generators and MGs, or peace for Manifectors, or surprise for Reflectors. So recognition is a very, very specific thing. And you need to be amongst people who see you for that “thing.”

Your Stage

One area to look at it is when you’re showing up as the face of your business, and you choose your main visibility platform.

For example, my platform has always been my Facebook personal profile, where I can connect with people. Recently, I also started pouring my expression into blogging because I’ve niched down, and for anyone who niches deep down, it’s not a bad idea to write articles or create a YouTube channel and make sure you’re discoverable by creating smart titles for your blogs or videos. For someone like me – with my particular design specifics – it’s important that, first of all, I focus on discoverability. This is very strategic. This means that I’m only attracting people who are looking for a particular answer to a particular question.

When they find me, they get exposed to more content AND my offers too. Then I can bring them into my world closer. If they did buy into any of the training or services, they get invited into my exclusive Facebook group.

I know not every one of these people will be “my people” 100%. I reserve the right to choose who I am allowing, who enters my world, even if they’re entering some of the offers that I have that are kind of open for anyone to enter.

Not everyone after, for example, ordering my Marketing Blueprint By Design™, will be invited to even consider the opportunity to be in my Visibility That Sells Accelerator, my inner circle, and have me as their Guide because I don’t work as a Guide with just about anyone. I used to work with some people, and I could see after a while that they actually recognized me for something else. They did not recognize me for what I needed because they were not taking action with my guidance, and I didn’t see any impact for which I wanted to be recognized. And that is a big, big thing for me. I don’t want to be “paid for chats.”

Make sure that there are correct people in front of you when you share your guidance or vision directly with them. Especially if you have any channels where your creative ideas need to wait for recognition or maybe you have an open Throat or any other energies that require waiting before you speak. (If you do not know, you can order your Marketing Blueprint By Design™ here.)

You must ensure that you have the correct people in your audience. But how do you do that? For example, on social media, how do you do that?

The secret I’ve discovered is that you can only do it if you trust yourself. You can only do it if you trust that expressing yourself publicly is a safe thing to do. As long as you are true to yourself, as long as you’re really passionate about what you’re about to say. When we’re talking about Human Design and our energies, and the need to wait for recognition, it is all about interacting with others via our auras. We can feel each other’s vibes and presence, and this is really our aura’s talking and interacting.

On social media, curating your audience is essential to feel safe and attract people who see and recognize you. But how do you do that?

First of all, learning about your energetics and learning what is correct for you and what is incorrect for you by Design. Then implementing this into your funnels (see the next section for more on an example of a funnel.)

You are not for everyone, and not everyone is for you. If there’s anybody in your audience that is simply a very wrong person – you know exactly who they are. You can, and you have the power (and you can gain the courage) to intentionally let go of them.

How do I deal with that on Facebook? Very simply! If they’re really out of line, I block them. So I basically deny them the right to even see into my existence. I find that very empowering. I do not need to bend backward when I feel that this is energetically coming to person for me. I do not need to apologize for this. I do not need to “work with myself” to be a “better person.” It is all just “black or white,”; correct or incorrect. That is the choice to base your decision on.

If it’s really incorrect – BLOCK. Just like that. No excuses. If I allow a person who is incorrect to still be in my world in some capacity, it’s like I’m tying my wings. I can’t fly. By being there, they take away my ability to fly. So my block list is huge. And it feels good.

The other thing that I do with some people who might be incorrect, but blocking is just a step too far… maybe they haven’t crossed the line or I did not feel energetically repelled just yet. I UNFOLLOW them. I allow them to still be my friends, but I unfollow them.

I no longer see their content, although maybe they’re still watching me. I know there are some people who I was in closer interaction before and I still see them occasionally commenting on some of my posts, but those posts usually are very engaged posts. But I don’t message them or reply to their messages, if any (or reply with a one-liner without further engaging.) So you can “switch off” that person in your life. You have the right to -you don’t owe anything to anyone. The only thing you’re here to experience is the connection to yourself and to others – to find the ones that ARE correct for you.

And sometimes there are just triggering events in the world that gets people a little too expressive, or you just got tired of someone and want to test if they are triggering you or perhaps something else does. Either way, someone temporarily creates not-so-correct energy for you. You can SNOOZE them for 30 days. Facebook has all those options.

However, you don’t owe anyone, in particular, any of your time. That’s wasting time, and that is the greatest, in my opinion, attitude to have in terms of understanding that need to “wait to be recognized” to express some of the ideas, to speak. You are not timidly waiting to be noticed. You decide WHO get the privilege of experiencing YOU.

To Wait Or Not To Wait

You need to wait to express yourself directly if your design tells you you have some of those energies. It is about an energetic invitation to share your guidance directly, not to create content, not to speak up and write an article or something. It’s about talking to another person. It’s about when the other person is directly involved.

It is the same with Manifestors, for example. Anytime Manifestor will get resistance is when they’re directly affecting another person because that’s an aura interaction. And they have a closed (repelling if they do not consider how others feel it) aura. When they enter the room, their aura is so dense already, so when they do something unexpected by others, it feels almost threatening, and so they are met with resistance. Everything happens on that subconscious energetic level. It is not even a conscious thing, how we feel each other’s auras…

Manifestors need to wait for the inner clarity where they feel that creative spark can be acted upon but need to inform anyone involved before the action happens. Soften the energetic impact a bit, and get them on board by letting them know what is about to happen. But Manifestors don’t owe anyone anything. They do not need permission and definitely not to express themselves on social media, for example. If they want to create content about whatever their creative sparkle is, whatever they want to express, they can just go and do it. They don’t need to wait for that. But by doing that and by taking the courage to allow themselves to do that freely, that’s how they get a chance to be recognized.

By the way, a HUGE point for anyone – nobody needs to wait for recognition before creating content for their visibility, marketing, and business. This is how we attract people who see and recognize us correctly in the first place. This is what we do while waiting. Waiting is never a passive act of sitting on your hand, hoping for a miracle. We can create the foundation for the recognition to happen.

Recognition, the true kind, opens the hearts and the minds of people for us. We can share and know that what we share impacts others correctly.

And when we cannot ensure we have that recognition when directly interacting with people, we need to think twice if sharing is worth it.

For example, as a Projector, I need to be recognized in order for another person to receive my guidance. Whenever I see a discussion in a Facebook group or someone I follow started one, and there’s a question or a statement that triggers me to offer my perspective or guide them or show them a different view, I am aware that my energy (especially in those passionate moments where I feel the pressure to share) can be very heavy to receive. In the past, I was in situations where my reply was not received well at all, and I would feel bitter and resentful about not being perceived correctly. But they did not ask me for THAT much guidance, they did not SEE me as someone they recognized, and so my energy appeared way too heavy for them. They don’t have the recognition of my brilliance as a guide.

Now, with some of my clients who really do recognize me for the right thing, I can go in as heavy and as direct as it gets (and I am a very straightforward and direct person.) I don’t like mind games, and I’m very bad at them. So I just like I say as is, or at least I try, and they can take it. And it is something they needed to hear at that moment. And I feel seen and recognized as they often thank me for the breakthrough that happened there and then. I noticed it’s safe for me to be direct and heavy and laser-sharp and tell them exactly what the problem is. In some other scenario, if I wasn’t recognized, this information would have come in a very wrong way, and there would be a real break-up in relationships, which could be damaging.

Messaging tip

If you find that people recognize you for something that you don’t want to be recognized for, create content around it. Talk about it. “This is not what lights my heart”, and “this is not what matters to me.” Yes, there are so many things I can do well, but this is not where I feel like the most important recognition for me is. I am here to…” (and you express what you want to be recognized for.)

Your content and messaging is the powerful channel for communicating who you are and what you want to do. And who you want to attract. But not in an overly simple way, like “If you’re an entrepreneur, this is for you.” I’m not talking about this. I’m talking about expressing who you are and then letting the correct people actually see you for who you are, actually see beyond those words and see into your energy and really feel open and say this is the person from “you are the girl for me to take me from this point A to point B.”

If I feel the same energetic connection to them, usually, that’s what happens. I can really create a big impact. And if I don’t feel an invitation inside an energetic invitation, if I have any red flags, and then my mind overrules them, those relationships are always incorrect. And sometimes, I tolerated some of these kinds of relationships and probably still do some of them, because nobody’s perfect. This is all a journey.

But it’s so interesting to just observe this whole thing about the correct recognition. And how we always know who is correct and who is incorrect, but we let our mind and logic override our instincts. Our first impressions are the red flags that we see. And we, you know, get into these mediocre relationships that are disempowering, actually, because nothing less than amazingly correct for you is empowering. And that’s what I want for you. I want you to focus on the recognition that you deserve. So you have more and more people who recognize you for who you are.


So how do I put it into my funnels? I express myself by creating very discoverable pieces of content.

For example, if I want to talk about something really specific, like Human Design environments – I will go on, and I will see what people are Googling around this area. I research what has been created and try and see how much really brilliant competition there is already. Maybe there are so many excellent pieces that it’s very difficult to compete. Maybe I just need to narrow down the title or play with my topic a little bit in order to be discoverable, and it is possible for me because I’m niching.

I’m a Projector, through my design, I niched into marketing by Human Design and it did transform my business (proving that for my energy type and profile going deep is key.) I talk about line 5 or 1/3 profile a lot, and I am planning to talk about other things that really like niche things that really interest me, so I can create powerful content because I can get in the zone talking about them. So this is how people find me – through niche discoverable topics that serve them my content through Google search. And then they tell all their friend too sometimes.

Then I use the call to action in these articles to lead them to what some marketers call “foot in the door.” (Not my favorite term, frankly speaking.) Which is maybe they order my Marketing Blueprint By Design™, and it’s not a low-cost product either. It is a medium-cost product, and it’s something that I fully deliver. I often give over 30 pages of dense text of really detailed, comprehensive information that they can take to learn their energetics, and also my visibility expert insights about how these energetics could show or be used when they’re showing up for their online visibility for their marketing for working with clients for structuring their business.

And now, they are my clients, they have experienced my guidance already, and NOW I can curate. I can either invite them to talk about more support. I have a group that’s only for clients, so I can invite them and deliver maybe more interesting ideas and concepts in the group.

An interesting observation about having a Facebook group is that I’m not drawn to be active in the group because it’s not in my nature. I think it is good to have a common place for all your clients. I work on letting go of that fear of missing out or fear of not doing enough to “engage my audience.” At the end of the day, everything goes into the Newsfeed. They don’t care if I haven’t posted anything for a week and they haven’t seen anything for a week from me. They’re not going to leave the group because of infrequent posting. That is not what usually happens.

We just go into our Newsfeed, and if the post is there, it’s there. 

So that was a big one to let go of, you know, just go with my natural energies of just being me, and you know, yes, I like to have a group that sees me as a Guide, but I don’t have to bend backward for them. I will come and guide them when the time is correct to speak when I feel like I have something to say. This is also my curated safe space to actually be open to someone who will listen to what I’m saying and go with me. Although showing up in a more exposed environment like my personal profile was my choice before, I feel it is more appropriate to go deeper into my expertise in a designated space. It is like basking in the street, and those who love it stay and listen, or having a gig in the venue, where people go to intentionally to listen to me.

Discovery Calls

Another example of making sure we communicate our value to correct people. Let’s say someone booked a discovery call, and you have that energy that needs to be only expressed at the right timing. Or you have this energy of “fixing” the errors as your gift is seeing solutions. It could be your Motivation (True or transferred at that moment) that pushes you to get engaged when you need to stand back and just observe, or jump in laying out all the solutions when you really need to hear the person out yet and energetically “probe” if it is safe – and correct – for you to share your solutions at that time. This is where we act from our shadows, from our conditioning, from our non-self, rushing into speaking, rushing into fixing, and energetically we put people off, and so they do not want more of us. They feel off. Even if they like us as people, something did not feel right.

Trust me. It is always rooted in the fact that we do not assess if they SEE us, if it is good timing to share or if they are the correct people to be on that call in the first place. Personally, this is why there is no “book a call” buttons on my website. I want anyone on my sales calls already have some experience of me as a guide and SEE me as their Guide to an extent.

Then on the call, I can assess if they are correct for me and if sharing my vision, my solutions, and what I see or channel as guidance for them is safe to share. So the call becomes about ME wanting to see if allowing this person closer into my life (through my business) is a good idea in the first place. And this changes the dynamics of the calls; it takes away the desperation to “close the sale” and allows to attract more correct people that in the traditional world are known as “ideal clients.”

Showing up

The recognition is a really specific thing. And yes, every one of us can really curate who we will allow to SEE us. And I do not mean hiding from people. This is the opposite of what I’m trying to say. Because a lot of people are so afraid, they’re still looking for some sort of validation on the outside. They’re still looking for answers to “is my voice good enough” or “should I just take that person’s structure and just try and tweak it and create something of my own based on that”

And there is nothing wrong in learning how brilliant people do things and then, tailoring it to how you do things. That’s how we, humans, learn – from observation. So there were, it’s not like blind copying, although that happens too. And that’s not good because that’s when you don’t trust yourself. But you can always get inspired, but you still need to trust yourself and your voice to express yourself. You need to trust your energetic right to choose who to talk to.

For that, you need to be showing up. You can’t be hiding. Recognition will never happen if you’re hiding. Recognition will only happen when you’re showing up powerfully. When you’re showing up when you trust in your voice, when you’re not concerned about if this is the right structure fits the wrong structure if you just try things on, but you’re not concerned that somebody says this is wrong.

Unless you’re doing something wrong, and they will, someone like me (your Guide) sees that and says, hey, you were doing this wrong. You’re trying to be someone else. But I want you to be yourself because you are brilliant. You’re brilliant. And I admire you. And that’s the kind of recognition I wish for you.

And now that you have finished the article, I invite you to listen to the raw audio contemplation that inspired it. If you want to hear me speaking, of course.

Recognition in Human Design

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