HELP! 1000 Members Disappeared From My Facebook Group Overnight!

by | Jan 18, 2019

Facebook Group Admins: do not panic if you see a huge decrease in your members’ numbers!

These are just the changes to the member area inside the groups which is actually designed to show more accurately how many members you ACTUALLY have – without counting in those who have been involved and have not accepted the invite or even ever visited your group!

In my opinion, this is a good thing and a very overdue update to group members metrics – it gives the admin a good idea of how many members have joined the group and also an opportunity to remind the invited ones to join or cancel those invitations.



This has been rolling out throughout 2018, but it seems to now be a standard feature. When someone is added to the group they are now getting a special invitation via a notification. (Before the invited/added people would automatically become members) INVITED MEMBERS SECTION


This is a section available inside your members’ area. You can see who has been invited but have not yet joined.

These will only be considered members of your group if they explicitly accept your invite. While before they would be considered members straight away, therefore, impacting your total members’ metrics.


So if you do believe your group is a good fit for those people, you can now send them individual reminders to check out your group and join if they wish

P.S. I do not recommend sending too many reminders to the same person. I draw a vale on twice. Once a person might miss the notification, but more than twice is spamming!

Top Tip: You can keep a spreadsheet of people you have invited and track how many times they have been reminded. Or you can use a Chrome plugin called Full Page Screen Capture to save the pending members to a pdf and check against if they are still pending the next time you set on to send out reminders.

Watch the video to see how you can access the INVITED section on the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook.Facebook Group Admins: do not panic if you see a huge decrease in your members’ numbers!

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