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by | Oct 1, 2021

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What do your potential clients want?

Are you tired of second-guessing what to post about in your Facebook group? Here is the secret, people who come to join your group want something, they are missing something, and they can absolutely tell you what it is, but you need to have a specific strategy to make it easy.

Have you ever posted in a group asking them to share what they are struggling with, and you heard crickets on that post? There are two ways to look at it. One is that they do not want to admit their problems publically, would you? I know that when I see posts with lots of people sharing about their struggles, most of those people are “information seekers” in the very first stages of dealing with the problem, so they are trying to get any advice they can (for free, preferably). This is why they share publically, hoping this will give them answers. That sort of engagement can only be monetized if there is a freebie or a low-cost online training that can be sold to them. With one condition – you have a huge audience of these kinds of people. For example, I know a multimillion-dollar business coach who has built a massive Facebook group, but 90% of the group members are low-cost product buyers. So she keeps offering them$7 trainings or $24 dollar course bundles – leveraging on the number of people that will not hesitate to buy these since most of the group does not have the high-ticket investment mindset.

Yes, there is another 10% who will see the value of getting deeper into coaching and paying the higher fees. Still, with a group of nearly 100K members, this becomes a very good tool for recruiting high-ticket clients from a small percentage of the audience, which is still thousands of people. you can absolutely make this your strategy and focus on creating something juicy that your low-end audience will eagerly grab and then run some ads to a wide audience building your group and leveraging the numbers with low-cost trainings. When I look at the abovementioned coach, she still has to work super hard- she runs a lot of live trainings, packed with value, and spent a lot of effort on being present and visible (since she delivered the videos live, you see this was not “outsources” she HAS to work for it!)

The good news is that those who are serious about investing usually keep it quiet, but they often watch us very, very closely. Therefore having no visible engagement on your posts does not in any way mean that your potential leads are not being nurtured. And this is what attraction marketing is all about. Not looking out, hoping they will engage, this is a very disempowering angle to approach your client attraction efforts. You will always feel like you are begging for something. Instead, turn your light ON! And start enjoying creating content you are so passionate about, focusing on showing up in a way that makes sense, creates a powerful presence, and addresses the issues that your target audience is experiencing. Then knowing what they want can be a great source of inspiration for you as you no longer beg for attention but CLAIM IT by expressing yourself in the most magnetic way (My Marketing Blueprint By Design can help you get there).

So, we came back to the question – how do we know what they need? How do we find out what they are struggling with if they do not publically admit it?

And here is the thing, we have an option to ask these questions whenever someone asks to join our Facebook group. Often they do, and in some great detail. But the difficulty is that every time we approve new members, their answers are gone forever. This is why I love the tool I am going to talk about in this article – Group Funnels.

You know there is a big difference in what we – experts- think they need and what they ACTUALLY think they are looking for. People are always stuck in searching in the wrong direction, misunderstanding the symptoms or the reasons behind the symptoms. So with these answers, we can steer our content to shift their mindset, bust through myths and help overcome limiting beliefs -and ultimately prepare your audience to what we call “a point A” – a stage where they know/have done/understand everything to be a good fit to enter your Signature Program.

So if you have people joining your group, you ask them three questions like:

  • What content are you hoping to find inside the group?
  • What are the areas you may want to improve right now?
  • The most difficult aspect/task/part of [XYZ] for you right now is…

Basically, you need to ask questions that are easy to answer and not directly ask, “what you are struggling with?” – because most people will not say because they do not want to share or because they do not know. So try asking indirect questions that lead you to understand – in your expert opinion- what is causing the symptoms.

What is Group Funnels?

Group Funnels is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to save answers from all new members that ask to join your group into a Google Spreadsheet, so you can have a bank of data to draw inspiration from and create content for the group – without overthinking. It approves all pending members automatically, saving the data from their answers into your own member area, where you can then push it into a dedicated Google Sheet. Approve all in one click, and you can then push the data to your sheet occasionally or straight away- that is totally up to you but also requires just a couple of clicks.

Without such a tool, you will be forced to copy and paste every answer manually, and this can take a very long time, hours – if there a quite a few pending requests.

Why Is It Brilliant For A Facebook Group Owner?

I already talked about collecting very interesting data from the answers to membership questions. Of course, it is only new members that answer questions, but if you are running a pop-up group for your program, free training series, or a challenge – this could give you tonnes of ideas about what people who have joined the group would love to see content about. And this means their attention is always focused on you as their Guide!

So say this is a pop-up group for a 5-day live training experience. You have a form elsewhere where members register, and you can redirect them into the new group, so they will land on the page where they ask to join, and they have to answer three questions. In such case, you already have their email address, so use your imagination to ask them about their needs (like in my suggestions earlier.) People who intentionally register for trainings are much likelier to open up about their struggles. It gives you a fantastic library of prompts to open up your posts and title your videos, as where one person struggles with something, there will be more like them.

Another scenario – you are opening a new group, maybe it is for your Alumni, and you are driving your hottest traffic- current and past clients – into it. You can see from the answers they leave what specific issues they need addressing, which actually gives you even more niche topics to address with your content.

And Build Your Email List – FAST

If you are running a free Facebook group that people can find while browsing Facebook, or you drive traffic to it in your promotional materials, you can make sure you get the most data from your members, so you can get in touch with them off-Facebook (always a good idea). So make one of the questions presented as an offer: offer a VERY JUICY freebie in exchange for their email address. This way, you are growing your group AND your list simultaneously. Building an email list is essential for any business, and the most suitable recipients are the members that bother joining your group in the first place. We know they are looking for a solution that you may have. But manually copying and pasting addresses from Facebook into a sheet can be so exhausting, so Group Funnels extension becomes a great way to automate approvals and collect the data

The ninja version of that is connecting your Google sheet with your email provider (using an integration tool like Zapier, which has five free zaps for grabs, so you do not even have to pay for it if this is the only thing you have connected.)

This means someone asks to join your group, answers questions and gives you their email address, you approve them using GroupFunnels (by the way to approve youjust have to use a browser where you have Group Funnels installed and activated – then all you do is click Approve All button in the group, no extra action is required. Then you can access the data in Group Funnels and push it with one click onto the Google Sheet and if you set up Zapier, when the email address is added onto the sheet, your email software can send them a specific email, or even an automated series of emails, welcoming into the group, and maybe pointing to the best resources inside. How cool is that?

Pricing & Benefits

Here is the best part- this is not a subscription based tool. It is just one off payment for a lifetie license, and it can be used with more than one Facebook group – perfect for various pop up groups for your free events as part of your launches.

And think about this, if you were asked to pay 300 bucks to forever be able to discover what your group members REALLY want to know, that is a great investment, right? To me it is a no brainer, and I think this is the only way to think about it. 300 bucks for a lifetime of best marketing research system – the one that targets YOUR people. Plus if you do outreach, each of these answers gives you THE PERFECT way to customise your message to each member. So they do not feel like a number in the group, they feel special as a real person. And people work with people they like and who makes them feel appreciated. It is how we all operate. I go to coffee shops that have friendly stuff (even if it is not the best coffee). I want to feel connected, welcome and appreciated for my time. Group Funnels gives you exactly that! Ease of use, saving time, and the most precous marketing data you can get!

All for a one-time fee of $297 USD.

Get your copy of Group Funnels Chrome Extension here

Juliette Stapleton

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Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

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She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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