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by | Oct 29, 2022

We have to stop taking things so literally all the time. Especially learning about our Design, Strategy, Authority and other nuances.

I have been seeing posts in Human Design-related groups from Generators complaining that they cannot stick to doing “what brings them joy,” and I get it.

The advice is to follow what lights you up, and your body’s Hell YESSes can be slightly misleading as somehow (even though we seem to be all adults here and think logically), somehow we expect that doing what you love is some happily ever after where nothing is ever less than absolute ecstasy.

So when the wave subsides, you get all upset about being “stuck” – baffled with “what happened?” and this major frustration you are feeling (especially as a Generator/MG).

And this is not just Generators. Projectors get all weird about having to “wait for invitations” and that they are not being invited every moment of their day. Line 4 people get mean when they are told their energy is NOT for selling to strangers…. The list goes on.

Everyone can take something in their Design as if it is an absolute final statement and talk themselves into a form of a disempowered stance.

My mission is to, first of all, look into the essence of it. What does this ACTUALLY mean, and are we taking a tiny part of the whole and thinking that this is IT? Or are we going to explore to see if this is just a part of the puzzle that is actually quite beautiful in its mechanics?

Before you go into feeling all disillusioned with your life, you need to remind yourself what it is to be human.

We are beings of a certain FLOW. Sometimes it flows up, and sometimes it flows down.
Sometimes we feel inspired, and sometimes we feel empty and tired.
Sometimes we are active, and sometimes we sleep to recharge and restore our bodies.

This is a law of nature – it is how we are created. Our world that is based on duality:

You cannot know what beautiful is if you have not experienced the ugly. And you cannot be forever in the state o bliss as you will lose touch with what it feels when you are NOT in a state of bliss. It is absolutely normal to surf these waves of life – emotional, inspirational, mental, and spiritual.

This is how we grow, and this is our human life experience.

So let’s take the “only do what lights you up” advice for Generators.

Maybe you (Generator/MG) started something correctly – by Responding to something on the outside of you. Remember that you can respond (a feeling flowing through your body), which could trigger some ideas and inspirations.

So as long as this happened in Response, you can act upon these prompts of your mind. Taking action is not considered initiating simply because the first point was correct for your strategy – you Responded.

Yesterday, I saw a Generator asking “if launching is initiating,” and that they are afraid to launch because of that. Trust me, most people dislike launches (even some do not ever admit it) because it is a very stressful process for our nervous system – especially if you are doing it all solo or with a small team.

Scratch that. Some CEOs also lose sleep over major launches in their business. It is that kind of pressure that is hard to bear. So in a way, your mind will try to grasp onto any excuse to sabotage your launching.

In this case, with Human Design, it is a complete misunderstanding of the strategy of Responding (for Generators/GMs). Let me explain.

You woke up in the middle of the night with an idea in your head: “I should create this online course about this because it can really help those people to do that”!

This is not Responding. This is just getting ideas.

So if you – a Generator/MG start creating everything to launch such a course, you may meet a lot of resistance on the way (which already indicates incorrectness) and eventually get frustrated that things are not working out your way. Keep pushing, and you get completely burnt out and paralyzed by inaction (MGs may not experience this, but regular Generators often do).

Or another version when you are just so annoyed with things not working that you feel “enough is enough” and you start doing something as a result of that annoyance, fear or frustration. This is not Responding, but initiating from Non-Self and will result with meeting more resistance in your way. Remember, when you follow your strategy to Respond 

In another scenario, you were in a Facebook group, and someone asked a question about something you could help with. Reading it, you felt the flow in your body, the light. It was that notorious “Hell YEAH” feeling.

So you thought, “Wow, I could create a course that could help such a person achieve this, and they will completely transform their XYZ.” Now, THAT is Responding and taking inspired action based on your Response.

So you go ahead, and you launch this course, and things fall into place in a much better way, but at some point, you hit a plateau and start feeling a little stuck. If you know how Generator’s progress trajectory is, you will be already aware that in this case, that feeling of lack of clarity is a very normal process in your Generator’s life and not an indication of a wall in front of you.

In fact, this could be a sign that something is brewing and there is a breakthrough, a shift ahead. So you keep going trusting your Design, and BOOM, you are on what they call “the next level” (such a Generator’s saying, by the way).

So there is a combination of two principles. Be realistic about the duality of our human life (dark/light, happy/sad) – so do not expect to be joyful at all times… But if you have Responded to something that is bringing you joy, you will have a great chance to push through the natural plateaus that may not feel that joyful but are there to help you master your process.

By the way, another VERY important point if you are NOT a Manifesting Generator – focus on one thing at a time. The plateaus help your Mastery as you go deeper and deeper into your gift/skill/process.

Understanding the mechanics of something is key to not running around like a rabbit in the headlight, convincing yourself that nothing brings you joy.

Slow down to Accelerate.

Your Design is ALWAYS perfect for you. But it is up to you to trust it.

Juliette Stapleton

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Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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