Congratulations -You are in!

Please read carefully:

A purchase receipt, as well as my Welcome email, is on its way to your inbox. Please check promotions/updates/spam folders if you don’t see it and then drag it into your primary folder so you don’t miss the challenge emails. It is your responsibility to keep an eye on the emails to stay on track.


Step 1: You will receive an email every Tuesday and Thursday with a link to a page on this website where you will access:

  • A fully customisable Topic for your video.
  • An explanation of what you should focus on in your delivery
  • A suggested Call To Action to use that would be appropriate to the topic.
  • A Live Video Prep/Script Sheet that you could print out (or create your own bullet points based on that sheet)

Step 2: You can go live on the Day you receive your email or the next day.

Step 3: ENGAGEMENT SECRET! Do not reply to comments straight away. Wait a day after you went live, go back and reply to every comment to boost the video’s visibility in the Newsfeed for another while.


Good Luck With Fuelling Your Lives!

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate