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Week 4. Day 1.

Today’s topic: Invitation To Work With Me To [insert desired outcome]

In order to actually get clients, we must regularly make invitations to our audience and let them know we are available to guide them and support them.

I want you to keep this video short, it is not meant to “convince” anyone, just give some facts about the steps your program takes them through.

Start with something like: “Many of my followers recently reached out to me asking for some details of what I do, and I thought it may be a good idea to just go live and chat about it some times.”

Be relaxed. This video is not a sales pitch. It is simply giving some information – like to a friend.

Cover the following:

What is the main outcome of your program? Spend most time here talking about what they can achieve (rather than how you will deliver the program). Use specific scenarios to show where they are at now and what is likely to happen if they fully commit.

Who is the best-suited person for it? Outline what have they already tried and experienced, what they are looking for.

How long the program is, what format (one-on-one, group, etc.)

Give them a vague indication of the investment. You can name the price if you want, or you can say – it is a couple of hundred dollars, it is a high three-figure number, it is a low 4 figure number.

Try in one sentence to give them a justification for the price. (For example, “Just imagine how much money you will spend on medical prescriptions and bills in the next 10 years if you continue neglecting your health.” or ” You can simply throw away ten times more on ads and yet still get not visibility and no results as people are too sick and tired of the same old ads and no connection”.)

Tell them what will happen when they reach out on Messenger or comment below. (For example: “If you send me a PM I will reply and ask you a few short questions to see if what I do can really help you, and then we can have a chat about the details” or ” When you reach out I will have a quick chat with you on Messenger and if we both feel good we can jump on a call to chat about working together”.) This is to give them a sense of ease about what happens when they send you a message, because, believe it or not, most people are afraid to be the first one to send messages.

Finish with a call-to-action
“Reach out if you feel like you are ready to make a change, and we can talk about how I can help you.”

I use this EXACT framework to make regular invitations to join my programs both on video and in written posts. Post these approximately once a week for maximum input. Yes they are not against Facebook’s terms and conditions EVEN on your personal profile.

Sample bulletpoints prep:

  • The main outcome -what pain am I taking away? What is likely to happen instead? (5min)
  • The best-suited person for it (one phrase)
  • How long the program is, what format (one-on-one, group, etc.)
  • A vague indication of the investment.
  • Why this price is a no-brainer. (What else they can waste money/energy on instead)
  • What will happen when they reach out on Messenger or comment below.
  • Call-to-action for the right person to reach out and chat.

BEFORE your live video:

Make sure you fill the live video description with the topic above (obviously add your tip first) BEFORE you go live, so your audience has a reason to tune in or watch the replay. 

AFTER your live video:

    ENGAGEMENT SECRET! Do not reply to comments straight away. Wait a day after you went live, go back and reply to every comment to boost the video's visibility in the Newsfeed for another while.

    If you are a Visibility That Sells Accelerator client:

    After you went live, just share the video with the Visibility That Sells Accelerator Facebook group for support and feedback. (You can later also share the link to the video in a comment to the following Handraiser Squad post if you want us to help you boost your engagement).  

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    Helpful Resources FOR Livestreaming On Facebook

    If you prefer to have a structured prep sheet, click not the button below to download my Live Video Prep/Script Sheet in a pdf.

    (I suggest printing it out 2 to a page, to save space and ink.)

    Visibility is not a sprint…
    slow down to accelerate