Fuel Your Lives

Week 3. Day 2.

Today’s topic: You may be not seeing results because you are [insert limiting belief]

Today I want you to address some industry myths.

Something that other “guru”s tell your ideal client needs to do to get results, but YOU KNOW that it is not true or necessary and might even end up harming them. In this livestream, I want you to call out why doing or believing what they have been told elsewhere may be stopping them from getting results (or harming them).

Finish with a call-to-action (CTA) that inspires a small action.

CTA example:
“Reach out if you feel you have been stuck and you are ready to make a change, and we can talk about how I can help you.”

“Comment YES below if you have ever felt this way.”

“Tell me in the comments what is your experience with…”

BEFORE your live video:

Make sure you fill the live video description with the topic above (obviously add your tip first) BEFORE you go live, so your audience has a reason to tune in or watch the replay. 

AFTER your live video:

    ENGAGEMENT SECRET! Do not reply to comments straight away. Wait a day after you went live, go back and reply to every comment to boost the video's visibility in the Newsfeed for another while.

    If you are a Visibility That Sells Accelerator client:

    After you went live, just share the video with the Visibility That Sells Accelerator Facebook group for support and feedback. (You can later also share the link to the video in a comment to the following Handraiser Squad post if you want us to help you boost your engagement).  

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    Helpful Resources FOR Livestreaming On Facebook

    If you prefer to have a structured prep sheet, click not the button below to download my Live Video Prep/Script Sheet in a pdf.

    (I suggest printing it out 2 to a page, to save space and ink.)

    Visibility is not a sprint…
    slow down to accelerate