Specially designed for action-driven coaches & experts


(4-weeks Authority Building

Livestreaming Marathon )

You know how vital it is these days to produce great video content for our followers to binge on. If you have been struggling to show up on video or needed a structure to start building that authority status and your video content library – this program is a perfect place to start!

It will not just get you into the groove. It is specifically designed as a 4-week cycle to nurture and drive your followers to your offer/program.

Best candidates will not have a complete fear of live video, know who they are targeting and have a proven offer/program they want to drive their followers towards. You will also be invited to share your livestreams in a Facebook group for coaches and experts for accountability!

In 30 days, you can expect to have 8 brilliant marketing-speaking live videos in your content bank that position you as an authority and build that Know Like & Trust factor fast racking your viewers to become your clients.

You can start this marathon any time. You will begin on  a Tuesday, following your registration. We provide customisable prompts – you show up and talk about the area of your expertise using the prompts.

Easy. Consistent. Effective!


Who is this Program for:

Action-driven coaches and consultants, who want to leverage the power of Facebook Live to raise their status as a top of mind expert in their niche and an authority, in order to help them attract and convert more clients and charge what they are worth with confidence.

This program is NOT for you if you have a paralyzing fear of going live, if you are unsure who you target or what your offer is.

You will go live with specific instructions about what to say and your CTA twice a week within 30 days. You can start all over again when you are done, slightly customising the prompts, creating a perfect funnel for your conversions.

Results and benefits:

Immediate results during the challenge:

  • Increased confidence and competence
  • Consistent livestreaming schedule
  • No overwhelm deciding on what to talk about on their lives
  • Becoming more natural and fluent with live video

Long Term Benefits:

  • Amazing perception as an expert from the first glance at your content.
  • Increased engagement
  • Increased lead generating results and publicity opportunities (guest appearances on podcasts, online shows)
  • Better quality clients and many more of them
  • More sales opportunities with one-to-many livestreaming events
  • Having created a library of videos that you can send your leads to, so you can nurture them and educate around any possible mindset shifts they need in order to work with you and get RESULTS!

What is included in the Program:

You will begin from the following TUESDAY from your registration date.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning you will receive a completely customisable live video topic by email – this will include some explanation and occasionally tips for more effective livestreaming.  Our research shows that going live three times a week is the most effective frequency that, in addition to your written content, allows your leads to observe you “as you are”, instead of just assuming things about you and your business by having internal monologues while reading your posts.

Do you see the difference?

You will actually allow your potential clients to experience your presence in their lives – that presence PRE-SELLS them on working with you and not your competitors! 

Twice A week Topics customisable to your niche

Every Tuesday and Thursday for 4 weeks, I will send you an email to give you a link to the video with a topic and my instruction on how to present it and what call-to-action is appropriate to use. (As a suggestion, of course, you should go with what FEELS good at the time). Choose topics that answer the most frequent concerns and questions your clients ask and remember, after the program you can choose to do similar videos about other idea you have to add to your content library with ease!

ESSENTIAL INSTRUCTIONS & Tips to help you create better livestreams

While this not a coaching program, and it does not include a community to support you -we will make sure you get the access to all extras you may need to improve your videos and how they come across. Every instruction page has a link to a live video prep sheet and instruction videos on how to go live on your phone or using facebook’s own Live Producer.

A library of Videos you can easily use as a nurturing sequence

This is a great program to build a selection of live video that can then be repurposed into a welcome sequence for your email list and add to your library of video resources for your future marketing. Imagine someone asks you a question and you can say, “i made a great little video about it, would you want to watch?” and let them binge on your unique energy (on video), so they can crave more of YOU and your guidance in their world.

Real Success stories:

“Having met Juliette has been a true Blessing in my life. Before I met her I did not know how to expose myself as my own Brand. Once I joined the FB Live Video Challenge I have become aware of how extremely important it is to be Visible especially in my line of work! If I’m out of sight I’m out of mind! I can’t thank Juliette enough for giving us this amazing opportunity to experience becoming more visible and outgoing. I used to be very camera shy and now I have a sense of Confidence that is priceless. The group ambience she creates is also Amazing! We all felt in a secure place like a family helping each other and encouraging each other. The experience of having Juliette’s guidance and expertise does not compare to any other. She is the Best!“

Maggie Nieves

Realtor, Orlando, Florida, USA

Meet Miha Matlievski, an amazing sales coach, he is particularly gifted in helping business owners see past their mistakes and failures – these days he is known as the Fail Coach.

In 2017 Miha had about 160 friends on Facebook, he was keeping a very low profile, relying only on people he knew in real life to become his clients. In November 2017, Miha took part in my live video program and it opened the world of new opportunities for him, he was able to grow his online presence massively, started livestreaming from his business page regularly, in fact he is one of the very first people in the world who got access to LinkedIn Live!!!

Below is a screenshot from a chat we had a week before 2020, as we reconnected and he revealed how massively transformational this live video challenge has been for him and his, now 7+ figure business!

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate