This training is Specially prepared for coaches & experts who take inspired action

(with a sprinkle of human design)

I closed £3000 in sales straight after I watched and implemented your Client Magnet Profile Masterclass

Susan Stewart

Find Your Niche, Tell Your Story

Turn Your Facebook profile Into your Client Attraction Tool

Inside this 60-minute complete masterclass you will learn:

  • How to create a magnetic first impression
  • How to instantly position yourself as an authority in someone’s mind
  • How to remove unnecessary fluff that confuses and repels high paying clients
  • How to transform your profile into an effective marketing funnel
  • How to open your profile for potential ideal clients EVEN if you are not connected yet.

“Juliette spent an hour with me, and helped me dramatically change several things about my Facebook profile – and hooch produced instant results!

Juliette’s experience and perspective are priceless!

Her understanding of the modern market place combines with her technical expertise make every moment with her extremely valuable to me and my business!”

Clay Greene

High Performance Coach,

She really cares about doing the best work and it shows!

Gordon Montgomery

Evolutionary Executive Coach., GMETA Coaching

Juliette is amazing at getting your social media profile together to attract your clients. As I was tweaking my page based on her recommendations I was inboxed by a woman interested in my services. Absolutely amazing. I will definitely work with her on gaining more visibility and you should too!

Precious S. Brown

Business Coach

Juliette gave me some of my best pointers ever for making the most of my FB profile! I was able to make the changes in less than 15 minutes and it gave me better insight into my highest and best offerings as well as getting more clear on my subscription pottery business. Thank you so much.

Benjamin Wood

Pottery Coach & Artist

Visibility is not a sprint…
slow down to accelerate