Do You Have Repelling Energy (Slow Client Attraction Dilemma)

by | Sep 28, 2023

“Do I have repelling energy?” This is the question my client asked some of her close ones this week. She was worried… And I get it. When your messaging is not yet figured out, when the client attraction results are slow, the first natural thing to “blame” is your energy. We all do it.

The energy of your posts, your photographs, and your website (tweaking your website forever is an addiction at that stage). All these debilitating thoughts are trying to answer one simple question: why don’t they want to work with me…

Though the answer is straightforward, it is not “out there”.
It is NOT how you look in photos or videos.
It is NOT even how you articulate things.
It is NOT that you have become a bit boring to those who are watching.

All those thoughts, I call them cockroaches in one’s head, are the products of your Mind – trying to rationalise the lack of results.

In reality, this kind of thinking takes so much of your energy that you are completely exhausted when it comes to actually creating something GOOD for your marketing.
Letting go, embracing expressing yourself fully.

When was the last time you let go fully? In your life? In any area?

Let’s look at what happens when we actually let go and embrace the flow.
Does it involve anyone but you?

Letting go and embracing anything is a deeply personal, intimate journey. It is a moment when you allow yourself NOT to care, not to include anyone else in the experience, and not to indulge in anyone else’s expectations (otherwise, it is what we call “faking it”).

Instead, it is a moment to focus within as deeply as you can and give yourself that permission to LET GO.

Only then do you experience the moment’s ecstasy – when you do not invite the Mind to that party.

But as long as you allow your Mind to determine where your focus goes (spoiler alert – the opposite to within you) – that is where you are wasting your energy and time contemplating what others may think of you and why they do not do this or that.

Yes, specifically, Generators, which is 70% of the Earth’s population, including the MGs, are here to focus on nothing else but within. Looking to answer the question WHO AM I? – their existential question.

Who are you in your business?
Who are you in your content?
How can you access that stage of letting go and allowing your vision, your observations, and your expertise to come out, just flowing?

My friend, it can happen only by focusing within – on YOU, what YOU want to do, what YOU have energy for…

Stop thinking about how this will suit others. The Mind is not invited. Only use it to formulate/articulate what is flowing within. I call it selfish marketing, and frankly, that kind of approach allows you to access the secret sauce that makes your content so attractive to the CORRECT people.

I also want to discuss a little those people around you. You know, if you have a repelling family member who no one wants to hang out with? Can you for one moment imagine that this person may be the heart and soul of the company when he or she is surrounded by correct (for them) people? It is very doable.

Just because someone irrelevant (who will never become your client) might get bored with your content does not mean ANYTHING in determining what you do and how you express yourself.

Stop listening to the advice of people who do not intimately understand what a coaching niche is and how people who are looking for a coach think and what they need. Even if you like them, even if you LOVE them as people. Their opinion is not relevant to you.

First of all, most marketing strategies do not focus on depth, but in the coaching industry, it is the depth that stops the scroll, attracts and converts readers into clients!

So unless I have all the prerequisites for being your client – to name a few:

  • my current situation,
  • problems I am facing,
  • the daily struggle you seem to so deeply understand,
  • other things/knowledge/experience that I bring to the table to specifically be a good fit for working with you…

Unless I am a good fit, my opinion on whatever you say or do in your business DOES NOT MATTER! Even if I am a business expert.

Those who see and recognise the goodness, who resonate with the stories, who hang on every expert point and suggestion you make – those are the only people who matter when it comes to HOW WELL your energy attracts.

In a family scenario, most times, we are so mismatched on a number of levels we cannot compare being a family idiot that no one likes to how you market your business online scenario.
We just cannot.

Here, you have control and, what is more important, the choice to ignore those who are irrelevant, so you do not have to indulge in people pleasing and talk directly ONLY to those that matter.

It is a very simple concept, but it is what confuses, frustrates and stalls most coaches from even getting a shot at succeeding in this online business world. Which is easy to enter. But REALLY hard to survive and thrive. Unlike what they try to make you believe in your average traditional, surface-level marketing advice.

Everyone is designed to look within, even those who aren’t Generators. Even when you are a Left Angle Profile person by design, or a Projector who is focusing on the other (their existential question – who is the other), you still go within to extract the wisdom that focusing on the other creates. Manifestors who are here to impact need to look within to understand what that impact is. Reflectors to sample and digest what is different in the other do it through processing it through their own world.

The sooner you start focusing within, the sooner you discover that you can give yourself permission to “rock the boat”, or share what YOU think, or make unpopular claims and statements if this is what YOU feel is needed for someone to hear. It is all about you at the end of the day.

That is when your energy becomes magnetic. And there is NOTHING that stops you from doing it, except your Mind. So start making this choice to NOT listen to the noise in your head, specifically disempowering thoughts, a red flag of conditioning. And start diving into your uniqueness and expressing it through your business fully.

Then, you will see how the flow opens up for you.

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“Juliette is a treasure trove of knowledge and I could tell she is so connected when she is channeling exactly what I needed to hear to get inspired in my marketing.

Jenn Morse

Holistic Business Coach + 3rd Generation Healer, Emotional Manifesting Generator 5/1

Juliette Stapleton

Splenic Projector 1/3

Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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