Clarity Boost Private Intensive

Create an effective strategy around your energetics and expertise

Stop The Scroll

What if you could write great client-attracting content without spending too much time or constantly overthinking what to say?

Simply because you really honed on what lights YOU up in your business combined with what your potential clients are actively seeking or “ready” to hear. (I am talking about the readiness that arises from feeling “that’s enough” when one is so tired if feeling stuck or frustrated, or unseen for who they are.) This intensive will teach you a specific content planning method that I use in my own business.

With ready to go list of prompts unique to YOUR offer and YOUR potential perfect clients, developed specifically for YOU, backed by leaning into your design for angles and the tone, and that do not require even much “inspiration” to create – everything, all elements will be there to literally instantly energise you and build your posts in a way that attracts the right people, compelling them to sign up with you.

What if you can do THAT?

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar?

☑️  You often get lots of ideas on the go and then a blank mind when having a spare minute to post something. You need a way to have these ideas stored and organised, so you can easily use them as prompts to write posts NO MATTER HOW INSPIRED you may be at the time. You just need to have the way to get it done without a blank mind or brain “constipation”.

☑️  You are looking for a more structured approach to creating posts as it feels easier, and actually more productive to follow directions than coming up with the motivation to create something every day

☑️  You feel that to stay consistent you need to have a solid content plan to follow, that can give you a sense that there is some sort of progress and the “this is done” box is ticked, so you can relax.


This is for you
if any of the points below apply:

👉   You are a coach/consultant/strategist and you take your clients through a structured program that you developed (or certified it) that you know brings results. you have taken some paying clients through the program, you KNOW it can sell. Even if not yet at a very high price.

👉   Facebook is where you want to attract more clients. You enjoy this network and you feel that your target audience tends to use Facebook more often than other platforms to check-in in their spare time.

👉   You are willing to write long posts and do videos, the problem is you are not sure what to say that works! If you know what to talk about- it is not a big deal to go live or write a post.

👉   You understand that even the most perfect system needs time to create the results you need and you are willing to trust your process. ANYTHING substantial takes time and dedication before we see results. You are prepared to be resilient and keep working on your visibility according to the plan we create for at least 90 to 180 days consistently.

👉   You are open to the idea that you carry an energetic blueprint that determines how you naturally operate in life and your business, and you are open to exploring it (using Human Design as a tool) and recommendations to lean into your design for client attraction.

“After my private intensive with Juliette, I was hoping to fill my WildFit class and started posting every day and WOW – I had way more people contact and respond than I imagined. I even had to slow down a bit to follow up with everyone. WHY? Too busy dealing with the interest that I had. So no doubts that what Juliette is saying works. 

Lianne Morgan-Sands

Living Life with Gusto, WildFit Coach

Working with you has helped build structure into my posts, making me more consistent. I’m seeing results in engagement already and have been approached by WildFit headquarters with some great opportunities as their Master Coach.

Kim Shennan

WildFit Coach

I used to fail to stay on track in my marketing, I kept holding myself back and took no action for months at a time. And now consistency is so natural to me after the work we did together 🤩

Geneviève Pépin

Mindset and Productivity Coach

Knowing my content scheme and taking consistent action has helped me so much. Because of you I know I’m on track, you keep supporting me each step of the way. ❤️ 

Maartje de Boer

Artist and Art Educator


Even before we begin

A pre-requisite for this offer is Marketing Blueprint By Design™ where I will create your human design chart to determine your type, authority, profile and other aspects we can play within creating the direction for your aligned content creation and client attraction. Please click here to order if you have not got it yet.

If you have already received your report and possibly had a zoom walkthrough session with me and decided to go with this intensive, I will first ask you to fill an in-depth questionnaire to help me (and yourself) SEE, feel and understand you and your business/offer better. This intensive is perfect for clarity on a specific offer (rather than whole business). We will chat about the funnel and the content for this offer – so the outcome of the intensive is your clarity on the content plan and the funnel around a specific offer/program.


We will meet for about 45-60 min to talk about your program/offer and I will show you my planning system and teach it to you – and we start working on right away.

The goal at the end of this call to either have your content plan created or get you started (if you require a little more time to process and do it in your own time and at your own pace)



We will meet for a 90-minute call where we look at what you put together and dive deeper into developing the fully implementable post prompts that are highly targeted to the people who are actively seeking the solution you offer with your program.

You can start using these prompts to create posts straight away!

4 weeks of Continuous Support

You can ask me any follow-up questions in a private message (except for asking to audit your posts, which is also possible if you purchased an optional add-on Content Audits offer). We can use WhatsApp or Messenger – whatever platform is better for you. (I personally prefer to keep all my client communication on Messenger or email). This will help clarify any grey areas while we are working together. The offer condition is that my reply turnaround is 24 hours on a working day – I do not work on the weekends.)

The 4 weeks period of private messaging support starts after our first call – so you can get support as you are doing your first homework around your content plan that I will teach you on that first call.


Two weeks after, as you start getting more comfortable creating these kinds of posts we will meet again for another 60-90min call to create more of your prompts

If you feel that you work better in a set system (not everyone works best with a schedule) I can share a sample weekly posting plan and you will also be supplied with various specific post structures that you can use for posting your content strategically in a way that nurtures your audience but also triggers the algorithm for more visibility and reach.



You get access to a special portal page – just for you, with all resources and call recordings. Pictured on the GIF here is your personal portal page example.

You will get access to my personal favourite content planning strategies, and templates with some examples to bounce off. 

I will also teach you some interesting tactics to create more content from single topics.



Ready to proceed?

(I promise 👇THIS👇  will not happen)

What happy clients say:

A few months back I met with Juliette, my namesake, an expert in a completely different field. I was immediately intrigued by her enthusiasm and ease in which she speaks about what she is passionate about. During our session, not only did we have massive fun and created sisterhood, but the stress of “doing social media” disappeared. Juliette is devoted to teaching you a way to take the stress out of what to post and how to be visible.

Juliette Karaman-van Schaardenburg

Teacher, Writer, and Coach, Founder of the Embodied Leadership Academy

Juliette is amazing at what she does.

Sami Wunder

Relationship Coach, one of world's leading Dating Advice Experts

About Your GUIDE:

Juliette is an Online Visibility Guide, known for her direct, non-traditional methods where the main focus is on discovering the deep alignment with WHO YOU ARE and applying this to marketing and showing up in your business with joy, empowerment and flow.

Featured in Forbes, she is a contributor to Entrepreneur amongst multiple other prominent publications and the host of Show Up! Stand Out! online visibility show as well as Visibility By Design podcast. She’s mentored thousands of coaches and experts, helping them to breathe life back into their marketing, reach and make huge breakthroughs in their businesses, profits and even their lives.

Juliette has been featured as a guest speaker on several major business and marketing podcasts, like 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She frequently appears as a panelist on SocialChatter – the longest running social media news podcast hosted by Social Chefs.

Juliette has been nominated for Brainz 500 Global 2020 for her dedication to help others. She is a passionate speaker, writer and a thought-leader. She lives in the heart of the medieval city of Tallinn, Estonia.


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