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by | Jan 5, 2022

I was honoured to be back on the Social Chatter (Social Media News & Trends Talk Show) with Social Chefs earlier today. I love being on the show, because it is covering so much more than I do in my business, yet we get to talk about how the new features and updates across social media platforms affect how people buy our services and products and we discuss various ways to create marketing strategies around building long term relationships and trust, not just make a sale.

I was chuffed that my Human Design angle was surprisingly mentioned and included when I got a chance to share my approach to content planning. Here is a quick summary, but I suggest you watch the show (my slot is around 35 min, see the agenda below and the video on the bottom of the article).


  • 00:00 Welcome to our social media marketing talk show, Social Chatter
  • 02:20 Meet Juliette Stapleton
  • 03:47 Instagram chronological feed changes
  • 04:23 How to sort your Instagram feed
  • 07:20 Tips on using the chronological feed
  • 11:20 An Instagram feed sorting strategy for your business
  • 19:47 Clubhouse saved replays in audio rooms
  • 35:30 Social media content planning in 2022 – Juliette Stapleton
  • 59:30 End of our social media marketing talk show on Instagram feed sorting

Check out the full news breakdown on the Social Chef’s blog – click here.

What is social media content planning?

It is important to plan your social media content ahead of time. This way you can put more thought into what you’ll be posting, when, and even tie into current topics and trends.

I’m not a big long term planner. The truth is it works for some and doesn’t work for everyone. A lot of people struggle with planning ahead.

As a result, the best way is what works for you. Try different strategies to find what works best for you. It’s good to lean into something that is natural to you.

When planning your social media content, think about your objectives and what the message is you want to get out.

Spend time focusing on these four areas.

  1. 30% needs to be about your personal brand. People connect with people.
  2. 40% of your content needs to be educational around your offer.
  3. 20% should be about building up your brand and position as an authority. Write guest articles for larger publications to increase your visibility.
  4. 10% is where you make direct offers. Lead them to where they can learn more.


How far in advance should a business start their content planning process?

Some people like to plan well in advance. Others prefer to plan just a few days in advance. Don’t try to do content planning just because someone said you should. Try starting your content planning ahead of time, and find the sweet spot where you feel most comfortable.

Juliette Stapleton

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Juliette Stapleton is a Visibility Strategist for coaches and experts. She teaches how to attract clients online, creating your OWN marketing experience that feels good, easy and aligned with who you are and brings results.

Juliette has been featured in Forbes and several major business and marketing podcasts, like SocialChatter, 365Driven, Rising Tide, iHeart Radio, and Confident Live. She is an active contributor to world-leading online publications, such as Influencive, Addicted2Success, Thrive Global, Good Men Project and many more.

She lives in Tallinn, Estonia.

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